Corporate Dems Join Republicans To Screw Americans & Serve Wall Street

[tweet_dis2]Corporate Dems Join Republicans To Screw Americans & Serve Wall Street[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. Midnight Rambler 4 months ago

    Ahhh let’s go progressive. Aka embrace Marxism. Haha fools

  2. anonymous 1000 4 months ago

    …and people wonder why many of us refused to vote for either candidate.

  3. Nesha Jennings 4 months ago

    Mike Crapo is actually an Idaho senator, and it's technically pronounced cray-po, but your pronunciation IS more true to character. Crapo, governor Bitch Otter, and Raul Labrador are quite the trio we've had here. Bitch is finally retiring, but that just means we may have governor Labrador next year, which is no better…

  4. Shawn McFly 4 months ago

    If it didn't effect the rest of the world, i wouldn't give a shit. But you Americans with your fucked up and corrupt systems are going to send us all back to the dark ages.

  5. TagusMan 4 months ago

    Speaking of Corporate Democrats…anyone ever notice that the term Corporate Democrat is NEVER uttered by Bill Maher on his show? It's as if it's politically incorrect to call dem Dems dat on dat show. Irony strikes again.

  6. Donna Aguilar 4 months ago

    You're an idiot and full of shit. Sen Frank explains EXACTLY what is going on with HIS bill.

  7. Delilah Ellison 4 months ago

    How could we expect anything but reckless unnecessary wars and sellouts from the party that nominated Clinton/Kaine?!?

  8. 1969Makaveli 4 months ago

    We are definitely gonna have a recession again and we`re all fucked. The rich people will not be affected by this at all.

  9. Justin Parker 4 months ago

    Kyle, Mike Crapo (Craa-po) is from Idaho unfortunately. While I hate that he's sponsoring this bill, please don't forgot my state exist and call us one of the many Midwest states again. Get people mad at the right state.

  10. Eric Price 4 months ago

    Paul Volcker is the man!! The last true working American economist.

  11. Truth Seeker 4 months ago

    I don't want to vote for Joe Donnelly, but it looks like it will be between him and a Repoblican.,_2018

  12. James Henry III 4 months ago

    Trump will win all 50 states if this the path the Dem Establishment wants to go down.

  13. Alex J. 4 months ago

    loving the setup

  14. mhamadac 4 months ago

    They are our pimps. selling us out like prostitutes

  15. PersephoneFleur 4 months ago

    It's fucking despicable.

  16. Sinny Seven 4 months ago

    Mike Crapo is from Idaho

  17. Chocolat Réglisse 4 months ago

    Please US progressives, do something ! We don't want another world crash ! We stand with you, good luck !

  18. Roach DoggJR 4 months ago

    Great timing. A couple of years before I can graduate from college and I I need find a decent job that could allow me to finally become independent. This shit is going to fuck me up.

  19. Brendan Beckett 4 months ago


    Stop hitting your elbow on the desk.

  20. Riley Tidmarsh 4 months ago

    His name's actually pronounced CRAY-poe, but no one actually calls him that here in Idaho.

  21. Lincoln Anglin 4 months ago

    Pick up a history book. The next thing that is going to happen will be a French Revolution style of a revolution. It won't be pretty.

  22. CJ Betcher 4 months ago

    Mike Crapo is actually from Idaho

  23. Stoic Park 4 months ago

    Money doesn't make you smart but it does give you power.

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