‘Bipartisan’ Budget Deal Includes Giant Military Increase, No DACA

[tweet_dis2]’Bipartisan’ Budget Deal Includes Giant Military Increase, No DACA[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. cybermasterdza Sedera 4 months ago

    No wall no daca!

  2. lone ranger 4 months ago

    American vampires are sucking the joy out of life faster than the hearts of humanity can create it. And using the joy they have sucked out to invest into doubt, fear, conflict, misery, ugliness and destruction. With America's gigantic military industrial complex.

  3. Aurelio Martinez 4 months ago

    I'm sorry to say I think the better its safer to allow trump to deport dreamers cuz whole country is going to suffer no only the dreamers if this goes through trumps decimating government programs that we will all feel the effects and they will still find a way to deport dreamers after bill is past

  4. Anthony Jerome Thorn 4 months ago

    14 militaries combined. Fourteen

  5. GoldenHawk93 4 months ago

    See Kyle, this is the reason people hate progressives… You blindly hate… sure you recognized what Nancy Pelosi did and that's good but your initial statement of losing your lunch and barfing overshadowed the point… Give TRUE credit… What Nancy Pelosi did was right and she should be celebrated with a lot of credit. I'm with her.

  6. russtin1 4 months ago

    Why are you against internet service providers? They are just trying to make a better future for themselves.

  7. dexport 4 months ago

    Im a veteran and i would love to see a 50% decrease in military spending… DO you know how much money is WASTED? I can seen then waste first hand.. To increase spending should literally be a CRIME there is no war we should be fighting now, instead of focusing on economy and how to stop the fucking massive BUDGET DEFICIT and national debt the stupid orange racist wants to spend 10% more…. stupid is as stupid does.

  8. Jackie Chun 4 months ago

    Pelosi's filibuster was just a stunt, she did nothing to stop Democrats from helping the GOP pass the budget

  9. Val Clemens 4 months ago

    I was once a Democrat. Now I think "D" is for "Disappointing." Good points as usual, and I wish you could run for office! You could win just about any debate…. Keep up the good work!

  10. Matthew Studham 4 months ago

    The only reason I can see that the Republicans would throw this much money at the military is that they have plans to go to war with somebody who does not agree with them. The main country I can see being attacked is Iran or a distant second would be North Korea. This is only the view of an Australian who is viewing this from outside the U.S .

  11. PHIL BRITTIN 4 months ago

    …Join the Army, Air Force and Marines…DIE FOR OIL SUCKERS….suckers.

  12. ryan m. 4 months ago

    Kyle for president ❤️

  13. ArchiveOfTruth 4 months ago

    rand paul is a good GOP politician. at least he stands on principle.

  14. Diego rx 4 months ago

    A great majority of Americans also support reducing legal immigration and the democrats don't want to that's why a daca deal hasn't been possible

  15. Bill H 4 months ago

    How is it that these crony capitalists get away in overfunding the military by obscene amounts for the military when these MFs can’t fund the VA, or education, or Medicare for all?!

    When are going to take the reigns from these bastards?! When are we going to realize that we are repeatedly being raped, paying to have poor Somalis bombed while Flint doesn’t have clean drinking water?!


  16. God of destruction 4 months ago

    20 billion for infrastructure and we got a lot of crumbling Bridges 20 billion ain't going to do it and then 2 billion for health insurance ain't going to do it not for the whole country this is why we need to primaries Democrats out of there I'm done with them

  17. traydevon 4 months ago


  18. Damien MB 4 months ago

    You keep saying "biggest military", budget does not equal size. Especially when you compare a first world military to a third world one.

  19. Haroutun Sarkisyan 4 months ago

    Why do you always try to shit on tea partiers? Even when they agree with you on something? Remember that your Justice Democrats thing was to try to reform your party like the Tea Partiers did to their party and they got a lot of their people into office.

  20. Round Tree 4 months ago

    Democrats have no fortitude. None.

  21. SWTOR Cinematic Galaxy 4 months ago

    You really needs to stop saying "democrats and republicans". There is only one part. The Corporate Party or The Political Theater Party or The Red vs Blue Party. It has two sides, but it's the same coin. There is no bipartisanship. That requires two sides.

  22. Mark Danis 4 months ago

    Tsk Tsk Kyle. She thinks it's a good deal overall but since she is running in California she will not support it.

