Added security for graduates of Texas school where 10 killed

[tweet_dis2]Added security for graduates of Texas school where 10 killed[/tweet_dis2]

SANTA FE, Texas (AP) — Heightened security measures will be in place for the graduation ceremony at a Texas high school where a gunman fatally shot eight students and two teachers just two weeks ago.

The Santa Fe Independent School District hasn’t elaborated on the added security for Friday’s graduation at Santa Fe High School. Officials say media won’t be allowed on district grounds during the ceremony at the school’s football stadium, but that the event will be livestreamed online.

The ceremony comes a day after President Donald Trump met privately with families of the victims and others near Houston.

Students on Tuesday returned to the Houston-area school for the first time since the May 18 attack. A 17-year-old student identified as the shooter is being held on capital murder charges.

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