China Is Now Buying Corrupt US Politicians | Kyle On TYT

[tweet_dis2]China Is Now Buying Corrupt US Politicians | Kyle On TYT[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. Chris Ziegler 4 months ago

    And this a surprise because?

  2. Jonathan Divi 4 months ago

    Oh that's nothing new they learned it from the Jews!!!!

  3. Kevin Rex 4 months ago

    Way to go Intercept

  4. red homeskillet 4 months ago

    I am not surprised. Russian oligarchs or Chinese oligarchs, same shit. The Koch brothers opened up this cancer with Citizens United. They're as anti-American as can be.

  5. etacas 4 months ago

    This is a shock to you, of course they do.  The world is crap but America is the best smelling crap from a distance.

  6. Will Parkinson 4 months ago

    Secular talk > TYT

  7. jevicci 4 months ago

    Since it's not in Kyle's video description…

  8. CrimmnCoffee 4 months ago

    God, I haven't felt this disappointed in our country since Trump was elected. Citizens United basically undermined the integrity of our entire political system by allowing international involvement because money.

  9. Wrong Turn 4 months ago

    Its weird not hearing Kyle yell and scream and hear his points in a relatively measured tone.

  10. Wrong Turn 4 months ago

    When will Americans understand that Russia and China are in bed together? They are coalescing and trying to

    1. Create chaos inside of the US so that US can remain confused and focus less on international affairs so they can take over it. This also has an added benefit to point out to US that dude, you have done the same to scores of countries so don't cry now when someone meddles in your elections.

    2. Trying to make petrodollar and hence the value of US dollar irrelevant. The petrodollar is what fuels the unlimited US military. Without the petrodollar, US cannot have 800 military bases around the world or more military budget than the next 5 countries combined. They know they can't take US head-on in a military combat as the US had rigged the game through petrodollar so they are trying to hack at the rigs

    3. They are actually building military bases o their own around the globe. Remember that OBOR project of China? It's not a silk road to trade condiments and spices. It's a militarization campaign. A campaign those South China sea islands that US lost its shit about were a very puny fractional part of. They (Russia and China) have also tried to set up undersea cables for internet that aren't accessible to the rest of the world, set p alternative banks and trading organisations such as BRICS and SCO and have even started to trade oil with EU countries such as Germany in their own currency instead of the petrodollar.

    Now you could say that's not gonna pan out but the Chinese play a long game and it has always worked out in the past and a China-dominated world is not one that anyone would want to live in. Wake up US!

  11. Sun Wukung 4 months ago

    Trump's saying nice things about China's new President-for-Life, going so far as wistfully musing, out loud to an audience, if the U.S. might one day have such an official tyrant's office. Do you think Putin is jealous, or do you think Putin and Xi Jinping tag team Trump. Maybe, they all get together in secret, and Putin and Xi spitroast him… President Orange Fingercuffs.

  12. David Amrod 4 months ago

    I do not see the web links for the vote or for wolfpack…?

  13. Sir Valiant 4 months ago

    40 million that WE know of. Never trust the official numbers.

  14. Aconitus 4 months ago

    US is a corporate oligarchy. Not ruled by a single country but by corporations all around the world lmao

  15. TheMystery Gamer 4 months ago

    China is also looking to buy pension-pinching Philip Green's Arcadia empire which consists of retail shops like Topshop. I can't believe this thief still has his knighthood. Wait, Tories are in government. Of course the corrupt will be protected. Just like Rupert Murdoch is being protected from the #LevesonInquiry

  16. Tap Banister 4 months ago

    I don't really like the left, but does anyone notice how TYT allows for diverse opinions? I don't think that's really talked about. That's pretty cool. Their priorities are all fucked, but that isn't really a rare trait on the left. The diversity in opinions being tolerated on their network IS rare on the internet, period.

  17. AzoreanProud 4 months ago

    Don't Sell Out Kyle!
    TYT is using you to get credibility back!
    Know your power…I think you already know and you're trying to correct TYT, but…be smart. TYT have already selled them self once, could do it again.

    Like anything that can affect mass population, it will be bought, interfered by the Big Bucks people. Like media is, Ocuppy wall street movement was, etc

  18. Omni Wings 4 months ago

    I see Kyle on TYT and I really hope he doesn't go the way of Dave Rubin but in the opposite direction…

  19. Please make this Kyle on TYT a regular thing.

  20. branden burks 4 months ago

    Oh God the Russian Hoax is BS!!! WTF do you keep pushing that bogus shit!?

  21. Benn Conner 4 months ago

    The US is literally being colonised by China and the Arabs. They are buying up American land and parts of the economy as well as sending tens of thousands of their people over every year. I didn’t even mention the massive invasion that’s currently coming from the South. If things don’t change the USA will not exist in about 30 years.

  22. NEO VETUS 4 months ago

    Kyle should back to his normal show.

  23. Eric Klein 4 months ago

    but but but… the russians lol

  24. The OG Dominic 4 months ago

    tyt has more tvs is their background than you kyle

  25. Dzooky P2P 4 months ago

    Saw this coming a mile away

  26. Thomas 4 months ago

    I got a chinese government propaganda ad on this

  27. Edward Geist 4 months ago

    Corporations interfered more, by far.

  28. Russell Farris 4 months ago

    But some Russian spent $50,000 creating memes for and against Hillary and Trump!

  29. Benito Camelo 4 months ago

    I just saw the poll
    Multinational corporations: 95%
    Russia: 5%

    Cenk got Bern'd
    "lot of views by the way"

  30. Slappy 4 months ago

    Well why not? The Saudis and Israelis have been doing it for decades.

  31. Chris Thornycroft 4 months ago

    Forget the corporations vs Russian meddling. How many times has AMERICA meddled in OTHER countries' elections? Damn, America is a hypocritical country. Wow. Even TYT is not immune and I like you guys. But get some perspective. At least no more Americans died than they would have otherwise under Trump (who is admittedly, horrible) compared to the senseless slaughter of innocents in other countries as a result of American meddling. This is not much different from racism. The lives of Americans apparently are worth more than the lives of everyone else to Americans. America has lost any humanity or logic that it ever had. This is gross.

  32. Anthony Tillman 4 months ago

    God help us

  33. Gina.


  34. tskjesusfreak 4 months ago

    Instead of trying to get money out of politics try some voluntayism! I'm becoming wealthier every day by consuming investment information and acting upon it, instead of politics.

  35. grinningchicken 4 months ago

    They disagree on the severity?

    Position A Kyle/Jimmy ~Russia did little to no effective interference was and worse than being a non-issue its used as a bludgeon all against independent media. Its also a distraction from the democrats cheating Bernie going along with Trump and clamoring for war and increased foreign interventions while letting them pretend to oppose Trump.

    Position B Cenk~Russia did serious interference it may have been one of the things that effected the elections it should be looked into and Trump is probably a Putin puppet. The dangerous fall out mentioned by Kyle and Jimmy is bad but not serious enough to stop pushing the Russia stuff.

    Postion C mainstream news~ There is nothing more important than Russian "hacking" elections flipping votes probably in collusion with Trump. Trump isn't the president unless he is killing Russians.

    Position. D conservative news~ Thank God the mainstream news is focusing on this nothing-burger it makes us look fair and balanced.

  36. sharigan84 4 months ago

    Support Small Seltzer!

  37. king doms 4 months ago

    Kyle is a powerhouse on tyt!

  38. Mirquella Santos 4 months ago

    Well Russia already owns the white house and the orange pedo so why not China owning the house. Nothing wrong with that…….

  39. mocki rangne 4 months ago

    "Cambridge Analytica" re interference in our elections.

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