Black America and the Danger of Fractional Citizenship

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  1. Federal government has program that subsidizes employers, who hire foreign graduates, of U.S. colleges, and universities!

  2. Sherylyn Roberts 2 months ago

    Yvette at about 1:51 min into the program tonight the caller spoke of Jesse Jackson. I don't know if this matters but I was 12 yrs old and my moms friend wanted us to go hear him speak. This was 1967. We went. What I walked away from was how someone could lock up all the doors until every adult gave $5 to get out of there. $5 dollars was a lot of money back in 1967 That experience completely turned me off from him because it scared me. My mom didn't have the money but her friend paid our way out. I'm originally from Chicago so when I heard about his son I wasn't surprised because I also remember how he (Jesse Sr) used his acquaintance with Dr. King just to further his own financial agenda. I agree 99.9 % of the time with you and the Breaking Brown family group that I am so privileged to be a part of but not when it comes to Jesse Sr. I was a child and I left that meeting feeling kidnapped. It was a long time ago but that feeling still remains with me today. Just a personal reflection and in no way changes my radical opinion about reparations and the agenda you have put forth. I just thought I would share this morning.

  3. A N Detjen 2 months ago

    We won't be able to go to any other country, at least not en masse. Did you guys hear about the black man that tried to claim asylum in Canada based on the UN report and police brutality and they sent him back?

  4. Yvette I applaud what you're doing but it's to no avail…as I am listening to you one scripture comes to mind: Eccl. 7:13 Consider the work of God: "Who can make that straight which he have made crooked." This white man is a devil and there is nothing you or anyone else could says to change him. What you want, that the other nations pay us respect for building this country…that's a joke, they will never do it. Not until they are put into slavery and are forced to build our Kingdom like we build theirs…only after we put them in subjection like we were force to be in subjection under them. You need to read Joel 3:7,8 … I won't quote it here but you can read if you want to know what it says…however, in brief: The MOST HIGH GOD says NO REPARATION…our reparation will be putting them (all these Nations who took part in our captivity and our subjugation) they will go into captivity and have them build our Kingdom for 1,000 years. I don't want no money…I want paybacks, THAT'S REPARATION!

  5. Ace Alkebulan 2 months ago

    Yvette Carnell was on the money when she said you just may need a NEW FAMILY! Everyone will not make it because of their mindset and the fact they refuse to change it.

  6. LaTigreBlue 2 months ago

    I've had family with access to property and walked away from it. I've also had family give away home and land because she was trying to impress people and she had children who did not have property. We don't know the value of wealth.

  7. captaincrunch ent 2 months ago

    Who makes those beats? I like em!

  8. Sherylyn Roberts 2 months ago

    Yvette I went to the Mayo Clinic for surgery to remove a tumor laying on my heart. Thry flew a doctor in ftom Canada to perform it because no one in the U.S. vcould do it without extremely great risk to my life. I used my Medicare and Medicaid for payment in full. Thus was 2005. Maybe it was because I live in Minnesota but just thought I'd throw that in. Keep up your good work.

  9. EFOSA AMAFIDON 2 months ago

    If the solutions Yvette proposes include begging White America for reparations or begging Republican/Democrats to acknowledge that slaves built this country (White People don't give a shit about that) then Yvette's YouTube Channel is nothing more than gossip/entertainment & Yvette is the Misery Mammy Merchant of the Black Community.
    She just wants to be put on to MSNBC I believe.

  10. Darien White 2 months ago

    Great show Yvette!

  11. WDT WM 2 months ago


    I came up with this equation: Socialization+Psychological=Equals+Personality. If you have time could you share with me what your thoughts are concerning this equation. Additionally, I will express to you in detail, what I suggest what each of terms means. Clearly, that’s contingent on you having time to do so. I understand that you are a very busy woman.

  12. Adl El 2 months ago

    Please address this man generation politics in 1960s verses his generation do-for-self ideolog 1980s-now.

  13. J Dierk 2 months ago

    I just want to know who are these weak-minded people that are giving Yvette & Tone's videos 'thumbs down".

