Churchgoers Bless Their AR-15s

[tweet_dis2]Churchgoers Bless Their AR-15s[/tweet_dis2]

Hundreds of couples toting AR-15 rifles packed a Unification church in Pennsylvania on Wednesday (local time) to have their marriages blessed and their weapons celebrated as “rods of iron” that could have saved lives in a recent Florida school shooting.

Women dressed in white and men in dark suits gripped the guns, which they had been urged to bring unloaded to the church in the rural Pocono Mountains, about 160 kilometres north of Philadelphia…

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  1. John Plum 5 months ago

    – Will gun controls work? – OK let's say that someone has a motive to go down in history as the largest killer at a school shooting & go out in a blaze of glory or should I say stupidity like in the movies because he is mad at the world for letting him down – he does his research & finds that the best weapon for the task is an AR-15 but then finds out he can't get a hold of a AR-15 through local gun shops because they have been taken off the market because of gun controls – goes to the internet to see if he can find a black market seller – but that does not work as they will not ship it to him because of gun controls in the US – So he finds he will have to travel to another country that do not have gun controls to buy one but he only has enough to buy the gun & not the travelling expenses also – So will that stop him from doing it? – No he will still get one right! – Are you kidding you are so wrong about that of course it will stop him from doing it unless you give him one or point him to a black market seller that will! – Would it have stop Cruz from going down in history on his bloody Valentine's Day rampage killing 17 people? – Well guess what everything else was just basically ignored even though they knew he was a troubled teen & had many complains against him yet the only thing that was not ignored was the fact he was able to get a hold of a AR-15 & that is why it happen but tougher gun laws would of stop it from happening & that is what these kids are fighting for & everyone else that has any common sense! – But if the FBI had just done their jobs it would not of happen either right! – Again your own words condemn your own foolish way of thinking – why is it wrong to stop people from getting a whole of an AR-15 – a gun that was created to kill other people only – not for hunting or sport just for killing other people than the one doing the killing – most people who plan to take their own life do not use a AR-15 because one shot does the trick – but those who are angry at others not like them & the world wanting to take out as many people as they can to get revenge on the world that has let them down for not being the world they feel it should have been to them so they feel getting rid of this anger will help them can carry on in normal way – this is the kind of person who wants a AR-15 to use to their advantage! – A real hunter would know that an AR-15 would not be giving the animal they are hunting a fair chance & just shred the animal to pieces & destroy a lot of things around it! & a sportsman would know that an AR-15 would just shred the target to pieces as well! So that is what tougher guns laws would do prevent anyone from getting these AR-15 type of guns out of the public hands that where only meant for the military to use in wars & also make it harder for people who are planning to kill themselves or others they have a grievance with from getting a gun period! – But Statistically the AR-15 is a safe gun & you shouldn't stop smart gun owners from having them! – Tell me do you not think that all the people who kill themselves accidentally by guns thought the same way as you do – Tell that to the father of a 8-year-old boy who died after accidentally shooting himself in the head while firing an Uzi sub-machine gun under adult supervision at a gun fair while he look on – As well as to the 9 year old girl that accidentally killed her shooting instructor at a shooting range with the same gun in Arizona – I'm sure they told them the same thing that Statistically the Uzi sub-machine gun is a pretty safe gun when used in a right way! – But then the world is not a very safe place & there are people getting hurt & killed by cars – jogging – swimming etc. right – Why are you bring up things that do not make the same kind of comparison – Yes there are car accidents – jogging accidents – swimming accidents & I can go on & on too like what about bike accidents since I ride a bike & what about all those that have died from being electrocuted & I'm sure there are people who have died in their sleep so you better not go to sleep tonight! – But one thing that is completely different then all the things I just mentioned & guns & that is guns were created to kill! but nothing else I mention before guns was meant to kill in the mind of the creator when it was created – yet I'm sure that those who have created some of those things mention have now regrets they invented them knowing how many people have died from using them! Let's face it even Tobacco smoking was thought of as a healthy habit at one point in time but times change & it should be for the better not the worst – Because not only can God use what Satan meant for bad & turn it around for good but Satan can take what man has created & use it for evil! – because many times he is the one who puts it in the person's heart to created it in the first place because the bible says he is the god of this world & now works in the children of disobedience who think they are coming up with great ideas for mankind but in the long run they are doing more harm then good & that is why we need God's wisdom to over come this world of sin & death! – For we wrestle not against flesh & blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. – But then again guns are pure evil as they were created to kill & nothing else & Satan is the author of death & destruction which Jesus came to set us free from so this is why Satan has full control over these things & will cause more gun accidents & suicides & murders because that is what he intended them to be created for just that not target practice! It is the God of love that is trying to get you to put in good gun control laws for your own good so you will not have blood on your hands because you refuse to listen to that still small voice in the back of your head that says this is not good but evil but not Satan he's the one who wants you walk in fear & to love your guns & put them above God so God will look the other way when you take it out to kill the person you think is wanting to steal from you or kill you! Jesus said if someone takes your coat give him your shirt as well & what ever someone takes from you do not ask for it back! If someone hits you on one cheek turn the other cheek to him as well! Plus do unto others what you would want done unto you! – But I'm afraid that Satan has already done the damage he planned because it sounds to me that the people who already have these weapons of war would start a war to prevent anyone from taking these guns away from them! –

  2. john brown 5 months ago

    I wonder whether the AR15 spends the night between Mom and Dad?, ok I guess provided you don't leave one in the spout because in your sleep you just might pull the trigger and blow the bed head away, or, if facing down the other way someone might end up missing a few digits, which may lead to an expensive divorce if you are not the victim. Hmm need to think this one out.

