Charlie Kirk’s Argument Against Socialism is the DUMBEST Thing You’ll Hear, Ever

[tweet_dis2]Charlie Kirk’s Argument Against Socialism is the DUMBEST Thing You’ll Hear, Ever[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. Jonathan C. 2 weeks ago

    Venezuela crashed because of two reasons. 1- 96% of their economic output is petroleum. 2- The country is being run by a corrupt dictator. Colombia, the country next door, is doing fine. They also suffered during the oil crash, but their economy is much more diverse, so they easily toughed it out. The US has an even more diverse economy. There is no comparison.

  2. peter krug 2 weeks ago

    Republicans think anything slightly to the left of complete corporate and capitalist anarchy is communism.

  3. Aconitus 2 weeks ago

    I mean I wish the democrats were becoming the party of Karl Marx. He was a pretty wise humanist philosopher

  4. PM 3736 2 weeks ago

    they've been saying that For AGES why the Fuck should we give two Fucks on what they say about us

  5. Concerned Citizen 2 weeks ago

    Euh! Joy Ann Reid with Bernie in the same clip! shudders

  6. meymey Gonzalez 2 weeks ago

    i'd reccomend checking out the toilet paper usa subreddit

  7. Lynda Strait 2 weeks ago

    That was very well done. The radio host guy knew you had him.

  8. Ryne Green 2 weeks ago

    To the right, all of the facts, statistics, and common sense can be taken down with this one word: Venezuela

  9. Lots of people leave the US. They call them expats.

  10. Jayyy Zeee 2 weeks ago

    This was the best video I've seen on this topic! You destroyed Charlie Kirk's argument. The right is trying to characterize the majority's interest in making healthcare another government service to benefit citizens, not become the next Venezuela or some communist country.

  11. Jayyy Zeee 2 weeks ago

    "Venezuela" 2:33

  12. Leo Flores 2 weeks ago

    Lol. Good video

  13. the op kingdom 2 weeks ago

    Democrats aren't leftists. Democrats are slightly less right wing than Republicans, but they are center at BEST. Right-center is more correct.

  14. Dark Konoha 2 weeks ago

    What a hilariously fucking stupid thing to say

    Thanks, I needed a good laugh

  15. Labour 2 weeks ago

    Social Democrats are not Socialists. Democratic Socialists in America are basically Social Democrats.

  16. james jones 2 weeks ago

    so your argument is that we should replace capitalism and the republic with socialism? seeing how you are fiercely defending socialism as if it's the best thing since sliced bread.

  17. 712dal 2 weeks ago

    I WISH it was the party of Karl Marx…it would be a vast improvement

  18. Cathy Morrone 2 weeks ago

    People who can't even define socialism are unqualified to make an argument against or for it

  19. Jeff Mullen 2 weeks ago

    No, it's not ignorance, it's sadism. These dorks are just out to insult people–they're so interested in laying hate that they can't even bother to get their facts straight. That is why a show like this one, where one of these idiots gets debunked, is no use. It's not about facts, it's about hate. It's not about words, it's about public displays.

    That's why the only thing these complete, arrant dorks understand is when they are publicly punished, as severely as possible.

  20. Mark Gigiel 2 weeks ago

    These right wing so called news organizations are evil. They know they are lying and fomenting division and stupidity, but because they have a dumbed down audience and can make a profit, THEY DON"T CARE IF THEY DESTROY THIS COUNTRY.

  21. Mark Gigiel 2 weeks ago

    I wish the Democrats were becoming the party of Carl Marx. A lot of his ideas were very good. The uneducated masses are fooled as usual.

  22. OZ LaFave 2 weeks ago

    Hey Mike! Using Joy Reid in the context of "being logical and rational thinking individuals" is counter productive to your other op ed's. She is a sold out scumbag. Thanks =)

  23. george boole 2 weeks ago

    If you could invite him on your show and ask him where
    he got his ideas from…might be fun.

  24. Ronjamestrader 2 weeks ago

    Its raining jews

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