Alex Jones Declares His Love For The Establishment

[tweet_dis2]Alex Jones Declares His Love For The Establishment[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. Theo Ray 4 months ago

    To Secular Talk, Kyle….You are 100 PERCENT CORRECT!
    I have been watching Alex Jones before he was famous, and he has SOLD OUT and went from being against the Two Party System to basically becoming a CHEERLEADER for The Republican Party.
    —Thank you.

  2. Damon V 4 months ago

    I used to love jones back in the 2000s before he completely picked sides…. he used to basically be an anarchist against the right and the left

  3. Ryan Morray 4 months ago

    Murdoch is a fucking globalist you unintelligent wanker

  4. Manuel Avila 4 months ago

    did James Alefantis threaten him again?

  5. tgood fella 4 months ago

    didn't jones claim to be non conservative, non party affiliated now he's kissing their ass. he's not a sellout at all

  6. Brendan F'n O'Keeffe 4 months ago

    The right-wing are the scum of the Earth.

  7. Fabian Torres 4 months ago

    Alex Jones a liar? Who could've seen that coming

  8. Barry Shitpeas 4 months ago

    “The left loves dictators” Uh… Rodrigo Duterte. That is all.

  9. John Shouldiers 4 months ago

    Infowars is definitely the fuel of the Christian fundamentalist insanity rocket. Thats a fact.

  10. Roi 4 months ago

    Trump is the definition of Anti Establishment of course now that he is in charge he likes the establishment… if he would still be anti estableshment that would be fake…

  11. Chris 4 months ago

    'Info Wars is the fuel'

    u've been around for 20 years and have accomplished nothing.

  12. Bryan Ross 4 months ago

    Kyle, I love ya son but please stop giving this thing publicity

  13. misterdirtyharry 4 months ago

    If you believe your opposition are literal demons, you can never be wrong.

  14. Shikam187 4 months ago

    I'll never understand how people can be willfully ignorant to the point that they'll follow Trump, Jones, and people like that and actually think their smart

  15. peshmerge44 4 months ago


  16. Hayward Bomaye 4 months ago

    Alex Jones is a great Bitch lol

  17. Richard Watson 4 months ago

    Alex Jones is like one of those news casters from V for Vendetta, sad!

  18. Electoral 2020 4 months ago

    Lol…NRA ad before this video

  19. Brit-Flick Reviews 4 months ago

    I’m sorry… but if anyone anywhere offers a compliment to Tucker Carlson you loose all credibility you ever had. And if you had none to begin with you’re now lower than Piers Morgan.

    BTW I feel so sorry for InfoWars and Fox fans. Really I do. Because I can’t imagine how much money they’re being scammed out of. Really depressing.

  20. Pravarue 4 months ago

    Alex thinks if he sucks enough tRump will give him money.

  21. Stonemansteve II 4 months ago


  22. Liam Moloney 4 months ago

    Anyone remember back under the Bush Administration how AJ used to rant against "Neo-cons"? Funny how he's one of them now, lmao.

  23. Kyle Hartman 4 months ago

    the circle jerk of the right

  24. Dai Thomas 4 months ago

    You can almost smell the cum on his breath

  25. John Kolper 4 months ago

    "God's Plan"–> Drake!

  26. DNAsGhostzHouze 4 months ago

    How can I get my own show where I make all kinds of retarded claims and conspiracy theories? I mean I could talk about how the Turtle Dragon establishment is conspiring in kidnapping plots to bring down the Mushroom resistance…

  27. Diana Gray 4 months ago

    It's not just sad about fundamental Christian rhetoric, it's very dangerous for us all.

  28. Pri yon Joni 4 months ago

    Alex Jones is just one sheet of tinfoil short of being a flat earther.

  29. Gojian 4 months ago

    Not to mention he's a total Zionist

  30. xjaskix 4 months ago

    this is FAKE NEWS and you are Demonic!!! a TRAITOR, a DEFILER, a SATAN WORSHIPPING YOU TUBE PERSON. you are headed headfirst straight to Hell,! it wont be nice for you believe me. DENOUNCE GLOBALISM and SATAN and get smart with #MAGA and support Our President maybe we will Forgive you mr "Secular".

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