Chuck Schumer Caves To Trump Supporting Dems Over Supreme Court

[tweet_dis2]Chuck Schumer Caves To Trump Supporting Dems Over Supreme Court[/tweet_dis2]

Chuck Schumer claims he’s doing everything to resist Trump, in reality he’s doing nothing, and could be doing much more.

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Photo Credit: “Rally at US Sen 0370 Senator Charles Schumer”, © 2017 Edward Kimmel, Flickr | CC-BY-SA

This article was originally posted on The Jimmy Dore Show

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  1. Robert Cerney 2 weeks ago

    I can't wait till Ruth Buzzi Ginsberg drops dead so Trump can fill another Supreme Court conservative appointment!!

  2. Robert Cerney 2 weeks ago

    Progressives = resistance. Why don't you assholes move to Venezuela or some other socialist hellhole!

  3. L Collins 2 weeks ago

    Corrupt corporate Democrats.

  4. Hammer 2 weeks ago

    Jeff Flake goes on holidays in some sort of objection to the judicial appointment. Then, Schumer makes it easier for the Republicans to go full steam ahead. What a dick.

  5. Jae Lynn 2 weeks ago

    The Dems don't want to win in midterms. I think they want Trump for 8 years. Brand new Congress.

  6. Jae Lynn 2 weeks ago

    If Dems ran on legal medical cannabis federally, they would wipeout the GOP. It would have a ripple effect in so many areas, mainly criminal justice.

  7. I hate the centrists.

  8. choosequick vanish 2 weeks ago

    deep state Schumer

  9. Working Class Gotham 2 weeks ago

    It's not called caving. It's called a reach around. Oh, and Jimmy the math your suggesting is wrong. In the event of a tie, the homo in the closet VP casts a vote.

  10. Craig Ellis 2 weeks ago

    Lol thanks Chuck! MAGA

  11. dee nixon 2 weeks ago

    The peasants dont give a shit… he supports legalalizing it!

  12. RadicalRalph Russo 2 weeks ago


  13. D Scully 2 weeks ago

    Um, he is leading.
    It takes a poorly educated person to believe that the goal of the Right is the same as the Left.

    Jimmy, right-wingers want to implement righting policies, even when they are in the Democratic Party.

  14. Decklin Mulqueen 2 weeks ago

    Chuck U Schumer

  15. brainsareus 2 weeks ago

    It's the cosumer affairs senator

  16. Justin DeSoucy 2 weeks ago

    this means every constitutional debate like free speech & freedom of the press, will be decided a right wing Supreme Court for DECADES to come. Because Supreme Court Justices are appointed for LIFE

  17. Kevin Canavan 2 weeks ago

    Don’t worry Jimmy. There’s more chance of the moon falling out of the sky than Trump getting any Supreme Court picks.

  18. ft55555 2 weeks ago

    "Centrist Democrats" sound like GOP plants to derail any progressive legislation.

  19. Toots RR1 2 weeks ago

    Chuck Schumer & the DNC will not cave in to Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Progressives as you know

  20. Kerry-Gail 2 weeks ago

    Knock, Knock Jimmy Dore 😀 ecretsay ooklayoutayorfayanayinvitatiodsnay

  21. Bill Girard 2 weeks ago

    Is there anyone who personifies a walking, talking limp dick better than Chuck Schumer?

  22. Al Nevsky 2 weeks ago

    This is because the Democrats and the Republicans both work for the same employer, and I'll give you a hint…It is not the American people.

  23. MrFoot1980 2 weeks ago

    #TheAssistance Perfect!!

  24. Jennifer Collins 2 weeks ago

    As long as they SEEM to be fighting on russia real or not…they think they can cave on everything else…russia is the hangnail they scream about while we are dying of untreated unacknowledged cancer…thats why we hate russiagate…people you must learn to walk and chew gum as you are fond of tellimg us you can do…

  25. Jennifer Collins 2 weeks ago

    This is why we hate russiagate…it is the only permissible subject for dems to appear that they oppose trump…then no one should notice their actual collusion with trump and republicrats on all things of substance…

  26. niginit 2 weeks ago

    Why would democrats care if progressives won't vote for them? They can always just win through the republican party. They know this. They did it in 2016.

    A progressive challenged them, so they used 'Plan B' and backed the republican. It's science.

  27. SeaRose 2 weeks ago

    The reason they aren’t forcing red state Dems to vote against Kavanaugh is because they care more about their electoral victories in the Senate than they care about ideology. West Virginian Democrats who would ever consider voting for Manchin are also likely to be supportive of Kavanaugh and would be pissed about him being blocked by Manchin.

  28. niginit 2 weeks ago

    When I was around 18 I was very disinterested in politics. I used to say regularly "Politics is pro wrestling. It's all fake. The rivalry, the fights, everything. It's all decided behind the scenes and the actors do their job".

    I guess I was exactly spot on.

  29. Irina Godunko 2 weeks ago

    Schumer is putz! Useless schmuck! People, just #WalkAway! It’t time!

  30. Dylan Harrison 2 weeks ago

    America isn't even 2 party anymore it's a single party system where the 2nd party is nothing but a fake opposition.

  31. MrShamus07 2 weeks ago

    Can't lead, or won't lead?

  32. Alexander Aggadi 2 weeks ago

    He may be the worst senate leader in history.

  33. Bev Alexander 2 weeks ago

    I can't believe that this video has an ad to support Kavanaugh before it!!!

  34. MrLandonweber 2 weeks ago

    I wonder if the resistance is up in arms over losing Chuckeee the Schummm losing the supreme court for us for the next 30 years+ ?

  35. fnikitathomas 2 weeks ago

    Schumer has ruined the Democratic leadership and proven that he's just a puppet, fortunately even he has to face re-election – A NYS resident

  36. latebluebird 2 weeks ago

    progressives suck!!. given a choice between A) starting or supporting their own party or B) complaining about another party that is clearly not for them, they choose "B" every time. what a bunch of do nothing crybabies. even when they protest, they always choose a protest in line with "B"

  37. Jacinta Mack 2 weeks ago

    Chucky didn’t cave, he IS a Trump supporting Dem

  38. cat terrell 2 weeks ago

    #theassistance! Omg! Reals, that's what we got!

  39. cat terrell 2 weeks ago

    We got "The exact opposite", yes Ron! So true!

  40. Shane Avery 2 weeks ago

    How can the people get Schumer and Pelosi to step down? Anyway, it doesn't matter. Let the Democratic Party fall apart.

  41. shelby hill 2 weeks ago

    Joe Manchin and Chuck Schumer both sit down to a breakfast of Satan's cock every morning

  42. Shawn Owen 2 weeks ago

    Is anyone the least bit surprised by this? We could make money on betting what side he will take on these issues.

  43. Rebecca Johnson 2 weeks ago

    Gee, why aren't I surprised? Nancy did the exact same thing when it came to giving GW Bush & Cheney a PASS for invading Iraq on a PACK OF LIES! I am not surprised at all! These bastards are ALL UNDERCOVER REPUBLICANS!

  44. Mangzorz 2 weeks ago

    Honestly, how can anyone expect a blue wave? It would be basically like voting for a republican… There's just no difference between the parties, they should just stop pretending and merge so they can fuck us over and pride themselves on being transparent with the public.

  45. Laura Powers 2 weeks ago

    As long as he gets the money he cares not what you so.

  46. Polly Farmacy 2 weeks ago

    Kavanaugh worked with Ken Star back in the 90s in the white water scandal….that may be a big reason. #WalkAway

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