97% Of US Supports Universal Background Checks On Gun Purchases | Kyle On TYT

[tweet_dis2]97% Of US Supports Universal Background Checks On Gun Purchases | Kyle On TYT[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. 94cruzin 4 months ago

    That universal background poll is fake news. Using only thousand of Americans to represent the hundreds of millions is yellow journalism

  2. B vegan Now 4 months ago

    Stop lying. That doesnt represent the public at large. Just some people who took a poll on sites where pro gun controllers like to go and anti gun controllers dont like to go much, those sites r bias, they dont show the pro gun people as much, its unfair, they focus their stories more on people who wana ban guns. Not as much on people who dont.

    That guy is dumb, ask any gun owner if they want background checks, they say ya because they think that will effect their right to own a gun? What? How does that make sense, and no not all gun owners want background checks, liar.

    Dont be a hypocrite and have armed guards if your pro gun control.

    If gov corrects people behavior before they commit crime, and arrest them when they commit abuse kidnap touch others inappropriatly agianst their will, damage or wrongfully steal others property, and dont release until rehabdd and deemed safe enough to have a gun, background checks become less nessicary and the chances of someone having a gun who shouldnt decreases. This would be easier as almost everyone who is free and knows how to use a gun and risks and benifits would be deemed safe enough to have a gun, exsept for people who commited crime and should be locked up.

    Right now many in gov r the bad guys with guns or people with guns protecting them.

  3. Rob Shell 4 months ago

    So if only 76% want to ban guns from people with mental illness, the other 34% is the n r a. The ones with the mental illness.

  4. facevalue 4 months ago

    i just stumbled into a cuck circle-jerk

  5. James B 4 months ago

    I’m glad you seem to be making career progress but it depresses me that it’s with TYT. Not unsubbing quite yet but nausea every time the video is in the set of TYT…. I thought I was rid of them but now they got Kyle and it’s soooo hard to watch anyone on TYT except for Kyle.

  6. the legend 4 months ago

    The 3% who voted no must be castrated & sent to mental facilities asap.

  7. Kori114 4 months ago

    63% are in favor of banning semiautomatic weapons? That's so ignorant… That's nearly every handgun, and at least a plurality of rifles. That would basically be a de facto gun ban. It's just so disheartening how these recent events and the hype has clouded people's judgment and riled people up so much they want to start cutting up the Bill of Rights. It's a sad and lonely world being a liberal gun owner. There can be no revolt against a tyrannical government like the one many people on the left (rightly or wrongly) fear Trump could bring. People on the left have not always been so adamantly against guns. The Black Panther Party STRONGLY believe in the second amendment because they lived under a tyrannical oppressive government. So did MLK, and he owned guns and his followers kept themselves armed to protect him. No communist revolution ever happened with knives and chains alone… Not that I'm for that, but arms can and do keep us SAFE, in our own personal security and from powers that wish to harm us or repress our ideas. I know it's an uncomfortable fact but more children die every year because they get hurt riding their bikes or walking to school, while young people dying at school is on average 10 per year over the past 25 years. This is not a major occurrence, more Americans died in the extremely rare airliner crashes of the past 50 years than have died in mass shootings (shooting where 4 or more people were killed) in 50 years (150 incidents ~1000 deaths). The overwhelming number of annual gun deaths are suicide (~2/3) and the US has a far lower suicide rate than Japan (a country with extreme gun control). The remainder of gun deaths per year (~11,000) are almost always one on one and are gang or drug related and between 15-5% are committed with guns purchased lawfully, meaning gun laws could do nothing to stop those people from getting their hands on those guns (and while not a large portion, some guns come into the country for illegal purchase from Asia and NO gun law could stop those from reaching the hands of criminals, a practice which is sure to increase with a gun ban). Just like banning alcohol, you WILL create a black market that will only grow more violent and provide criminals with the weapons they want and everyone else with nothing but a phone to call the police, who may take their time if you're not in a region or neighborhood they prioritize, oh and they'll likely be there long after the danger is gone… Please don't buy into the hype. The right to keep and bear arms is not a privilege, and taking away people's right to protect themselves will only make them less safe, create black markets, and embolden criminals; prohibitions don't work, or has the left forgotten our own stance on this?


  8. Amos Soma 4 months ago

    I can understand Kyle's ignorance of the law, he's just plain dumb but Cenk was educated as a lawyer and should know that the majority does not rule in this country and never has.

  9. Amos Soma 4 months ago

    Cenk, back in the 50's 97% of the people in the south thought black people should drink from separate drinking fountains, use separate restrooms and in general, stay in their place. Did you think the majority should rule then?

  10. Amos Soma 4 months ago

    "97% Of US Supports Universal Background Checks On Gun Purchases." That's a good thing because we have a universal background check in place.

  11. m m 4 months ago

    We don't live in a democracy. It's so extremely indirect.

  12. Norberto Torres 4 months ago

    I dont think you ever been to a gun show before because You still need a background check.

  13. Parfour80 #pro 4 months ago

    We need public financed elections for senate and House reps. Period.

  14. Shawn McFly 4 months ago

    Why are we seeing more of cenk on kyles channel? I would re-sub tyt if i wanted to see cenk.

  15. Mprator 4 months ago

    If I ever buy a gun I don't want to be inconvenienced in the slightest way, I just want to take it home like I would a can of air freshener. People that aren't fit to own guns aren't fit to be walking around free.

  16. Benn Conner 4 months ago

    Why do you guys completely ignore the fact that the vast majority of gun crime is committed by blacks and Hispanics????

  17. Lionel Suarez 4 months ago

    Not to get off topic – but I’m appalled by all the YouTube censorship that’s currently happening and unfortunately will no longer search for content on YouTube in protest – I’m a libertarian who does enjoy this channel, although I often disagree, but would like to know if these videos will be posted in another local, because I’m leaving Youtube?

  18. Terry Tater 4 months ago

    Corporate news wants these shootings to continue..

  19. GoodMorningRatchets 4 months ago

    the leadership of the nra IS the nra. the members are just the piggy bank

  20. 3beltwesty 4 months ago

    Wonder if Kyle or Cenk have ever been to a gun show or bought a gun at one? Most all sales are with dealers thus FFL rules and a background check is done.

  21. Andrew 1010 4 months ago

    Nice work Kyle.

  22. Chris Topher 4 months ago

    How the fuck can you trust a cnn poll?

  23. M.A Productions 4 months ago

    Cenk is kinda annoying

  24. nimda 92 4 months ago

    Legendary duo best 1st hour!

  25. mike lomez 4 months ago

    Actually the real problem is the second amendment because background checks are an infringement on the right to bear arms.

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