Art Gallery Takes Down Victorian Painting w/ Nudity For The #MeToo Movement

[tweet_dis2]Art Gallery Takes Down Victorian Painting w/ Nudity For The #MeToo Movement[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. Nightingale 4 months ago

    Fuck MeToo.
    Send those idiots back to the stone age.

  2. David Lemke 4 months ago

    Kyle, thank you for calling out the authoritarian puritanical left. Even the atheists among them are basically Christian atheists. They haven't thought deeply enough to truly shed puritanical oppression from their culture. I don't care if there are naked statues of men or women. I actually don't care if there is nudity on television either. Sex is not damaging in itself and neither is nudity. It is only "degrading" if you have some issue with sexual purity. Sexual assault is a problem because it is forced and violent. It's not a problem because it involves sex. People are conflating sex and "impurity" with violence and/or harm.

  3. Balanc-Joy918 4 months ago

    Well, I now know what some of the #MeToo Movement is about, thank you Kyle. I agree, sexual assault is horrible, but this is insane and disrespectful to women, men, nature, and art, especially to me because Puritanism is one of my personal "hot buttons".

  4. Jeffrey Cheng 4 months ago

    Women say # ME TOO. I say # GO MGTOW.

  5. Jeffrey Cheng 4 months ago

    MGTOW- Men Going Their Own Way.

  6. Jeffrey Cheng 4 months ago

    Behold the rise of Men's Rights Activists.

  7. Jeffrey Cheng 4 months ago

    Women say # ME TOO. I say # GO MGTOW.

  8. Aaaa Bbbb 4 months ago

    Noam Chomsky, a guy who also calls himself a "libertarian leftist/socialist" and someone you apparently admire, spoke out against Hustler and pornography in general some time ago. This puritanical sex-negative nonsense runs deep within the left but you'll just keep that head of yours lodged in the sand. Maybe you can go "lalalala" in the process. It's something the left needs to get rid off. That and Islamophilia.

  9. Low IQ Individual 4 months ago

    So, Christian fundamentalists are too extreme to handle nudity in art, but the president of an islamic theocracy shouldn't be pandered too because it's condensending to hide nude paintings from him. Why? Can he be reasoned with more than an imaginary Christian?

    Do you think he is more progressive than the imaginary Christian?
    Fuck. This. Stupid. Logic.

  10. Retardretroguy 4 months ago

    Rouhani didn't get why they covered the statue

  11. Nieroshai 4 months ago

    Ah, the big difference between us and Europe: we fetishize violence while scared of our own sexuality.

  12. Anthony Plaza 4 months ago

    gonna take down michael angelos David?

  13. Herr Denker 4 months ago

    This should literally be the least controversial painting compared to the modern art bullshit where drawing Jesus with period blood is considered normal.

  14. Cris Tiano 4 months ago

    First it's paintings.
    Then it's books.

    Savonarola has risen from the dead.

    "Give me a break." – Joe Biden.

  15. Terry Tater 4 months ago

    All social conservatives are right wingers!

  16. Patrick Clougher 4 months ago

    Holy shit this country is absolutely ridiculous

  17. Annie Q 4 months ago

    There's nothing wrong with the human body. People are just weird.

  18. Aton Ra 4 months ago

    Actually we should also tear off the pyramids as well. How else could #metoo and the new iconoclasts sleep well, if at that time smaller pyramids were built for the queens than for the kings?

  19. Jim Jimmy 4 months ago

    yeah but these Puritans are not even puratins. in private they're all on pornhub all day.

  20. Jason Vernoff 4 months ago

    The authoritarian left is destroying the left wing populist movement

  21. anvior45 4 months ago

    This is the regressive left, usually cooked up at universities and living in their own world: Listen to Camille Paglia and you realize who these people are. In their twisted world view, any unwelcome attention, including flirting with a woman is sexual assault.

  22. Frank Castle 4 months ago

    "Metoo" has always been about baseless accusations – so there's nothing to debase by lumping sexual puritanism into this farce…

  23. PETE ALLISON 4 months ago

    Me too movement: Puritanism or is it a subtle rise of Fascism. I want it replaced for the: "Other You Movement" and i would suggest the majority of people would like it replaced. REPLACE IT NOW. I would suggest there is something a little wrong if you know what i mean with the "Me too Movement" members. More research is required.

  24. We must protect these fictional cartoon women from sexual harassment! (obvious sarcasm is obvious)

  25. WCUK Radio 4 months ago

    So they removed the only reason to actually waste time at a shitty gallery?

  26. GabrielTheGray 4 months ago

    I had to look up the statue of Neptune to see what the big deal was and I was left wondering how Facebook is defining "sexually explicit". I will agree that Neptune was naked, but it seemed to be a pose of confidence and a context of power. If simply being naked is "sexually explicit" or erotic then any artistic or historical pictures of African American slaves or people in concentration camps involving them being stripped naked is sexually explicit or erotic. In which case sexually explicit has lost all meaning.

    As for the painting(s) being taken down, it sounds completely stupid but if the gallery doesn't want to hang it then they don't have to hang it. If they were being told it is oppressive to women and needs to be taken down in light of the me too movement, that is going too far for me as is them pushing the idea. However, this gallery seems to be without an opinion. If they don't care whether it is displayed or not and no one was complaining then why take it down?

  27. toketeeman1016 4 months ago

    Actually, what bugs me about the painting is that all the women look like identical siblings . . . apparently the painter had only a single vision of women.

  28. ivan Montalco 4 months ago

    Dumb bitches will be coming after porn

  29. p3wp3wz0rz 4 months ago

    Ill take that picture and hang it in my room.

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