Conservative Journalist Almost Got Red Pilled by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

[tweet_dis2]Conservative Journalist Almost Got Red Pilled by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. Brandi Young 2 months ago

    So she would rather her kids get no healthcare at all? I don't get where her train of thought is at, but it seems like she's thinking that if her children are gravely injured or have an incurable illness, she would rather be stressed out paying for her childrens hospital bills, than being happy at the thought of her children being well insured. WTF?

  2. Guusfrijlink 2 months ago

    Yeah the government is screwing you over, so lets shrink the government down.

  3. M. job 2 months ago

    Too bad you guys keep swallowing that blue pill of ignorant bliss.

  4. dlsselle 2 months ago


  5. mrtheluckybucket 2 months ago

    You mean blue pilled? Red pilled would be conservatives/republicans.

    Jesus christ you people are dumb.
    You probably think its a matrix meme.

  6. DonQuixotedeKaw 2 months ago

    Why is it so hard to understand that people have been indoctrinated to be selective sociopaths?
    The cognitive engineering of manufactured consent is very powerful.
    In contrast;
    Why are such damaged people drawn to messages advocating actions of empathy?
    Because their consent to specific types of empathy and antipathy have been manufactured.
    Their psychosis is not natural, but created to be malicious and malevolent programming.
    The evil which runs amok today is programmed absences of awareness of FACTS.
    The dogma of the faith of Mammon, which the oligarchy promotes, is a malignant addiction.

  7. Sergio A 2 months ago

    Shine a light on the idea to shop for food by using an ID??

  8. Sergio A 2 months ago

    By the way , children are being molested in immagrant camps in Arizona!!!!!!!

  9. Sergio A 2 months ago

    What's next? Our kids don't deserve high school???

  10. Sergio A 2 months ago

    I see how easy that conservative bitch is so uneducated and brainwashed

  11. Abigail Brickler 2 months ago

    If you don’t believe that your children deserve healthcare and education, you shouldn’t be a parent.

  12. Abigail Brickler 2 months ago

    That article: When you have no idea how fucking stupid you sound…

  13. piano man 2 months ago

    Why doesn't America have great mass transit bullet trains nice roads and bridges, healthcare for all, good schools and paid college tuition like most of Europe instead of creating a population of indentured servants. Anybody that hates any kind of socialism like Trump and his band of cohorts should take a good look around and visit Denmark, Sweden or Scandinavia and learn from them. Sad that America has made words such as Marx, Marxism, socialism, communism propaganda scare words to inspire fear and anxiety such to the point that we just put away Marx deciding not to pay any attention to his works. Not to read it or think it. Professor Richard Wolff says "unfortunately that means we didn’t learn anything from it.” Upon reading this it is clear to me that society can do better and that our present system is failing. With over half the country at or near poverty. Many don’t even have $500 in their bank accounts in case of emergency. Inequality at the higher level since the gilded age at turn of the nineteenth century. Major industries in most cities gone. Factories closed. Unions gone. Powerless labor force Many cities near or in bankruptcy or in shambles. Little or no mass transit thanks to greed of the automobile industry which bought up streetcars routes amongst other. Low stagnant wages. A for profit healthcare industry such that Goldman Sachs openly stated that curing citizens might be bad for profits. Profits above all and life. This is capitalism which promised for liberty equality fraternity and democracy and all it is giving is poverty and misery. Yes maybe its great for a few but not for the majority of people doing most the labor. This is what unfettered capitalism and greed is doing ruining a country. I'm sorry USA is a war economy and any economy isn't good when half the population is at or near poverty. Great system isn’t it. We should look at alternatives. It’s time.

  14. The Amazing Spatterman 2 months ago

    Seems to me she did get red-pilled but the paper she works for expected her to write and speak about it like a conservative

  15. Teri Saccone 2 months ago

    She was “ uncomfortable “ because of her cognitive dissonance. She knows the truth but cannot betray her GOP brainwashing. It’s truly an illness.

  16. barrett wells 2 months ago

    "It seems so much effort to be angry all the time." You mean like the anger that sparks so many boycotts and product smashing??

  17. David Grider Jr. 2 months ago

    Ooo, wage slavery! That's a good term.

  18. David Schlessinger 2 months ago

    it shows how twisted and backwards the conservative message is, which has reached it's climax with Trump. A guy with no values, morals, just a despicable human being who inherited a lot of money

  19. FrakU2 2 months ago

    They are not trying to be "intellectually obtuse". They just are.

  20. Playster 2 months ago

    Cuckolding is when you enjoy someone fucking your sweetheart healthcare and beautiful education

  21. bones007able 2 months ago

    Conservatives care about the kids until they are out of the womb… after that they can fucking die because they have no living rights…especially the right to good health , education , or right to eat … they place the blame on the parents …

  22. William Dunn 2 months ago

    That journalist is able to have that opinion because deep down she has a slave mentality.

  23. Odd. People like Laci Green got red-pilled and became right wing.

  24. But Sam Harris, who has no problem with Dave Rubin courting white nationalists on his show on a regular basis, has pointed out that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an Islamist who can't be taken seriously, nor would it be responsible to elect someone like her since she doesn't understand the dangers of Islam because she's going to have a conversation with Linda Sarsour, a Muslim who considers herself a feminist but is also chatty with Louis Farrakhan, which in this case makes the entire political left irredeemable and responsible for the Islamization of Europe which he doesn't want to see happen here.

  25. Galo Guevara 2 months ago

    And….. And…. she was not harmed or threatened. AOC never said to the crowd that they should punch the outsider in the face. Although I would have certainly broken a bunch of "outsider" noses (I'm just militant like that – and our side needs more of that in order to have the teeth involved when it comes to fighting for our policies).

  26. Eyal Spitzer 2 months ago

    The argument "we're just asking the government to spend on us our own tax money" is flawed. The conservative response would simply be "so let's pay less taxes". Our argument should instead be "rich corporations are using public resources and infrustructure to gain legendary profits and are sitting on huge piles of money while everyone else is crushed. They obviously are not being taxed enough…"

  27. bettysman 2 months ago

    “Fuck you Mom.” That’s really convincing!

  28. jason deomes 2 months ago

    Narcissistic bitch. Shes an idiot.

  29. Erik Husoe 2 months ago

    She is right about America. we were not founded on healthcare/education rights and the right for a living wage. We were founded on literal slavery in the South and wage slavery in the North. We were founded on exploitation and imperialism. Yeah! MERICA!

  30. Baron von Quiply 2 months ago

    I tend to suspect that part of the plan is prevent services from helping regular people so that when another round of multi-trillion dollar corporate tax handouts comes around they can dredge out the talking point of "What do we pay taxes for anyway? Tax cuts! Tax Cuts!"

  31. Baron von Quiply 2 months ago

    "It was horrifying… grotesque… damn near… CIVILIZATION!"

  32. james jones 2 months ago

    america isnt the richest country on earth, not when we are 21 trillion dollars in debt

  33. james jones 2 months ago

    you're conflating socialism and evolution guy, when those 2 things have nothing in common

  34. Craig Harrison 2 months ago

    My experience is conservatives think their children deserve everything but your children dont

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