  23. Cyborg Nathan 4 months ago

    Do you understand that if the Dreamers are still not citizens by November that more Democrats will win seats?

  24. Charlie M 4 months ago

    Lets stop with the fake news that 80% of Americans want DACA…..they want DACA only IF the other pillars are approved. Its like saying 80% of people like a bank account….but the reality is that only if it has money in and you can access that money.

  25. Charlie M 4 months ago

    And the majority of the domestic spending goes to red states and rust belt states….a Trojan horse mini infrastructure bill. Brilliant. MAGA.

  26. underballbutter 4 months ago

    Didn't they increase military spending just last year by $80 Billion? So since Trump entered office both parties together increased military spending by TWO-HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS! #Resistance

  27. dipojones 4 months ago

    Democrats ALWAYS cave when its time to help the military and corporate America.
    Democrats NEVER cave when its time to help regular American citizens, the poor and the middle class.

  28. Angel Santiago 4 months ago

    They want more money for the military than for everything else. That is insane. The Pentagon just lost 800 millions and the traitors in Washington keep throwing money at them.

  29. Angel Santiago 4 months ago

    Is this increase on top of the one that Trump wanted of 64 billions at the beginning of his administration?

  30. camp2g 4 months ago

    kyle that pelosi speach deserves 0 credit, that "speach" is just a front because she is a rep. from California & she is up for reelection & she is like shummer a "private" corporatist & "public" democrat….

  31. open-minded skeptic 4 months ago

    Kyle, you'd make an astute politician sir!

  32. Guacamole 4 months ago

    I really prefer Republicans on immigration policy.

  33. Thomas Smith 4 months ago

    Stupid people will always want a bigger military budget no matter how big it already is

  34. Stonemansteve II 4 months ago


  35. Justice Democrats 4 months ago

    Because they are CONTROLLED OPPOSITION

  36. Dagooch23 4 months ago

    How are they going to pay for this?..isn’t this their fucking question for everything else?..my fault!..it’s for military…and if you’re against that..you’re just un-American!

  37. Nita Williams 4 months ago

    The spending part of the deal gives the Republican and Democratic party donors exactly what they bought. The rich get richer and war, war, war.  Scary, but no surprises there.

    Why do you continue to cite that bogus CBS main stream news statistic that alleges that 80% of Americans are in favor of DACA as if it were indisputable, as if CBS has never skewed  facts?  Many people contacted Washington to express their opposition to the Democrats bargaining with the lives of American citizens over illegal immigrants.  We demanded that a shutdown NEVER be employed for this issue.

    Must you be reminded again of the unreliability of the 2016 polls giving Hillary the lead in the race for President? Do you believe if you repeat the misinformation often enough it will stick?  As a thinking individual I expect straight forward positioning from alternative media, not a position based on a questionable poll prepared by a questionable media source.

    I say NO to illegal immigration. The Democrats are not humanitarians and I will not support undercutting American citizens in the job market.  I will not support the Democrats desperate attempt to increase their voting pool. I will not support breaking the law.

    America has tens of millions underserved adults and children, CITIZENS who themselves  DREAM of a better life and more opportunity.  More than half the country is one measly pay check away from poverty.  My position will always be take care of American citizens FIRST.  Then maybe we can talk about the approach to illegal immigrants. For the record I am not opposed to legal immigration.  Even if I did object it would be a moot point because legal immigration is the law and we must all obey the law of the land.

  38. Teremei 4 months ago

    Let's start calling it War spending.  Period.  That's what it is, and it needs to be hammered into the uneducated voters.

  39. Red Hunteur 4 months ago

    You haven't eaten yet? I smell a cover-up. #WaffleGate

  40. Red Hunteur 4 months ago

    New camera placement. It's like Kyle is sitting in my lap.

  41. john kennedy 4 months ago

    The Democratic Party is republican life support. No way anyone could support republicans if the alternative wasn't so pathetic and disgusting.

  42. David Mcnerney 4 months ago

    Were too busy spending millions getting those oil fields for Rex and his company (Mobil) bombing Syrians wanting to go East of the Euphrates.Were Fucked.

  43. Dawna Bell 4 months ago

    Democrats only care about their current donor! The party is dead!

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