China Bans ‘Hip Hop Culture’ & Tattoos From TV

[tweet_dis2]China Bans ‘Hip Hop Culture’ & Tattoos From TV[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. gilbert rosa 5 months ago

    It isn’t hip hop culture per say degenerate, trashy etc , but the consumerist culture which is fused with mainstream hip hop today and promotes materialism , hedonism ( especially trap music and all that mumble bs ) tribalism ( like if said people don’t wear the tattoos , clothes , speak the slang then they ain’t cool , must be lamed -this is borrowed from mainstream culture )

  2. xele fonte 5 months ago

    As a black person, I actually have no problem with China banning mainstream Hip-Hop and tattoos since I hate both. Mainstream hip-hop should be banned from Earth and tattoos are incredibly trashy… it’s a perverted form of self-expression. You don’t have to put shitty tattoo parlor ink on yourself to express yourself. What China should be doing is promoting indie/underground Hip-Hop which a lot of it is really good. I think this ban is stupid and pointless especially coming from the capital of Oppression known as Communist China. But, I do hate tattoos and mainstream hip-hop, both of which are incredibly ratchet. China is just banning these things for the wrong reasons instead of the right ones.

  3. Dennis Shih 5 months ago

    There's nothing wrong with banning it, really. It's only 白左垃圾 (SJW trash) that will complain.

  4. CountBlacula 5 months ago

    I see a lot of people talking about hip-hop culture, but they may have that confused with generic pop music that they hear on the radio.

  5. Chao Dong 5 months ago

    China bans facebook but China has weixin, China bans google but China has baidu, China bans hiphop but we have our own pop music shit too. Guess what we also ban?NEOLIBERALISM. You think speech can't be banned since thoughts are free, I tell you that it can be banned, just as how speech can be manipulated, with lies dressed up as free speech. That is how with limited speech we end up with Xi, with free speech you end up with Trump.

  6. drmodestoesq 5 months ago

    "Don't express individuality." Try expressing individuality in a gang. They'll put a bullet in your head.

  7. Blackty 37 5 months ago

    Look at Kyle changing his profile pic

  8. Yolanda Cui 5 months ago

    “The best way to explain China? Get an idealistic and uninformed western person, give them some halfass translated news report by western media, and let their imagination run wild without actually knowing anything about China (let alone visiting or actually talking to any Chinese people), and watch them come up with a knee jerk paranoid reaction based on existing bias against "evil communism" and "social conform" filled with sensational words like "dystopia" and "Orwellian".” Said by feifei wang on quora,

  9. Sverion Ruzz 5 months ago

    Hip hop culture is ghetto culture. Its garbage. Fuck that bullshit.

  10. Hezbi Wahdat 5 months ago


  11. melodeath fan 5 months ago

    China occasionally lets heavy metal bands play in their country. Even if you don’t like a certain sub culture you shouldn’t ban it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they stop letting metal bands in altogether too.

  12. The Juice 5 months ago

    It's because they look at it as being American and they don't want their ppl having love for America cause they might be going to war with America

  13. Kimberly 5 months ago

    Sounds kind of like the Taliban in the Middle East. "Anything from Western culture is evil," "Issue fatwas on pop music and everything," etc.

  14. Benjamin Garner 5 months ago

    This isn’t gonna work, I have a Chinese exchange student with me at school for this week, him and all his friends are into hip hop, kpop, basketball, and that sort of cultural movement. The youth will eventually carry away this draconian regime.

  15. Coggernaut Gearsworth 5 months ago

    I want to send this to my friend in china

  16. D N 5 months ago

    Tattoos are gross.

  17. oppie47 5 months ago

    So no Chiggers allowed?

  18. Jackie Chun 5 months ago

    Kyle argues individuality except you’re not being your own person when you’re just trying to copy others, also the n-word is part of hip hop culture, so are you going to complain when a generation of Chinese uses that word freely or are you going to cherrypick what parts of the hip hop culture should be adopted

  19. Yan Li 5 months ago

    I think our government did the right things, those toxic backward trend must be purified. There’s some religious groups behaving like Mafia in China, we need to get rid of them too. Glad to see the western people complain about this, which means we did the right things.

  20. Kate 5 months ago

    One more reason China will rule the world. Their policies are smart. They want to keep China Chinese. More power to them.

  21. John Smith 5 months ago

    That reminds me. Porn is banned in China.

  22. Richard68434 5 months ago

    Yes. Tattoo and hip hop is tasteless.

  23. Bad End Happy 5 months ago

    Yeah, but China also defeated the US-backed Nationalist party and force them to Taiwan during the Chinese civil war.

  24. Peacock Jive 5 months ago

    Hip hop is the fast food of music… That's why it's popular across the world.

    And like fast food it has negative effects on the people who indulge in it.

    China is also particularly full of rude lowd degenerates… It's like you took the worst stereotypes of Americans and turned them up ten times over… So I can blame the government for wanting to stop the spread of degenerate behavior.

  25. GoSu MonSteR 5 months ago

    This comment section is turning decidedly right wing….

  26. TieFighter34 5 months ago

    Hip Hop is for dumb ass degenerates.

  27. Dave Von Saunder 5 months ago

    Look at all of the retarded SJWs in the comments whining about China being “racist” and ignorant, yet they make racist comments about the Chinese. How ironic!
    Although am I really surprised that hip-hop culture advocates are that stupid?

  28. stephen0793 5 months ago

    Whats with the bizarre pro-China comments?

  29. Chris Kennedy 5 months ago

    to piggy back off what a few have said there is a difference between hip hop and todays mainstream rap. Also its amazing how many racist and authoritarian government supporters there are in the comment section wait no it isn't

  30. J R 5 months ago

    This is where Kyle and I go complete opposite ways. I think this is great. Hip Hop culture has morally corrupted America’s youth.

  31. Yolanda Cui 5 months ago

    You made so many wrong assumptions in this video I can’t even list them all.

  32. Daniel Normand 5 months ago

    The Chinese sounds like the United States right now lol

  33. Jonathan Hiatt 5 months ago

    To be fare they didn't ban it when hip hop was good.

  34. Raphael Zhou 5 months ago

    Kile, u have no idea of the whole story…facepalm, it has nothing to do with the hip-pop.

  35. Tarl X 5 months ago

    Have you ever been around people in the entertainment industry? You could've just said, "Absolutely do not use actors."

  36. Omegazord 5 months ago

    A lot of fascist views in the comments…

  37. james beihl 5 months ago

    I mean mumble rap? ill take solar powered highways over mumble rap thanks.

  38. james beihl 5 months ago

    I mean a lot of hip hop is tasteless and vulgar. Some of its is good but really hip hop hasnt had a legitimate evolution or done anything profound since the mid 90s hey day of gangsta rap

  39. james beihl 5 months ago

    China is also installing a SOLAR POWERED INTERSTATE HIGHWAY SYSTEM that charges your car as you drive over it. I believe you might have broken that story actually. People say Communism doesnt work. On the contrary state controll of the command economies along with protectionist policy has allowed Chinas economy to grow 300 percent over the last 20 years or so. and beat the Capitalists at their own game. The sort of industrial mobilization we see in China today is simply not possible in a laissez fair system like the US. China has problems but dont throw the baby out with the bathwater. They will soon overtake the United States in living standads and job opportunities.

  40. Malik King 5 months ago

    Wow the level of racism and cultural ignorance coming from Kyle's community is surprising

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