Bernie Sanders Gives Dems the Antidote to Trumpism: “Talk to People”

[tweet_dis2]Bernie Sanders Gives Dems the Antidote to Trumpism: “Talk to People”[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. Kathryn Hurn 4 months ago

    Wish Maher had asked Bernie why he doesn't run as a Green: ballot access in every state and working Americans would turn out in droves. No more compromising, not certain I would vote for Bernie as a Dem. Just done with Democrat betrayal and the cruelty and senselessness of endless war.

  2. msalanie 4 months ago

    Well said Mike, loved it! Only Bernie & a rare few can get me to listen in on establishment, centrist, neo-liberal, boring Maher.

  3. Optimus JudyHopps 4 months ago

    Hating trump isn't going help at all. Just ignore him and focus voting democrat on 2018 midterms and vote Bernie on 2020.

  4. Optimus JudyHopps 4 months ago

    He's right that you can't be anti trump.

  5. Optimus JudyHopps 4 months ago

    That episode with bill mahr and Bernie Sanders that was the great interview I saw.

  6. JDPoZ 4 months ago

    Maher actually has had on Sanders numerous times – all the way back in the mid 2000s. He actually supported Sanders in the primary before Clinton. He said he wanted to see the Clintons disappear after they lost to someone as irredeemably terrible and "beatable" as Trump.

  7. T Powell 4 months ago

    Bernie is always on point….Maher is clueless….He can't get it…that Neoliberalism brought us Trump

  8. Lawrence Taylor 4 months ago

    Why hasn't Bernie gone on Jimmy Dore and he goes on Bill Maher?

  9. Acacius 4 months ago

    I really don't trust that Maher guy. There is something shady and wicked about him.

  10. Interdimensional Steve 4 months ago

    fucking LOVE that line, "people who take showers at the end of the day, not the start of the day." so simple, yet absolutely brilliant.

  11. Nubyrc 4 months ago

    After Trump I will not throw my vote away on 3rd party this time. This progressive movement is not paying attention at the massive Republican majority. It is scary and Trump is a man wants to become King and he has the Republican support to do it.

  12. F S 4 months ago

    Taking showers at the end of the day means you actually got dirty working.

  13. Andre Walton 4 months ago

    We need to create a legitimate third party!!!!

  14. Sophia Schooley 4 months ago

    The only time Democrats will talk about progressive policy is when they can’t turn it into policy. Bernie has become the pied piper of the controlled opposition. Suck enough suckers into the party to win, then turn their backs on the policy. How many times to progressives need to get burned to learn that the way forward will never be through the Democratic Party?

  15. Bradd Graves 4 months ago

    OMG, get the lies started now! Bernie was a traitor when he capitulated to Clinton in the primary, and he's a traitor now, pretending the DNC is reformable. His job is to keep people in the DNC, not deliver on those policies. Those DNC whores aren't going to implement single-payer. Obama also claimed to be in favor that, remember? "Free university" is not really important for anything but kissing up to young fools. Working people aren't interested in SJW identity politics, which is all the DNC and progressives are about in the end.

  16. I just saw Bernie Sanders run away from Alex Jones at the LAX airport

    By the way i don't trust Bernie at all,because he is a fraud and a sellout that works undercover for the evil rich elitist groups that want to enslave the masses of people with their Authoritarian agenda,plus he endorsed that evil corrupt bitch Hillary queen in 2016 presidential election.Bernie works for the evil rich establishment that he claims to be against.The guy is a conman that lives in a mansion that drives around in high priced luxury cars and goes out on real expensive
    outings.He's lives no different than a Hollywood elitist that looks down at everyday regular people that are struggling as dumb gullible sheep,you dumb gullible progressives are very delusion if you think Bernie Sanders is some type of savior for the people.He's playing you poor gullible fools for suckers.If Bernie ever became president he would stab you in the back just like all the other past presidents before him,by the way i am not a Trump supporter.I don't agree with Alex Jones on everything either.

  17. Lord Beerus 4 months ago

    I love bernie.

  18. Scotty D. 4 months ago

    Bill is just pandering to Bernie, he's a neoliberal through and through

  19. Vincent Saia 4 months ago

    It is good that Bill Maher pushed back because any legitimate argument can withstand anything being thrown at it – and can be put into simple slogan.

  20. Jon Doh 4 months ago

    Bill Maher is a vile and vicious psychopath.

  21. hollyh1969 4 months ago

    I am over Bernie. I love him, but no.

  22. Hildebrandt Zhor 4 months ago

    But, are the Democrats really behind Bernie's agenda? I don't think so.

  23. Beautiful News Boy 4 months ago

    Mayer despises what Bernie represents, but loves his popularity & ability to flummox the right

  24. Rusty Mckee 4 months ago

    It's crazy because Republican voters keep voting against their own interests because of wedge issues, and establishment Dems keep voting against their interests because of identity politics. Bernie is standing over here saying, "the majority of Americans support my policy ideas", and the American people are all like, "I can't vote for him because he's not flashy enough." American intelligence in the year 2018. Rest in peace Democracy….. RIP.

  25. Jeremy Chase 4 months ago

    "People who take showers at the end of the day, not the beginning." Nailed it!

  26. YeahRIght 4 months ago

    When Bernie runs again, he'll receive $27 from me monthly just like the last primaries

  27. Joseph Heston 4 months ago

    Maybe there is hope for Bill Maher.

  28. the op kingdom 4 months ago

    Bernie went on Maher's show- after he's been so hateful to him and his constituents (organic, locally grown cucumber?)- but he won't get on Jimmy's show? Hmmmm….

  29. Devin Harrell 4 months ago

    Maher has become out of touch because he's so wealthy now, but deep down he's still the same Maher. I look forward to Bernie's victory so Maher can stop being such a big apologist for the establishment.

  30. Meteaura22 4 months ago

    Can I watch this video on HBO On Demand? I didn't catch this episode since I didn't know Bernie would be featured.

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