Conservative Woman Calls Out Trump At CPAC, Gets Booed | Kyle On TYT

[tweet_dis2]Conservative Woman Calls Out Trump At CPAC, Gets Booed | Kyle On TYT[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. BuddyStoked51 4 months ago

    Kyle on the main stage panel! He rocks, Id love to see him and Jimmy D both rant about a hot issue on there one day, that would be one heck of a show!

  2. Dee S 4 months ago

    lmao….nice product placement @3:39

  3. ShortyBLITZ umph 4 months ago

    oh's the Armenian Genocide deniers. Kyle I'm sorta disappointed with you…

  4. John Maverick 4 months ago

    It's equally true that Democrats will defend rapists like Bill clinton and scream about women's rights at Donald Trump. People like Kasparian are all the partisan hacks who rant about identity politics while professing it to the hilt are just scum. That's why I like Kyle, he puts truth above partisanship, he values his integrity more than "his" team.

  5. Escorpion Venenoso 4 months ago

    The GOP tax bill doesn’t raise taxes unless whoever is in power in 10 years decides to let them expire

    Trump didn’t “kill” an 8-year old girl in Yemen unless you think Obama “killed” a teenage boy there, which they did not. Unless FDR killed millions of Germans or Eisenhower killed millions of Koreans.

  6. Wrong Turn 4 months ago

    I respect Republicans who are reasonable (which today, are very very few). I mean, okay, You want to have disagreements about Trickle Down economics or pull away from globalisation or whatever, fine, I'll talk. However issues like sexual harassment and paedophilia shouldn't be up for debate or excuses. The problem is that the people claiming to be Republicans are not even Republicans any more. Many of these people have knowingly or unknowingly become sort of cultist. We need more people like this woman to speak out about sch issues. I support this action of hers.

  7. jekzinder16 4 months ago

    I don't need to pretend like it's not all republicans. I know people who vote republican, and I know that they don't stand with Trump, especially not on all of these issues. They also never would attend a CPAC event, because they know the con-game that Republican politicians are playing. And they know the con-game that Democratic politicians are playing. The only difference between you and the republicans I know, is that, you voted for corruption with a (D), and they voted for corruption with an (R) in 2016. And I know other conservatives that voted Gary Johnson. Just because I'm liberal, it doesn't mean I'm going to buy into your divisive, monster-bating bullshit, Cenk.

  8. jekzinder16 4 months ago

    CPAC attendees are not equivalent to all republican voters, or for that matter all trump voters. So no, you can't say all republicans are monsters.

  9. Sam Sheth 4 months ago

    that mug product place doe lol 3:39

  10. lazyassslothin 4 months ago

    Loving the ST and TYT joint videos

  11. Harry Gearhart 4 months ago

    Lets say the charges against Roy Moore aren't true. He is still a brain dead religious idiot!!!!!!!!!!! Get out of our politics!!!!!!

  12. more kyle. less cenk and ana.

  13. GWS 4 months ago

    "Credible" does not equal "She said it happened." Credible means there's evidence to back it up. There's never been a shred of evidence of any of those claims against Roy Moore.

    And yes, I am still behind Trump because he is repairing the mess Obama left us with and is doing a very good job. I won't vouch for his character, but I'll damn sure vouch for him doing a good job.

  14. A bowl of salad 4 months ago

    Kyle’s the one guy who actually takes notes and looks at the full deal.

  15. TonysTwistedTake 4 months ago

    this is what brainwashed nazis do. They boo and chant like a bunch of trained chimps for their team, right or wrong.

  16. IAMCOW HEARMEMOO 4 months ago

    Heaven forbid you say something negative about daddy trump in the presence of trumptards

  17. Chad B 4 months ago

    Attacking Trump on his character = weak sauce.
    The old conservative movement is dead, it serves no one. This is a good thing.
    The status quo is not worth protecting.
    Dangerous time for sure, but also exciting. 🙂
    My governor in Indiana, a Republican, has been enacting bold progressive policy.
    Free Medicare for the poor, free college, vast infrastructure works putting thousands back to work for a living wage.
    Even removed a regressive alcohol prohibition for carrying out spirits on Sunday.
    Not to mention we have a bill in the house for legal weed.
    This Republican party, at least in Indiana is progressive, this may be a sea change for the right?
    Maybe I am overly optimistic, but if it Republicans pass bills that help people, then Republicans get my vote.
    I will support policy over Character, every single time.

