Bernie Sanders Trolls Koch Bros After Their ‘Medicare for All’ Study Backfires

[tweet_dis2]Bernie Sanders Trolls Koch Bros After Their ‘Medicare for All’ Study Backfires[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. Ines Jeffre 2 months ago

    But it's not supported by insurance companies or the republican party or those benefiting from them. The waste is all so good for these guys. You want a democratic society? Good luck!

  2. augustday6 2 months ago

    Myself, data sets Authoritative references or better first hand interview all work. Rants, and harangues, though often humorous have little value past that. That said your persona in video has improved greatly. Yes, I am a crank and my super power is “ busting chops” so this is a wild accolade.

  3. Teal'c 2 months ago

    BBbbbb but but Fox news says it will make us all speak spamish and like eat rats and stuff in venhazulaaa!!! O_0

  4. Paappa Brony 2 months ago

    It’s not a Bug in the code, it’s a Bug in their moral code.

  5. Linda Crump 2 months ago

    “MMT Economics Explained – Dr. Stephanie Kelton Interview”


  6. Linda Crump 2 months ago

    we don't need to explain how to pay for it. Learn MMT @RealProgressives

  7. Eltrio2 2 months ago

    So basically the Koch brothers proved to everyone that the liberal idea would save Americans thousands on average and trillions overall. [over ten years]

  8. Luther Dean 2 months ago

    great segment !

  9. mcmahonp1 2 months ago

    America, come in from the cold and join the rest of us who have universal health care. It's great and will take a big weight off your shoulders. You won't have to stay with a horrible employer just because their medical plan is good. In countries with universal health care no one goes bankrupt. That alone should make you smile.

  10. Brandon Gonzales 2 months ago

    Any one with half a brain knows the progressive will not work all of you are idiots and if any of you respond at least come up with a decent counter argument

  11. Joe Second 2 months ago

    When doubling all personal and corporate income taxes STILL doesn’t cover the cost – that’s not a win for Bernie.
    It requires no spin – $3.26 trillion a year in Medicare for all is 75% of the current federal budget.

  12. Baron von Quiply 2 months ago

    Hey, conservatives.

    If we advance to modern healthcare, there will be trillions of dollars freed up for bombing schools and handouts to billionaires.

  13. Allen Dean 2 months ago

    There are some issues to think on
    In countries which have socialized medicine, staff are paid substantially less. If taxes increase as a result of paying for this, and wages go down, this will have ad etriemtnal effect. In addition, this might inadvertently cost jobs in the medical field as well. So, in addition to this, a restructuring of the system needs to happen as well. More programs to aid people in becoming nurses, techs and the like. This would also be a good time to push infrastructure, clean energy and other 21st century industries, to handle any drop off in the medical and medical insurance fields.
    Also, as a caveat, it would be nice to see the laws regarding third party insurance providers overhauled. They are criminals, who do not answer to the government, do not have external reviews, and the appeals process for denials in completely internally handled, insuring most do not keep their benefits, even if the social security department rules Disability in their favor.

  14. DuhBeers Z 2 months ago

    Can save us money and lives

  15. RDC Tarantula 2 months ago

    Oh great now every fag in the country will go crying to a doctor for every minor thing. Get a god damn job that pays benefits.

  16. Big Macintosh 2 months ago

    Holy shit that like to dislike ratio. 1.1k to 8

  17. Trevor Hanson 2 months ago

    +Humanist Report

    As someone who is fiscally more conservative (basically, I do not think we should spend more money then we make), the fact that this program would help more people out and cost less money across the board was a major selling point for me. I just have one question:

    The study said that the cost of both corporate and individual taxes if doubled wouldn't cover the cost, but Sanders said that the medical cost would go down per family. Is there a breakdown of where his information is coming from so we can crunch the numbers ourselves to see how much this program would cost us individually (What would my personal taxes be with this program in relation to the fact that I will not have to worry about paying for medical/vision/dental insurance for my family again)?

