Bernie Sanders From 2003 Is The Same As 2018

[tweet_dis2]Bernie Sanders From 2003 Is The Same As 2018[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. magentawave 4 months ago

    Bernie still advocates the same government-at-gunpoint ideology now as he did then. That doesn't give me comfort. For consistency and principles backed by morality you should be looking at Ron Paul.

  2. Seth Williams 4 months ago

    I used to be a republican because of my family's influence until my friend started arguing with me about some things I obviously did not know what I was talking about, so I started watching secular talk and the truth was reviled thank you so much

  3. Damp de Lux 4 months ago

    Divide et impera.

  4. Cole Trickle 4 months ago

    The only real difference between then and now is that both parties are right wing corporate corrupt garbage. Back then there were still a few dems that didn't sell out. Now there is only two or three, including Bernie.

  5. Sweggin Beggin 4 months ago

    It's comical that Bernie said that it's specifically the right wing that divides people by race. His argument of them not supporting affirmative action is even more comical. They are AGAINST people being perfered because of their race you mongrel. You could maybe make the case that back when we said that it was mainly the right wing doing it, but that is put in contrast to the claim his arguments are still the same. Bernie and leftist media literally debunk themselves the moment they speak.

  6. Robert D. Moore 4 months ago

    My oldest son came to me the other night about Bernie Sanders and it was about russian collusion, his question was, "Why Bernie is silent on this issue about Russians?" Good question he asked me BUT could it be the Fake News?

  7. Meatwood Flac 4 months ago

    I've seen plenty of middle class black people constantly blame their problems on welfare queens and white trash people especially in the south, IDK how they're magically exempt from racism.

  8. Ozzwald Boland 4 months ago

    Trump supporter here but I respect Bernie and I'm disappointed that the Democrats didn't go up in arms about Hillary stealing the election from him. She's literally a criminal.

  9. A bowl of salad 4 months ago

    Seeing this video makes me feel warmth in my heart. I really have hope for 2020

  10. Athelete Aus 4 months ago

    This should be a class thought is all Universities.

  11. WirHyperboreer 4 months ago

    Kyle, please don't split us up into liars and non-liars.

  12. Fox McCloud 4 months ago

    I listened to him when he was just Mayor having a discussion on C-span from 1988… Literally from a year after I was born…. and he was talking about the same stuff he ran on back then… I think that was the moment I knew I was BernieOrBust… though that morphed into a Jill Stein vote since Bernie didn't go third party, but you know what I mean.

  13. Homo erectus 4 months ago

    Would you suck Bernie's dick if the opportunity presented itself?

  14. beatthisroot 4 months ago

    I could listen to Bernie for hours.

  15. TheKeithvidz 4 months ago

    no truer politician than him

  16. 13tuyuti 4 months ago

    He did seem to have attempted to comb his hair. Major flip flop on the hair!

  17. unifieddynasty 4 months ago

    Bernie Sanders the benevolent immortal vampire. 😀

  18. Matthew Sobke 4 months ago

    Yup. Disingenuous POS in 2003, disingenuous POS today. Socialism is the enemy of freedom, period. What makes America America is the idea that government, though a necessary evil is an evil that must be beaten back with a whip and a chair becasue the government only exerts it's power by preying on the freedom of the citizen. Why is this so hard for leftist/progressives to understand unless they are themselves just dishonest about their desire for authoritarianism, no matter how much of a touchy-feely ribbon they wrap it in?

    There is a huge difference between caring ABOUT people, having sympathy for the downtrodden and behaving in a charitable manner towards them and the progressive position of assuming everyone to be incapable of living their own lives and making their own decisions and thus they need to be cared FOR, like inept fracking little Julias and Pajama Boys from cradle to grave.

    Gotta say though, as someone who has never believed in religion, people like Bernie make me wish I did believe in God. Because if there's a god, there's a heaven. If there's a heaven, there's a hell. And if there's a hell and an eternal judge, then there will be justice for Progressives, if not in this life than the next.

  19. Ilfart 218 4 months ago

    It's not a tax hike on the middle class it's a temporary tax cut for the low and middle class so what they'll do is hold it hostage every time they want to cut taxes more. So say they want to reduce the already low taxes on the 1 percent they'll say they need to pass this "new" tax cut for the middle class and put even more tax cuts for the elites to continue/reduce taxes on the middle and lower class. However you will be losing wealth to the elites through inflation while they will not. It's a classic hostage bill phases out the tax cuts for the majority with permanent tax cuts for the wealthy.

  20. One of the greatest tragedies of 21st Century American politics thus far is that it took so long for Bernie and his ideas to rise to prominence. Just think of how much better off we'd all be today if Bernie's message had caught on back in 2003.

  21. halo4evr124 4 months ago

    Lmao that was the most slimy decisive speech I've ever heard. What a douchebag

  22. Bask_In_My_Glory 4 months ago

    For the love of fuck, U.S.! Don't elect this old socialist.

  23. dnimlarebil 4 months ago

    This guy could have been your president … you done fucked it up!

  24. TheKeithvidz 4 months ago

    dnc robbed 'im

  25. NickStone68 4 months ago

    How the fuck is this man not our president? Not Kyle, Bernie lol. Just so sad that we missed that opportunity and got Trump instwas

  26. Marco Antônio 4 months ago

    damn. Bernie for the win

  27. Public Guy 4 months ago

    I've seen this video before, and it makes me so angry he cheated out of the nomination and people are so stupid they can't understand the right-wing agenda.

  28. Mrblackjesus 4 months ago


  29. toketeeman1016 4 months ago

    900 military bases all over the world just to guard us against people carrying knives. Makes sense.

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