  14. Chris Harris 2 months ago

    @1:55:15 I m sorry me Carnell I heard you say this and I said to my self “You madddddddd you BIGGG MADDDDD” *in my plies vc

  15. iam6th 2 months ago

    Stay strong Yvette even though some of us can be very taxing to ones spirit, to ones understanding for those who dont understand what is due to us.
    Keep pushing Yvette.

  16. Pete Brown 2 months ago

    Yvette and Tone's arguments are deeply flawed. Every video of theirs rightly identifies as dos as victims. The sober reality however is that there are winners and losers. This is equally as true as the victim narrative. These 2 commentators are like doctors treating gas pains before treating cancer. Meaning let's try and fix what we can fix first. If we invest the money and time that we put in church, we could turn this around in 5 years. They never discuss how the church keeps us asprirational, broke and misinformed. This strikes me as dishonest. Where is the data on how much money we give preachers every week? Where is the data proving that this invisible God we serve has made good on his promises?

  17. Tracy Jones 2 months ago

    Great show but we need to be educated to one day be able to do business with Chinese and Arabic community to complete on a billion level. Gone are the days of Manuel labor.

  18. Kyle Johnson 2 months ago

    To suggest anything other than a block of super-capitalists (Government included) infusing the Negro American community with systematized economic sustenance should be released within the next Harry Potter book.

  19. Erin Jenkins-DuBose 2 months ago

    "Labor extracted from 250 years of US slavery some economists are putting value at any amount between $24 trillion to $97 trillion…Fast forward to after slavery every free man or woman receiving their 40 acres and a mule =160 million acres total to the equivalent of about $1 trillion of federal spending. (If executed) However, three years before this could be executed Congress passes the homestead act. (Mind you this is 1862 and went on for sixty years) This act granted 246 million acres to 1.5 million white families equaling a total of $1.6 trillion federal dollars, giving each of those families $1 million in wealth. This could only take place of course if these families continued to live on the specific designated land for five years. Five years at this time in US history was also the comparable amount of time it took to become a naturalized citizen. (Until 1952 white immigrants were only allowed to become citizens in the US via naturalization.) So, you could literally come here with nothing, claim land, stay, get your $1 million in wealth and your citizenship. 93 million white Americans today are direct beneficiaries of this." Shawn Rochester in Black Tax

  20. Andrea Carter 2 months ago

    My sister was 19 when I asked her to embark on building along with me because I was all alone. Well, she recoiled to resisting the request because she wasn't and still isn't accustomed to know a "blended sacrifice" where she saw family collaborate shared purposes in vision. My mother taught a "do for self" ethos that made what I offered scary to my sis. I was formulated by a lot of Blacks from a collectivism strain of Blacks but my sister didn't get that. My cousins didn't get it and actually my mother bristled when she found out collectivist Black social theology was shaping me as a kid. I knew that my sister's refusal hurt and that my cousins refusal hurt but I also know they had never seen a template and evidence of collectivism and how it has to work. Im talking about surrendering "your independent dream" for a family mission where one may not be in the lead and someone in the lead be someone not stereotypically the loudest or brashish.

    My family of GenX and Millennial kin could never be The Johnsons (industrial family), The Guggenheims, The Walmarts, or the Black family, The Bronners. We can't surrender our selfishness we believe is our strength "to dream".

    I hate when I hear Blacks say they have dreams because dreams are singular while vision requires others to join and surrender to the mission. But Blacks gobbled up wanting to complete their dreams. And they wishfully think their singular dreams can be checked off as good will. But dreams are individualistic in quest while a vision shared requires/demands submission and surrender to cohese under one mission first before you approach your dream.

    As commodities in this Western world, we can't afford and never could afford the investment of dreaming. We needed to have shared visions of shared missions but we don't talk or think this way because can our ancestors wanted…to dream. It's Intoxicating to dream. Dreaming makes us do dangerous things of lofty ideals that we should not partake in. Dreaming makes us imagine a quest can end in our personal timetable while visions are long-term that spans generations where participants commit to reaching benchmarks for future participants to build upon. Dreams are singular and halts upon where the dreamer stops.

  21. Joe Jones 2 months ago

    so should we deny universal income or accept and still fight for reparations

  22. 1FINEAZZMAMI 2 months ago

    Thank you Yvette for this important information. I’m new to the Breaking Bad family from VA

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