Border Guards Dump Out Life Saving Water

[tweet_dis2]Border Guards Dump Out Life Saving Water[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. Jachin Garay 5 months ago

    i love This show. It makes me angry at times because excellent points are made and its the sad injustice truth of my country. My country is a hollow shell of what its supposed to be. There is a surge in Militias thanks to the efforts of Veterans. Joining and fortifying them. Civilians and other Vets alike are being recruited to prepare for the day that My country our country must be taken back from our government that is a tyrant and does not stand by the people as it should. These Americans that join Militias are true Patriots. The US constitution must be enforced. when will America have a revolution it never had since the nation has been established. Its time for one.

  2. Conor Flynn 5 months ago

    Lot of alt right rats commenting on this video

  3. Sam Burns 5 months ago

    I couldn't disagree more with your opinion, Kyle.

    They are in no position to be entitled to healthcare and such because they know full well that they're crossing illegally.

  4. A Self Called L 5 months ago

    So according to the right wingers in this comment section, being alive is a crime punishable by death.
    You're all terrible people.

  5. SmithN' Wesson 5 months ago

    Liberal idealism…Hey lets tell everyone you can come here illegaly and well feed you give you shelter and health care cause it makes us feel good….Wow…..

  6. Devin Morris 5 months ago

    You wont die from a broken leg jesus man be realistic. And they wont pass out either. Theyre healthy enough to cross our f ing border cmon.

  7. Chase Compton 5 months ago

    The dudes that sign up to patrol the border are a special kind of fucked up. Wow.

  8. Dennzer1 5 months ago

    Why are the down-votes increasing on this channel?

  9. 0x1A3C3E7 5 months ago

    The type of people who become police officers are despicable, narcissistic jerks who want to dominate over everyone else. They don't care about what's right, they care about how many ways they are legally permitted to fuck you up.

  10. Colin Sherritt 5 months ago

    Fucking shameful. Absolutely sick, unfeeling bastards. I'd love to punch that heartless motherfucker.

  11. Baby Arrow 5 months ago

    I think a more intelligent border agent would use the food and water havens as bait. Dumping the water out proves inhumanity and stupidity.

  12. Jason Carpp 5 months ago

    Damn! What a waste of water! The water could've been used for the immigrants as they're deported back to Mexico.

  13. Daniel Mcleod 5 months ago

    illegal. case closed.

  14. J Doe 5 months ago

    Never in my life

  15. Classy Glassy 5 months ago

    You seem surprised that this is considered a reasonable thing by some people. Yeah, of course there are people who think that way. They run one of our two political parties. And to them, brown people aren’t people.

  16. Le Enderman 5 months ago

    Isn't the alternative simply to immigrate legally? A welfare state cannot function without borders. We care for our own. Our own contribute via taxes. Illegal immigrants do not. It's simple economics.

  17. EJ Rehn 5 months ago

    you don't get it tho. Conservatives don't connect with people because their human, they connect with people because of ideology. Being a human doesn't mean fuck to them

  18. John Wen 5 months ago

    I am totally with you on this one, Kyle, as I am with most of the issues you have mentioned in the past.

  19. TheRealXXDarknezz 5 months ago

    We have pretty much the same thing here in europe. Thousands of refugees drowning in the mediterranean sea every year… they are put into boats that are not even able to cross an ocean. And the people who pick them up with bigger boats and safe them are being sued and attacked all the time in europe.

  20. What the hell is wrong with people?!!!

  21. John Smith 5 months ago

    Drinkable water is a precious resource. Don't waste it.

  22. A P 5 months ago

    not only is it cruel, but what a waste of water to just spill it like that.

  23. Rugby person 5 months ago

    I agree with the boarder patrol doing this,stop illegal immigration, they're breaking the law and living off our hard worked tax dollars

  24. wingofshu 5 months ago

    screw it blow his head off, dicapate him and how his terrorist head to the world

  25. Tommy Casidy 5 months ago

    What the fuck you want them to do ? leave them some boretos.

  26. JAB of LEGENDS 5 months ago

    This is the equivalent of leaving free cars outside a bank, so the people doing an illegal act of robbing the bank can get away. I mean, it is a humanitarian issue, you wouldn’t want the burglars shot and killed by the police/security.

    Bullshit, if it was humanitarian, give the water to Mexico, set up an organization for that purpose of not having people die in the desert. The problem with that is that it is the equivalent to aiding and abating. Helping someone with a crime. TBH, I would rather have that water sent to South Africa, but since we are not in a prefect world, throw the water out.

  27. cosmosofinfinity 5 months ago

    2:58 And what's the harm in that, exactly? Your money was used to save a life, and they are working for cheaper than minimum wage, contributing labor to the economy.

  28. cosmosofinfinity 5 months ago

    Fuck these pieces of shit. Why not just take the water back with you, instead of waste it?

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