Death Penalty States Looking For New Ways To Kill People

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  1. William Brown 2 months ago

    What if I WANT to kill them?

  2. h7opolo 2 months ago

    1:19 totally skipped over the application of the electric chair, ah doy. Fentanyl is the logical death injection, ah doy. It's easy to tell that you haven't earned a college degree.

  3. Niobesnuppa 2 months ago

    For all the blood thirsty people in the comments section, it's worth noting that the only developed countries that still have the death penalty are the USA, Japan and Belarus, and Belarus is a dictatorship, so I'm not sure it really counts. I can't believe so many Americans still support such a medieval form of punishment. On so many issues it seems like the USA is still stuck in the 1940's.

  4. Marco Menicali 2 months ago

    Kyle, disappointed in you on this one. We eliminated the death penalty a long time ago in Europe. That’s because we listened to philosophers like Rousseau in the 18th century who said that the State does not give life, so it has no business in taking it away from people. I’ve always wondered why the USA is still stuck on this issue.
    Besides that, you claim to support human rights. Well, the very first article in the Declaration of Human Rights is the right to live. I don’t understand how you can look yourself in the mirror knowing to be violating the charter of human rights.

  5. docwonder hoffmann 2 months ago

    Put prisoners slated to die in a soundproof room and pipe in Tomi Lauren and Milo speaking. After all, these people committed heinous crimes and deserve no mercy.

  6. Artturi Laitakari 2 months ago

    They have stockpiled hard drugs, why not kill people with overdose?

  7. xr xr 2 months ago

    Just use the guillotine it was more effective less painful and more humane. lethal injection is the worse! if anyone has experience sleep paralysis should know how horrible it feels to be awake as bad shit is happening to you all around. the lethal injection should only be used on the worse criminals.

  8. David Seymore 2 months ago

    Who cares,, wheres your sympathy for victims..

  9. CDM_Enigma 2 months ago

    I don't get why they couldn't just use the same drugs used to euthanize pets. Nitrogen gas chambers are too expensive, and firing squads are messy and potentially painful. I would argue for ending the death penalty, but if it must exist, the current methods must be abandoned.

  10. David J 2 months ago

    A society should not punish people after what they deserve, we should rather punish people after what kind of society we want to be.

  11. Reuben Holland 2 months ago

    Dying from a fentanyl overdose sounds like a pretty awesome way to go out though, I mean just imagine getting high as fuck to the point where eventually you just pass out for good

  12. StarWarFan 2 months ago

    If there's going to be a death penalty, just gimme the goddamn firing squad and be done with it.

  13. BountyFlamor 2 months ago

    one day, the death penalty will evolve into Raichu.

  14. Rick S. 2 months ago

    I don't believe in the death penalty, but if I was certain beyond a reasonable doubt that someone murdered, molested or raped one of my loved ones, there's a strong likelihood that I would kill them. I just don't believe it should be legal. Whenever I say that many people have a hard time wrapping their heads around it. I'm only human. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, has a breaking point.

  15. samwiseshanti 2 months ago

    Does anyone know why they don't do firing squads? That would seem the logical thing to me.

    I don't want the death penalty btw, but if I did, that's what I'd go with.

  16. prallund feucht 2 months ago

    why not make it a business, after all, america is all about the money. you know, like in the movie "HOSTEL"
    just what america needs, i m sure there is a whole new deathporn industry about to blow up! ALT-RIGHT can pay to kill minorities, with the money, we fund more nazis. I m sure the saudis are already in on it, africa, southamerica & the silk road provide a steady supply of poor colored people who have to be killed for american & NATO interest (bloating up folks into obese palmfat and cornsyrup vessels for the merits of modern profit driven medicine), Capitalism, FASCISM, FEUDALISM and NARCOCOLONIALISM make it possible. We should have a rigged vote on it between two equally compliant candidates, after all, we are democratic and shit

  17. robert23456789 2 months ago

    ill help em out hanging free
    guiltine free
    shoot em in the head not quite free as shotgun shell's cost money but quick and painless
    get them eaten by lion its free and the lion get food as well

    see so many free ways to kill people

  18. Rabble Repository 2 months ago

    the death penalty is so civilised
    we do not have a kangaroo court are system of laws are not a joke

  19. RandomUncertainty 2 months ago

    Call me vindictive, but part of me wouldn't mind them bringing back stoning to death just for Dylann Roof.

  20. rockyea85 2 months ago

    Why don’t they use whatever it is they use for self assisted suicides or a lethal dose of morphine?

  21. resourcedragon 2 months ago

    So if the death penalty "cocktail" drugs are expiring, does that mean they are becoming unsafe?

  22. Erin Kathryn 2 months ago

    We should allow inmates to design their own Rube Goldberg Machines and we build it and execute them with it.

    Also, it's not murder if it's lawful. War example that you used presupposes that killing in war is self defense which is not always the case. If you put a bullet in somepony's head from a mile away, you really can't call that self defense, nor is it murder.

  23. prallund feucht 2 months ago

    how about death penalty for marihuana, you can kill millions doing so, that would be great business, i m sure the crematory and gas&oil lobbyists will be totally for that, work em to death in prison camps, sell their gold teeth, a good old fashioned nazi guillotine relieves you of your neck pain, or you can have a good shower, charge the taxpayer with all the costs you make up while laundering production merits into offshore tax havens….sell the fat to the petrochemical industry to fill bombs to kill more people. all for the profit, a number on a paper. and boom the left goes through the chimney.

    sounds like a plan? you re not the first idiot who thought of that, actually it has been done and the laundered money from it 72 years ago sure as shit found its way back into the trump campaign

    and never touch the heir of dupont who raped his daughter, was convicted and still walked. explanation: "too rich for jail"
    FASCISM 101

  24. Carp Etlick 2 months ago

    Shove a dynamite stick up their ass and light it with a flame thrower

  25. Forzainuu 2 months ago

    American executions is so cowardly and cruel, just use the guilotine has never failed and is completely painless.

  26. Aman B 2 months ago

    Or we can not allow the state the right to kill people and ban the death penalty.

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