  18. Halfcentaur 4 months ago

    wait wait wait, I thought it was liberals who silence speech and scream at facts they don't like?

  19. Jeremy Jakob 4 months ago

    Did anyone else just skip anna and cenk to hear kyle speak?

  20. krash evens 4 months ago

    you resign from justice democrats over this guy instead of staying and helping the candidates. and look at that you are rubbing shoulders with him now even having them out talk you on your own channel or let you into the conversation on your youtube channel they should have let you run a segment. this is not secular talk

  21. SUPER ATHEIST 4 months ago

    I'm really not sure how i think about this whole thing i feel like …idk..and instinct i guess like something is coming something big……and its not going to be good for anyone .

  22. brentrich16 4 months ago

    Anyone notice Anna slide that mug into frame at 3:40?

  23. David Myers 4 months ago

    Conservatives have always been for party before country no matter what the cost or who it hurts, these people know no shame.

  24. Mprator 4 months ago

    She's a cuckquean.

  25. Ylber Ilazi 4 months ago

    Kylie, buddy, you don't fit in TYT. They're the crazy double standard libtards.

  26. Electrodude 4 months ago

    C stands for corrupt? 😀

  27. Michael Nyary 4 months ago

    Kyle, I love the show dude. Not sure how I feel about you on TYT. You are way sharper than the content that they put out. I hope you don't get watered down.

  28. Istvan Sipos 4 months ago

    Kyle why do you degrade yourself with this "I am f*ckiing better at you" what's her face? and just #dumpcenk or its time i need to dump you?

  29. Frank M 4 months ago

    A woman that is a republican is either very unintelligent or is paid to be one.

  30. TR0N 4 months ago

    lol eeeew tyt no thanks

  31. Rhys Davey 4 months ago

    CPAC is a Conservative safe space

  32. tony j 4 months ago

    Kyle Kulinski makes a point about the hypocrisy of the Republican party and inability to critique their own and was immediately put down because the context is feminism, yet both Cenk and Ana go on to expound on Kyle's point. Bizare.

  33. Love this Kyle on TYT vids.

  34. gooker 4 months ago

    trump bragged about his extramarital affairs? when?

  35. TollFree999 4 months ago

    I'm willing to bet she received death threats later on that day…..that's why they escorted her out….they know what type of bastards are in that party.

  36. PM 3736 4 months ago

    If your a republican and you have a vagina get back in the Fucking kitchen and Make Me a Sandwich since that is exactly where your party believes you should be and Only be. Republicans define Women not as people but as half-formed homunculi that act as incubators with too much lip. Thats what they say behind closed doors girls sorry to let out the lil secret

  37. Alex Aurelian 4 months ago

    I'm a Republican and I'm not.

  38. DahVoozel 4 months ago

    Hey, conservatives only want a free and open exchange of ideas.

  39. Johan Öberg 4 months ago

    I don't hate TYT like a lot of people but here I can see the reason why when Secular Talk, Jimmy Dore and Humanist Report exists, there's really no reason to watch TYT anymore. They're weak and boring in comparison.

  40. Volkor 4 months ago

    One more tyt video and I'll have to start donating to the NRA just to get rid Ana's annoying bitch voice from my head.

  41. Banadura 4 months ago

    I'll never get over the fact they named themselves "The Young Turks", disgusting.

  42. Realm of Madness 4 months ago

    It’s a shame Kyle has to be supported by TYT. He’s such a brilliant thinker and political speaker but TYT isn’t as apart from being named after the same political part that committed the Armenian genocide. (And Cenk denying the genocide to boot) they base all their opinions on their feelings which is the wrong way to go and make them look like whiny SJWs. Plus they don’t seem like friendly people (Ana).

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