Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Republican Party Is The Titanic

[tweet_dis2]Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Republican Party Is The Titanic[/tweet_dis2]

Former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger told CNN’s Michael Smerconish today that he’s happy President Donald Trump made a trip to California. Or specifically, that Trump’s only made one trip to California.

“I’m so happy that he’s only made one trip,” Schwarzenegger said. “Look, I mean the very fact that he doesn’t want us to write-off our state tax is a direct attack on Californians. So I don’t think that he’s been good for California. I don’t think he cares about California and I think California doesn’t care about him.”

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  1. M J Kay 2 months ago

    trump is a genius, how many people can insult so many with only 1
    sentence, or err i mean fragment. he is top on twitter! when he gets rid of the mexicans & the libyans he redistribute their beans & rice to the rest of us, although i am allergic to pnut butter i might be able to trade it for a can of tuna lets not tell him about puerto rico,,,see if he remembers geography?

  2. Robert Schaeffer 2 months ago


  3. M J Kay 2 months ago

    women don't count in this country, nor blacks, nor mexicans

  4. Carl Smith 2 months ago

    Didn't Democrats have all power once? The Titanic did float. Not saying that Dems aren't sinking too. Both ships can sink.

  5. Delano McGee 2 months ago

    See, the kids are left leaning. Even right winged ones tend to lean left, I say this being 21.

    What I think this societal shift, that really is happening, looks to be a response to the overall concept of failed systems; like period end of story, society as a system has failed at properly setting up the course of ethics and economic beliefs that would help us reach this "singularity" with efficient basic human beliefs.

    We are the most self aware species in this particular way that we are, and only gaining more power.

    Kids overall aren't stupid, they have computers in there pocket with near endless information. But putting regulations and licences as important over advancement and intelligence of a population, putting bierocracy first and human growth behind has led to a lying and deceptive government on both sides.

    also, the right has no clue how to talk on top of all that. They don't know how to even be honest, the are damn politicians.

  6. Flash Gordan 2 months ago

    Tea Party was for Citizen's United and BUSH. Hardly anti-establishment. Blood thirsty killers and Bohemian racist fucks who brought us here. They are for BIG GOVERNMENT just like Hillary, Obama and BUSH.

  7. Anthony P 2 months ago

    I mean the Titanic did well in the box office didn't it??

  8. Anzu Mazaki 2 months ago

    We need a populist left new deal style of democrat? Bernie fking Sanders 2020 who if runs as a dem can reshape the party away from the corporatists

  9. Leonard Ball 2 months ago

    The GOP learned how to complain and sabotage. To govern and make society is always harder than to just complain and block.

    This WH occupant will also be the worse former President too. His name calling and insults will continue. That will be ugly. He will be the opposite of Jimmy Carter. He'll probably try and take over all the airwaves to continue to divide the nation.

  10. Thomas Suel Pepper 2 months ago

    Jokes about his accent!

  11. rich2rock 2 months ago

    Hey! You got that mic stand off the table……..good. Not so much vibration from that now. Still need a shock mount for your mic dude. You have the money, do it!

  12. c4p0ne 2 months ago

    Sniff them? You mean DEEPLY INHALING them.

  13. Arne Rørvik 2 months ago

    So I've found two American media outlets that are on the level. Jimmy Dore, and Kyle.
    Are there more?

  14. Pitviper1979 2 months ago

    They should be controlling everything right now. We piss away billions on 3rd world countries, yet allow places like Detroit start to look like the shithole 3rd world countries do. Complete with water you can't drink. Oh wait, that's Flint. We need to start caring for our own before pissing even more money away to foreign countries.

  15. lucidity 2 months ago

    "Schwarzenegger is a moderate republican not a centrist democrat." aren't those the same thing?
    I mean yea, technically one has a D behind his name and the other an R but they believe the same things. to me party affiliation doesn't matter the candidates political believes does. both parties are filled with these kinds of people, which is why all political choices in the USA are fake choices. you get the same result every time.

  16. pais de ratas 2 months ago

    at the same time member that gerrymandering it is also the way republican maintain their position

  17. vmitchinson 2 months ago

    The Titanic sunk and the USA is sinking when the Republicans are is power.

  18. nightmuffin937 2 months ago

    There has never been a Republican that Cares about the American People since Eisenhower

  19. ToxicAudri 2 months ago

    Kyle I don't think Arnold was talking about republican's being in power, I think he was speaking more broadly, the party is losing people when they don't speak about issues that matter to a majority of the population, the very same issues that even a majority of democrats fail to address, he's saying that (broadly speaking) the republican's are taking on water, they are sinking because they are losing the trust of the people who vote for them, much in the same way democrats are, the voting population is becoming aware that both parties serve the same masters.

  20. Avi Gindratt 2 months ago

    You give republicans too much slack. They act rather cancerous imo, and it shouldn't be considered inappropriate to find them repulsive. The focus should be on why they are so repulsive and how to remedy that without the abandonment of progressive ideals.

  21. Tychoxi 2 months ago

    Except we are all sinking down with them.

  22. Gord M 2 months ago

    Perhaps he is saying that like the Titanic it was seen as a big unsinkable ship, at this point the republicans see themselves as unstoppable, but an iceberg is sitting there just waiting for them to steam into it.

