Bernie Responds To Trump’s State Of The Union With Policy Substance

[tweet_dis2]Bernie Responds To Trump’s State Of The Union With Policy Substance[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. Kellyn 87 4 months ago

    I hope Bernie runs in 2020 and Dems better not sabotage him again like they did in 2016 if they don't we will have the president we should have gotten in 2016 but if they do they will condemn the nation to four more years of Trump

  2. Dani Boy 4 months ago

    It's a nice treat to hear an articulate politician speak and actually talk about policy and issues with substance. 🙂

  3. Tim Gordon 4 months ago

    God bless America!

  4. NyYankees1985 4 months ago

    Bernie Sanders 2020

  5. mspy01 4 months ago

    This is the reason I supported Bernie in 2016. He talks about things that affect the American people. His speech was one billion times better than the other trash the Democrats put out with leaky face Kennedy.

  6. Jerry Mathurin 4 months ago

    niña turner/tusli gabbard in any order for 20/20, not bernie

  7. Ejb954 4 months ago

    And I need to win the lottery Bernie Please

  8. Daniel Moctezuma 4 months ago

    Kyle, Bernie just stated facts about Trump favoring and benefiting Putin. Which is clear as day. That has nothing to do with "red scare". He's just saying that you can see how Trump's decisions favor Putin's interests. Funny that you call out McArthyism and "red scare" yet you are applying the same "scare" tactics to anyone who speaks of Trump's connection to Russia as "contributing" to the red scare. Bullshit on your part trying to censor and hush people, Bernie has every right to call out Trump for his crony capitalism.

  9. GraphiteBlimp 4 months ago

    Didn’t even have to see the Joe Kennedy speech and I knew exactly what it would be haha. “Equality is good, bigotry is bad”

  10. Ciaban K 4 months ago

    I hate that Bernie harped on the Russia Collusion! He knows that it's bull shit too.

  11. Patrick Barrett 4 months ago

    Will this old man go away? A crazy white haired communist is not appealing.

  12. Saqwana 4 months ago

    few issues with Bernie's speech one woman have equal pay if they work that same amount of hours, risk, difficulty. Also, men get harassed as well so why the focus on women. why gender a human problem.

  13. gilbert baird 4 months ago

    No one is Listening to Bernie the Sell out..

  14. Telly Vin-a 4 months ago

    we need so many more independents in DC, screw the dems, screw the gop

  15. Jeffrey Swartz 4 months ago

    Trump is making America great again. Berne Sanders wants to turn it into a Socialist state!

  16. Marcos Delgado 4 months ago

    Bernie needs to mention nuclear energy sometime.

  17. Happy Merchant 4 months ago

    so make VA for all. jump on a energy system that's unreliable for global warming. fry babies up because a woman says so.

    lol kyle telling me in Europe that religion isn't a thing as muhammad is becoming the most popular in Europe. libs scream at in God we trust and support trucks plowing through crowds

  18. MunchKing51 4 months ago

    Only thing i disliked is that he repeated the false talking point of the wage gap. Other than that, solid speech.

  19. DarthAlphaTheGreat 4 months ago

    People can beat the money, as demonstrated by 2016 election result lol

  20. Just wanna let you know, I just saw, before your video, an ad against minimum wage increases. It was wrong, and disgusting, and I was wondering if Kyle was aware of this kind of garbage was being played on his channel.

  21. nicydmend 4 months ago

    Booooooooooo Secular Talk! You need Jesus!

  22. Xavier Charles 4 months ago

    @Aeron L
    Those people need shrinks.

  23. mountaingoat1003 4 months ago

    There is a sub-culture in America that absolutely hates Bernie Sanders.  They love student loan debt and going bankrupt if they have a medical emergency.  They love working for poverty wages while the corporation they work for makes billions.  

    They don't want a well functioning society or rather, they think a well functioning society is when some tiny fraction of 1% controls nearly all the money and lords that over everyone else.

  24. Jenny Kennedy 4 months ago

    Hah well? That’s really messed up… The country that our founding fathers came from because of the country trying to say what religion somebody should follow… Has no religion in their government, at least to the extent that we seem to have it and we, the freedom of religion country? Where everybody should be able to believe what they want? We have religion all smashed up into the government and it’s a giant mess

    Also we, freedom of religion country, wants to hit everybody over the head with the Bible and jam God down everyone’s throat… And we look down on other religions… Not all of us of course but some…. This might be part of the reason why people are choosing not to have any religion whatsoever… Too much complication too much divisiveness too much bother. Can’t say I blame them

  25. mr 4 months ago

    Free free free everything says Burnie but who has to pay for it? The people who work.

  26. mr 4 months ago

    Bernie (get handed everything) or Trump (get off your ass and work for it) with sounds more reasonable?

  27. Jared Dinwiddie 4 months ago

    idk if the majority of the population has the same views. half the population doesn't vote. Right or wrong?

  28. James Trowbridge 4 months ago

    Kyle, your intellect is impressive.

  29. Know Thanks 4 months ago

    So if Bernie's not religious why does he identify as a Jew?

  30. Sean Michaels 4 months ago

    Bernie Sanders 2020! Unlike Hillary, Sanders has a chance at beating Trump!

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