  3. uncleanunicorn 5 months ago

    Cuckoo, cuckoo.

  4. rationalguy 5 months ago

    America. Land of the free and home of insane wingnuttery.

  5. DARTH DRACONIAN 5 months ago

    im with kyle dont ban guns control guns

  6. DARTH DRACONIAN 5 months ago

    what a bunch of cult mother fuckers

  7. Peter Molzer 5 months ago

    Tell me the difference btw that and fundamentalists in the middle east

  8. Anarchist Lizard 5 months ago

    If Muslims praised their AK's then that mosque would be burned and troops would be sent to that state

  9. Rollin Lachance 5 months ago

    Fuckin weirdos!!! Bible thumpin Pee Pee touching fuckin scum rockets!! Look at these idiots!! Complete retards!!

  10. Jeroen Kuijpers 5 months ago

    No more differences between Isis and certain christians. No Words can describe this perversion.

  11. Angela Gay 5 months ago

    Civilians can get tanks, if they have the money.
    I am a strong atheist, but I support these individuals, despite the ridiculousness of it, they have the right of religious freedom, right to bear arms without being infringed upon, and to defend themselves by any means they choose. If you want stricter gun laws because of gun related deaths and want to ban guns because of mass shootings, then why not ban automobiles, they've been used in numerous mass killings, let's ban cell phones while driving if under 21, being there are more teenager deaths from texting/cell phone distraction auto collisions then by firearms. Guns are inanimate objects that are not capable of firing on thier own, and just to test it out I put a handgun on my coffee table and sat on couch, I gave that firearm ample opportunity to shoot me, but it never did and never will because it is not capable of any behavior on it own. If guns are responsible for deaths, then, pencils are responsible for writing errors, cars are responsible for collisions, computers are responsible for hacking themselves, all you can eat buffets are responsible for individuals' obesity, or a hammer is responsible for missing the nail; its never the human who is using and directing the inanimate objects to be at fault for or held accountable for what they did with the object. Stop placing illogical blame on inanimate shit that can not be responsible for its actions that are enacted by a human being, and use logical reasoning to hold the human being who enacted the object accountable.

  12. David Shwe 5 months ago

    I literally hope a mass shooting will happen in that church

  13. David Shwe 5 months ago

    I am Christian and I know all these idiots will go to hell

  14. CJCryer Buzz 5 months ago

    This is some silly silly shit

  15. Bushtrail 5 months ago

    All those crazy people in one place. Blessing AR15s.. only in Murica..

  16. Alphonso Tate 5 months ago


  17. Anita Pepsi 5 months ago

    LOL protecting god's kingdom and fighting evil- wait til they shoot up abortion clinics or gay clubs to "fight evil"

  18. zepbigfoot bearcove 5 months ago

    Jesus would never shoot as AR 15. 223 is a sinners round. 308 M1A is the only righteous semi auto rifle .

  19. Bad Person 5 months ago

    Do you love your guns?

  20. Sage 5 months ago


  21. jfsfrnd 5 months ago

    Remember this scene from Planet of the Apes? lolol

  22. Carl Taylor 5 months ago

    Armed religious morons in churches in America. No surprise. Which other countries would you see this in? Ones where there is almost no education, very high illiteracy and religious fanaticism. This is an embarrassment – way beyond moronic.

  23. bigraviolees 5 months ago

    Pennsylvania is supposed to be north and sane. WTF? ? Quaker descendants?

  24. Zang Dar 5 months ago

    The reason why you dipshits in 'murica have so many gun death is that you sell those in fucking regular shops to anyone. Cause america is fucked up and too blind and stupid to see it.

  25. ultimor1183 5 months ago

    “You know?”

  26. LinkTheCoward 5 months ago

    Far Cry 5 irl

  27. Nuance6 5 months ago

    Wow fucking wow, as if metal would affect magic lmfaoooooooo. Human beings are absolute jokes , Republicans are forever scared of their own shadows and will forever use fear to justify everything.

  28. Dakota Haldeman 5 months ago

    Liberals always taking shit to the fucking extreme.. swear to god this man was dropped.

  29. Space Jesus Dogstar 5 months ago

    I don't think 99% of these people have even read the 2nd amendment. Both sides are completely fucking retarded. Space Jesus refuses to chill with democrats of republicans. If you buy into that game, you are just too dumb for SJ's time! No shit they are made for killing mass amounts of people, what else would you use a combat rifle for. The 2nd amendment was put in place primarily to defend against a tyrannical government… So yeah I need a big ass gun with a lot of ammo. As far as blessing it, most guns kill their owner, not other people, which in Space Jesus's opinion is a human right also.

  30. Capo Capo 5 months ago

    You dont need guns. Fucking simpleton pussies.

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