Debbie Wasserman Schultz Colluding w/ Republicans To Cheat Progressive?

[tweet_dis2]Debbie Wasserman Schultz Colluding w/ Republicans To Cheat Progressive?[/tweet_dis2]

Tim Canova explains the corruption that took place in his race against Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Fortunately, there is an organization that can help.

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Photo Credit: “Debbie Wasserman Schultz”, © 2011 Gage Skidmore, Flickr | CC-BY-SA

This article was originally posted on The Jimmy Dore Show

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  1. Mud Rabbit 2 months ago

    I love Tim Canova!! I will be voting for him! And hopefully, we as a state, will get rid of Scott.

  2. bill hanna 2 months ago

    more Zionist (AIPAC) election fraud & they keep with the BS Russian crap.— 911TRUTH will drain the Zionist Washington swamp.

  3. J Lang 2 months ago

    They are all puppets for the global reserve bankers. BIS bank for international settlements pay both sides. The same with funding Hitler and churchill, Neapolitan every time. Trump is the first time these Rothschild's and Rockefeller run reserve bankers want war, want counties to borrow for defence and rebuilding after war when the people should have this interest money to the reserve banks while feeding their satanic communist child sex slave operations at all borders with the White helmets of NATO that they also own. Media too and the force feeding
    Top police run the child harvesting through the pig farm and lead the lower responding police to look other places than the pig farm that is used to funnel abductions for satinist Communist 33devree masons. All puppets of the reserve bankers paedophile child sex ring Clinton bush Obama facilitate for the reserve bankers. That own and sit on the board for the BIS, Bank for International Settlements. Theses bankers own media and our boarders where they separate children for sex traficing.
    They are all satinist stick g up for each other. It makes it obvious who they are. All como bankers are funding it.
    The top 25% of our population are satanist reserve bankers all above 33degree masons that trade in satan's arts and all stick to strict rituals and sick killings of innocent people setting up the pope from the order given the Jesuits that was invited to the latest bilderberger meeting to organise to set up the pope. This is all an organised diversion away from the Clinton paedophile child sex trafficking ring and the Jesuits that run this runing right now fooling the pope. Then they set the pope up the only one they could not get around. Pope Francis cut a few of the top Jesuits (Soros's friends) out of the church. So they have plotted revenge against the pope.. They want to put in the black pope who is the head of the Satanist. Just another arm of the BIS Bank for international settlements, reserve bankers, funding both sides to rise against each other. Peace is not given as an option under these satinist. All in the communist party runing the show and the other part that also does people trafficking. All their puppets are in top investigative positions.

  4. John Edgar 2 months ago

    this is the collusion that needs to be dealt with: you stinking democrats !

  5. rmarbertin8 2 months ago

    When police refuse to jail someone a judge has found guilty, isn't that when the local militia is supposed to step in?

  6. Rich Smith 2 months ago

    Are there any Greens in Florida, what is the story with Greens? Are there no third parties in the US. If that's the case, then politics in the US has already been relegated to the swamps. Which is going to kill the US first: Global Heating, nuclear war, socioeconomic collapse, or violent revolution?

  7. Orlando Olmo 2 months ago


  8. sailormanariel 2 months ago

    I had some respect for Debbie when she was going toe to toe with that West douchebag. But now it appears she is as big a douchebag as Allen West.

  9. Rebekka Hlín 2 months ago

    Tim Canova <3

  10. Donna M 2 months ago

    Time for the old timers Dem/Republicans to go.
    Had enough of them. They're really Republicans with a Democratic registration.
    Hello Alexandria good-bye
    old timers.
    A new day, a new wave.

  11. Peter Wexler 2 months ago

    Debbie's career needs to be DESTROYED!
    W h a t a C U N T!

  12. Craig Christophel 2 months ago

    just keep it simple… protect your vote… vote third party… win the election… take back our world.