  18. william dulaney 2 months ago

    We need to convince people the increase in taxes to pay for Medicare for all will more than offset premiums, deductibles, and copays. Sadly we have to break down the savings for people down to a weekly #. Saying it will save trillions over years is easy for most people dismiss because it is not a number they can easily grasp.

  19. farefouse olly 2 months ago

    Maybe the koch brothers aren't all bad.

  20. S&Tguy 2 months ago

    Here is the thing. If we can get Mediacare for all. This would also go for S/S benefits. There has to be a away to make shour that it can never be touch or gutted or. There can be no back door no loopholes. The Government no matter what President Dem or Rep. Or the House or the senate or the Hights of high Courts. Can't not touch it or change it or take it away. That's how it would need to be. Because look the AFCA could not be touched. But what did the basterd Rep do slowly by slowly gutting it. So in many ways they found a loophole. If This is ever to come true Mediacare for all and S/S can never be denied taking away gutted or disassembled by No One Ever.

  21. Al Nevsky 2 months ago

    Bernie 2020!

  22. Thomas Binney 2 months ago

    My wife and I pay just under $400 every pay period for health insurance for the two of us and our daughter. We usually end up having 27 pay periods in a year, so that's a bit under $10,800 paid. Plus copays and drugs. And this is for a Health Savings Account program, which is cheaper (and probably not as good) as a traditional program, which would cost us closer to $550 a pay period. I pretty much never go to the doctor (last time was 3-4 years ago urgent care for a sinus infection) and I'm not on any medication, so I'm paying for something I never use, with the idea that it's there if I need it. Except as I think most people have seen, when you really need it, the insurance companies try and screw you out of it.

    I'd gladly pay $10,800 more in taxes, hell, $12,000 more in taxes, to not have to worry about being denied when I actually really need it.

  23. Angelo V. 2 months ago

    Nice to see Bernie trolling the people who despise him. Despite having conservative leanings, I still support Medicare for All, mostly because it saves individuals and small businesses money. Under a Medicare for All system, small businesses would no longer have to divert funds to pay for private insurance.

  24. Gore Shade 2 months ago

    The current plan will cost a lot more than this report states, because I am sure they are not accounting for future corruption by insurance and pharmaceutical companies. We would save even more.

  25. Xavier Jones 2 months ago

    The whole time, I was hoping that Mr. Sanders would clear his throat or something :v

  26. phantasmo9998 2 months ago

    This is so dishonest. A full tax payer funded 30 trillion debt will cost those who actually pay taxes $200,0000 each per year averaged out. This is communist redistribution of wealth.

  27. Sideswipe 009 2 months ago

    Mike, did you read any other of the key points from the report, or just the leftist highlights?
    According to
    These estimates are conservative because they assume the legislation achieves its sponsors’ goals of dramatically reducing payments to health providers, in addition to substantially reducing drug prices and administrative costs.
    What if they aren't successful in hitting those target figures? There goes a bunch of "savings" for This plan.
    A doubling of all currently projected federal individual and corporate income tax collections would be insufficient to finance the added federal costs of the plan
    So even doubling taxes won't be enough to pay for it.

  28. Liz Brooks 2 months ago

    It is common sense. If we take out health insurance CEO pays and all the personnels hande denying cares. The cost should be lower not more and at the same time we are getting better cares.

  29. Liason Lee 2 months ago

    If you start another new policy of how those insurance would be refunded to the existing consumers, 80%+ of the country would support Medicare for all.

  30. John Cassady 2 months ago

    Medicare for all will be horrible for the economy. How will CEOs buy private jets? There are people who make those jets that will be out of jobs. Am I the only one who cares about Plane Engineers National Incorporation of Specialists? Think about P.E.N.I.S.!

  31. Ova Wolf 2 months ago

    How are we going to pay for it how can we not, ask how we are going to avoid the capacity problem Canada is facing it a better system but if we don't do this right we could share a problem Canada facing.

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