  23. GoDLiKeKakashi 2 months ago

    I really think that you missed the point of the titanic comment. At the time Titanic was considered unsinkable and the greatest ship to ever be built, but that glory lasted for a very short time. It's the same for the Republicans, Trump got them the win with all his promises and now that people can see he's not gonna deliver and the Republicans are doing more and more abhorrant shit the iceberg is on the horizon.

  24. The Don DeLuxe 2 months ago

    He said they were sinking, not sunk. They control everything now, but that will likely change very soon. So he's probably right about that.

  25. Hot News - Mr Tong 2 months ago

    very good

  26. Kyora Xi 2 months ago

    "[Arnold] is not a centrist democrat, he's a moderate republican." Uh Kyle, what's the difference? O.o

  27. Your Owner 2 months ago

    The current Republican majority is not mainly based on their specific policy proposals neither could a new Democratic majority be.
    People by and large do not vote in their rational self-interest after evaluating policy proposals – making this assumption means falling into a trap with plenty of Libertarian corpses at the bottom. What the more moderate voices in the GOP (Frum, Kasich and in this case the kindergarten cop) however realized and often allude to is the fact that you cannot be successful in the long term if you completely avoid offering somewhat plausible policy solutions to important problems. Of course the message is always re-framed and targeted towards specific audiences (in this case a centrist CNN one), but they are actually quite consistent (and essentially correct) about this.

  28. Arnold went through open heart surgery today…

    Let's all wish him a speedy recovery

  29. JM1993951 2 months ago

    Kyle…as an avid internet news consumer, you're right. But if anti-Trumpism works, let it work. It clearly has been working in special elections. Of course we need candidates with proactive reasons to vote for them, but don't shit on anti+Trumpism in view of the casual voters aka Bernie or Busters. Anti-Trumpism has proven to be a powerful tool in biter turnout, casual voters on both sides handed Trump his popular-vote-losing victory. Anti-Obama sentiment fueled the Right for almost a decade. Let us benefit temporarily from the same tactic before you educate the Left-wing's sanctimonious retards just enough for them to fuck the country again.

  30. J'Baku 2 months ago

    He is right. They are dying. The republican party is now holding on because they understand how to play politics and don't mind playing dirty. Doing crooked shit like gerrymendaring and trying to prevent younger people and people of color from voting. How long will that strategy last? The Dems becoming nearly as corrupt as them hasn't help either. They will probably follow them out the door as well if they don't fix their issues

  31. Kyo Slovakia 2 months ago

    He's right. Among every demographic, other than white evangelical men, they have lost support. Trump's win and the Republican takeover of congress was not an indication of the popularity of the Republican Party, and more of a repudiation of the weak corrupt Democratic Party by the American people. Arnold is 100% right.

  32. wantafanta01 2 months ago

    if only this man could be president… he'd win 100%

    who the fuck hates this guy? nobody..

  33. Hao Li 2 months ago

    Arnold Schwarzenegger: A radical plan to make GOP a neoliberal party???

  34. Gouky 2 months ago

    Translation: you are offering welfare to the wrong people, there are more Poor and Retarded in America, you should ponder to them …

  35. Evo 2 months ago

    The main reason the republicans win is that they at least pretend to stand for something, the democratic party stands for NOTHING.

  36. Mayank Nautiyal 2 months ago

    Lol you only heard one word and you are making a big deal out of it

  37. Deirdre Pearson 2 months ago

    Well on basically every issues the rep are on the wrong side of public sentiment and history but they keep control by either just collecting enough bribes to drown out opponent which shouldn't be legal or by jerrymandering and various forms of voter fraud including but not limited to voter suppression. which the only reason I can think for dems not railing against is that without those systems dems would control so much of gov they'd have no fake opposition to blame for not doing the things they promise, no fake pull to the right imposed by msm no reason to always concede everything in every negotiation, and no excuse to take Corp money since their hole justification for doing so is their knife to a gunfight argument ,in fact they could just get money out of politics if they wanted getting big oil, big banking, the defence contractors and pharmacy lobbyist out of washington and give our gov back to the ppl and they'd be as beloved as FDR or Jeremy Corbin but wouldn't once their true colors are revealed they would face opposition from their left which is what Corp Am bought both parties to prevent, their being any party for the ppl, with assistance from the msm who present corporatism as left, actual leftist as communist And complete anarcho- capitalism as the centrism

  38. blacktallsmart19 2 months ago

    Holy fuck. Just started watching this and a news alert arrives saying that he is being rushed to the hospital for emergency heart surgery. Holy shit at the timing.

  39. Alex Raskalove 2 months ago

    while the democratick party is the freaking exxon valdez

  40. C Robinson 2 months ago

    Well if establishment democrats run on a anti trump message that just helps Justice Democrats who will be running on Medicare for all.

  41. 4:3 Forever 2 months ago

    The number 8 is orange.

  42. Daniel Delos 2 months ago

    If the Republican party is the Titanic, the Democratic party is the Hindenburg.

  43. andyrihn1 2 months ago

    To be fair, the Republican Party is basically irrelevant in California. It has presence in quite a few counties but they just don’t have the numbers

  44. abagOmoney 2 months ago

    Only majority they did not seem to get was the majority of the vote….

  45. Pladimir Vutin 2 months ago

    The Titanic analogy is absolutely perfect. First, it started sinking, then it split in half, and then the rest went under.

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