  13. Beth Lamb 2 months ago

    Zero exit polls in Kentucky during the 2016 primary. Also, Kentucky was the only state Bernie asked for a recount on. SOS Alison Grimes (hrc’s pal) did the recount.
    Clinton 46.8%
    Sanders 46.3
    O'Malley 1.3
    Bernie would have won

  14. Mightymousy 2 months ago

    Please, the word colluding has been driven into the ground and broken off. Just stop.

  15. Joseph Regallis 2 months ago

    We get most of our news from ABC because where I live is kind of remote and ABC is the only main network we get. All they talk about is Russia, which I know is a joke since it only affected a small number of ads. On the other hand, Hillary was just about running the DNC and controlled most of the money. We know they rigged the primary and the news networks just look the other way. That's why I get the truth from YouTube!

  16. Ol Cornbred 2 months ago

    Holy jesus loose the dumbass lip ring.

  17. Chris Herrick 2 months ago

    Where is the source code for Democracy Counts applications? If the applications aren't written, where is the design documentation? I haven't been able to find it yet.

  18. eblasphamy1 2 months ago

    Paralell election is the answer!BE REAL REINSTATE GLASS SIEGEL,DODD FRANKS A JOKE!

  19. eblasphamy1 2 months ago

    45% or more of trump voters are libertarian constitutionalist n I'm w you on manyyyy things!

  20. warezone123 2 months ago

    Slowly but hopefully we are putting a dent in the machine

  21. warezone123 2 months ago

    Brother…Do you not know????There is no LAW for these psychos in the US.

  22. Crimson Wolf 2 months ago

    Ballot tampering in Venezuela and…. oops, that was FLORIDA!!!! Never mind. Bwaaahaahaa!

  23. Bernard Evan Natividad 2 months ago

    Democrats ballot tampering, imagine my shock. How about busing illegals to the precinct to votes? And why would you expect Republicans to help you? As they say "never interrupt your enemies when their making mistakes".

  24. Timothy Sullivan 2 months ago


  25. Marcus Conte 2 months ago

    Caught up with Tim Canova last night at his town hall at The Cherry Tree here in Brooklyn. If Tim wins in November we all win. He deserves our full attention.

  26. Documentaries 2 months ago

    "It's not the people who vote that count, it's the people who count the votes."

    Joseph Stalin

  27. Brosedale 2 months ago

    Fuck that stupid cunt Debbie

  28. SKY BRIDGE 2 months ago


  29. Brandin Shaeffer 2 months ago

    Dear Tim, PUT A PAYPAL OPTION on your donation page!! Whyyyy doesn't everyone have that option. I hate entering all my info in – it's just so much more convenient to use my paypal account. Or venmo or whatever…

  30. Cambria Wellness 2 months ago

    Whoo-hoo, this is progress! Also, Jimmy, interview Steve from The Real Progressives, or Tim, another great movement for economic logistics to get what we need from our government!

  31. GREG Torchia 2 months ago

    Hey Wasserman Schultz too bad you and Podesta couldn’t find some French doors with dueling door knobs

  32. GREG Torchia 2 months ago

    Die Wasserman Schultz we know you had podesta kill Seth rich

  33. Brierra Neff 2 months ago

    Sad that Florida is still screwed up! Smh #BernieWouldOfWon! #Tim2018!

  34. Steve Bergman 2 months ago

    She’s just another Zionist bitch!

  35. Fran Fresno 2 months ago

    This fucking loser is just on a fucking loop. Yeah she sucks. Yeah. It's 2018 you boring repetitive gobshite with no solutions or ideas of any kind.

  36. KELLI2L2 2 months ago

    If the corrupt Dems and RINO Repubs don't want Progressives that's interesting. Too bad the swamp is so hard to drain.

  37. the rooster 2 months ago


  38. Kathy S 2 months ago

    Ask Bernie, he had some millionaire businessman at one of his townhall's talking about medicare for all.

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