Alex Jones Follows and Harasses Bernie Sanders at LAX

[tweet_dis2]Alex Jones Follows and Harasses Bernie Sanders at LAX[/tweet_dis2]

Watch the Full Clip of Alex Jones Yelling at Bernie Here:

Read More About Bernie’s Clarification Here:

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  1. Mattee Campbell 4 months ago

    Love the "cigarette bern"

  2. Dominic Mejorada 4 months ago

    I have a name for his fan base: the Alex Jonestown

  3. Christopher Flanagan 4 months ago

    Bernie should sue Jones for defamation and put a restraining order on him

  4. Joe Sinkovic 4 months ago

    Good job by the security guy.

  5. eymang66 4 months ago

    I was waiting for Cenk Uyger to appear and lay a brutal smackdown on Alex Jones. WE'RE AGAINST SAUDI ARABIA YOU DUMBASS! etc.. #cenktriggered

  6. Specific Nerpo 4 months ago

    I want to kick this ogre in his nut sack!

  7. c. j. macq 4 months ago

    jones had me for the first few videos of his that I saw a few years ago. he criticized the elite on the left and right and seemed to be against the police state. but quite suddenly he made an extreme shift towards fascism. blaming the democrats and the left for everything while exalting the purity and infallibility of the fascist right and he hasn't STOPPED! I realized VERY quickly jones is a corporate, elitist shill. his purpose is to confuse and divide society and misrepresent the anti-establishment on the left and right! he's just a megalomaniacal, attention seeking blowhard who represents nothing but the elitist status quo.

  8. William Richardson 4 months ago


  9. canarsiemarsie 4 months ago

    Bernie Sanders is a communist…..

  10. peculiargoldfish 4 months ago

    Bernie Sanders is a de facto social democrat. His self-identification as a "socialist" causes people like Alex Jones to associate Sanders with actual socialists and communists like Stalin.

  11. AvianLord5678 4 months ago

    Go home Alex Jones, you're drunk! Look at this fucking clown… so much hypocrisy ERUPTING from Alex Jones. He compares Bernie to Stalin, that's like (now I'm not saying Bernie is perfect) comparing angels to demons.

  12. Winter Boots 4 months ago

    “Clearly not a lunatic”
    – Dan Avidan

  13. Julie Kidwell 4 months ago

    You're Putin me on Alex. What kinda drugs are you on?

  14. Lokesh Jyotula 4 months ago

    Haha his fans are as annoying as him

  15. Denis 4 months ago

    Don’t say fish people don’t exist. Alex Jones is fish people.

  16. A Volodos 4 months ago

    Alex Jones is an ass hole

  17. Tom Pellegrino 4 months ago

    Alex Jones is Cuckoo!!

  18. Game James 4 months ago

    Alex Jones is the prime example of hypocrisy and conservatism gone mad. Capitalism is the cause of most of our woes, and he like so many are eager to deny the problems by calling it "crony capitalism"… yeah, but what's the god damn system that made it easier for it to even get that way to begin with? By the way, there are things about capitalism I like, but I feel like we can take every bit of what makes capitalism good and move it to something much better, where everyone is happy. I don't know if communism or socialism is the answer, but Bernie Sanders certainly isn't a communist and just wants to have SOME reform to help the American people. Alex Jones, like so many barbaric apes who call themselves people, believe that the world must be hard because it's "supposed to be that way", which isn't an argument. There is no reason for this shit with all the automation, the Internet, AI, machines, robots, and information at our disposal. Alex probablly had an extremely hard life and had an awful father, or something like that, so he like so many believe the world must be that way. Seriously, don't inflict and project that onto other people, right wingers. Look at the core root of all social ills, at the systemic problems, and stop blaming individuals who don't have the power. All the people Alex Jones supports hold all the power, and the world is only getting worse. Of course, he probablly blames some leftist conspiracy for that, but if the left is so evil and powerful then WHY THE HELL AREN'T THEY IN CHARGE THEN? HUH?! Really, I hate people like Alex Jones SO MUCH. So clueless!

  19. Marc James Levesque 4 months ago

    Here are the problems with this video: 1. Sandy Hook was staged. 2. Alex Jones is a performer, true, but he is hardly an "artist" LOL and 3. Black Lives Matter is a bunch of misguided trouble-makers that owe Bernie an apology. Until they do, he should ignore them until they do that, as well as change their name and their vigilante message. That being said, I'm glad Alex Jones, actor extraordinaire and the quintessential American pig man, is being called out. Damn, he makes me proud to be an American. LOL

  20. Dunjinz Draco 4 months ago

    Bernie did say during presidential debates while standing next to Hillary that white people don't know what it's like to be poor. So yes, you can watch the video of that debate. Socialism is a form of Communisn, so yes Bernie is a lot like a communist. Did Bernie run away? No, but his handler made Bernie turn the other way, so no, Bernie did not run from Alex.

  21. Om Karki 4 months ago

    Also bernie is not democrats …so why is he asking him that …

  22. Om Karki 4 months ago

    Is this legal?!…or it is legal if person is crazy…

  23. Tyg Rahof 4 months ago

    Could not even watch the clip. The mere mention of "Alex Jones" and I know he is doing anything insane to get attention. Fucking moron.

  24. Mr Lewis 4 months ago

    Also, given Bernie's popularity, why doesn't he have security.

  25. Mr Lewis 4 months ago

    If I would've saw this, I would have knocked Alex Jones' fucking jaw off.

  26. MegaKaiser100 4 months ago

    This is what meeting with American citizens looks like

  27. AZOffRoadster 4 months ago

    Where was airport security?

  28. AZOffRoadster 4 months ago

    AJ is the poster child for those suffering from hyperactive amygdala syndrome.

  29. Jason Allen 4 months ago

    I commend the man who blocked Alex Jones for not rolling his eyes at Jones. I don't think I'd be able to avoid doing that. Having to listen to Jones in person would probably force my eyes to rollback so far, they'd stay that way.

  30. Rebecca Black 4 months ago

    Trump is going to win in 2020 no way denying it.

  31. Agamerfr0zed 4 months ago

    Aw that tubby wants some attention.

  32. Angelo V. 4 months ago

    Bernie is trying everything he can to help out Alex by getting him the mental healthcare he deserves but Alex and the cuckservatives keep blocking him from getting them what they need.

  33. Leon Powe 4 months ago

    Any publicity is good publicity. Wish mike would not give nuts so much attention.

  34. IonSquared 4 months ago

    "Those who speak do not know. Those who know do not speak." – Lao Tzu

  35. Political Gypsy 4 months ago

    Sanders has class. He's a true statesman.

  36. Boutneus12 4 months ago

    Btw how the hell is this nutbag worth 10 million

  37. griffinwm 4 months ago

    Someone is afraid that Bernie Sanders is going to run for president. It's time for a smear campaign.

  38. The Dynast Queen 4 months ago

    Why does every "insult" of Sanders consist of "WHY DO YOU HAVE MONEY!!??!" . He doesn't hate money, he just wants Americans who work hard to get what they deserve and those who have so much to be taxed their share for the betterment of the country.

  39. Hammond Think 4 months ago

    I love how Bernie doesn't even know about this fat piece of shit's existance. "who is this" he said

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