Ajit Pai Blocks Release of Details About His Infamous ‘Harlem Shake’ Video

[tweet_dis2]Ajit Pai Blocks Release of Details About His Infamous ‘Harlem Shake’ Video[/tweet_dis2]

The FCC’s stunning lack of transparency continues, as they recently denied another Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request over details surrounding Ajit Pai’s ‘Harlem Shake’ video created with conservative website ‘The Daily Caller.’

Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/internet/fcc-blocks-reveal-emails-conservative-news-site-about-harlem-shake-n863086

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  1. Ellwood Blues 5 months ago

    no disrespect but that shirt makes your head look big

  2. Ryan Farley 5 months ago

    AJit is a Coward

  3. What a Indian scammer

  4. IntrovertedGamer 5 months ago

    Ajit Pai is corrupt. He isn't getting trouble because this repeal is making so much money.

  5. IntrovertedGamer 5 months ago

    The 5 dislikes are from Ajit Pai.

  6. TheChosenSlayer 5 months ago

    This should be getting a lot more views. The fact that people have forgotten about Ajit Pai is unbearably worrying. I have the feeling that he has planned something that is in fact more devilishly intelligent then we could ever imagine. I believe he possibly purposely made a meme of himself, so he could quickly get popular and then die in popularity almost instantly so nearly nobody is aware of it anymore. Now that that's in mind, it's really frightening.

  7. Brony HasNotLeftKanata 5 months ago

    It’d be interesting to see someone try assassinating him.

  8. GothicGamer2012 5 months ago

    Someone kill it already. Kill it before it lays eggs.

  9. TheCrazyDr3wski 5 months ago

    I've been watching your videos since the beginning of the repeal of net neutrality and just want to thank you sir for the great videos! You are truly a warrior for the right and just and should definitely have way more subs then you do.

  10. DarkStarEthan 5 months ago

    Is there any way to "Make your own internet"? Rebuild internet from the ground up?

    And just sayin, what this fuck is doin is gonna make me COMMUNISTS

  11. Indigo 5 months ago

    My hatred for this worm increases every time I hear anything about IT.

  12. Indigo 5 months ago

    Support comment

  13. Hassan Merali 5 months ago

    The Harlem Shake? How fucking old is the Daily Caller's YouTube feed?

  14. Kuro No 5 months ago

    He looks very similar to my old boss.He was also an asshat

  15. Anonymous Anonymous 5 months ago

    This is it.. ;/ enjoy the last 24 hours of freedom of the internet. At least until now. Ajit Pai, you may have win the battle but not the war. You may have been evading the court cases and hiding information regarding details about your Harlem Shake video but one day you will get what's coming to you. That I, no.. the majority of people in America can promise. Power to the people, freedom to the people.

  16. Julius Smith 5 months ago

    You know i really don't know what to say about this this boggles my mind it is against all logic so much for making AMERICA GREAT.

  17. Deadman 5 months ago

    4 dislikes on this video? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  18. Gio A 5 months ago

    Here's a good question, if ajit is obstructing justice, why hasn't he been butch slapped in the face with over a million search warrants?

  19. JorgeXFBunny P 5 months ago

    Please Remember when Ajit Pai is finally been put.

    Down like impeached.

    I hope you can put a strong (Lock On NETNEUTRALITY)

    So it can never be touched again.

    Unless something better in prove it.

    But the decision of the country.

    Storing NETNEUTRALITY In a Safe Forver.

    Would be good.

    After the war is over.

    It'll be great for someone to make a Christmas Move Or Cartoon.

    Ajit Pai Destroying Christmas of its Internet.

    We save the internet on Christmas Eve

    Before Christmas.

    Somebody will stack on a lot of Cash on that movie with the Ajit Pail.

    The'll have a Ajit Pail.

    He's just a mean one Ajit Pail He can really goooo and die.

  20. Kaibaman41 5 months ago

    What the fuck is this fuck head hiding? Seriously Pai blocking even this Freedom of Information Request is concerning

  21. Family Guy666 5 months ago

    Atleast the net neutrality repeal will be for 2 years!

  22. wizbangIWD 5 months ago

    Ashit Pai should be stripped, tarred, feathered and rode out of town and straight into a prison on a rail.

  23. South Carolina fan 5 months ago

    Ajit Pai is like Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Laden because they are/were known as the most disgraced people in the world.

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