Dianne Feinstein Called Out For Opposing Medicare For All!

[tweet_dis2]Dianne Feinstein Called Out For Opposing Medicare For All![/tweet_dis2]

The time is long overdue for healthcare for every human being. Every day, 27 million Americans go without healthcare coverage, one incident away from financial ruin. The majority of the country wants Medicare-for-All. Senator Sanders suggests: “Right now, if we want to move away from a dysfunctional, wasteful, bureaucratic system into a rational health-care system that guarantees coverage to everyone in a cost-effective way, the only way to do it is Medicare for All.” Doctors agree. Nurses agree. Patients agree. What the majority of Americans want is to not have to decide between buying food and buying medicine.

But we won’t stop there. Healthcare includes the mental and emotional well-being of our people. Every person needs to be able to take care of their family with paid parental leave, sick leave, and vacation. Being able to take care of ourselves and our families makes for a healthy, safe society. Imagine…

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  1. Ian Muir 2 months ago

    The wealthiest nation in the world, when did that happen?

  2. Lookout Cam 2 months ago

    Medicare is not obama care.. wait till age 65 like others have.

  3. Shlomo Shekelberg 2 months ago

    If we install a single payer health system in America we'd not be saving as much in the long term as you think. It's asinine to think that changing the structure of the incentives won't change people's behavior. We already have an obesity epidemic and heart failure is our biggest cause of death. What happens when you remove the last vestiges of financial responsibility for personal health? The rate of preventable medical conditions won't stay the same. The numbers you're using need to be seriously adjusted.

  4. david gregory 2 months ago

    On the strength. Great message. You got it!

  5. Vaidas Šukaukas 2 months ago

    It did not start with Reagan. It started with Nixon two decades earlier. Also, another component missing were race relations, including riots. Vietnam war started and conducted by democratic party were also a factor.

  6. Mike Harms 2 months ago

    If we got rid of all the corporate Democrats and we can get a landslide and 2018 midterms do you think a lot of the billionaires will flee thinking that their heads will be on the chopping block next just a thought not asking you to bring the guillotine on to the mall in DC but we do need to strip the top 1% of some of their wealth and redistributed among the poor and working-class I didn't say strip all their wealth just some of their wealth have a great day

  7. itzel varela 2 months ago

    Look to me like USA is not as corrupt as other countries because here corruption is legal. You get to bribe politicians legally

  8. Sparkie Lyle 2 months ago

    & some if not a Few, of those Nam Vets that r still a rnd now. Can b Found liv'in in ur Slab & Tent Citys, springin up all ov AmeriKa. Go Ahead Trump give Another God-Damn Tax Break 2 the 1-10 %'ers, Wall Up the Ass St, & the Oligarchs AGAIN. So that we can all b'cum Poorer, cuz of U, yes U. Drumpf ! ! !

  9. Sparkie Lyle 2 months ago

    Rite the F On Dianne !

  10. David Powell 2 months ago

    I couldn't agree more, Feinstein getting elected in 2018 in California? It shouldn't happen – and if it does? To quote Kyle "we are fucked".

  11. Will Rogers 2 months ago

    Diane you have been in congress for a quarter of a century…. when are you going to die

  12. foulpotato 2 months ago

    Problem is it's tough to get rid of the clinton democrats without alienating their voters. This is what happened to gop in Virginia. Rubios Virginia primary voters did NOT vote for Trump. And trump voters did NOT vote for Gillespie. If u have mainly progressive voters then you will get dukakis mondale mcgovern results

  13. VERSA Conflux 2 months ago

    Cynthia Nixon from Sex in the City….?

  14. nole 89 2 months ago

    The perfect formula is progressive economic and trade policy coupled with conservative immigration policy. Why? We need to reduce the supply of labor while increasing the demand for labor. H-1b visas need to be killed with no green card option.

  15. steven bones 2 months ago

    reagon expanded the goverment more than any democrat

  16. Brandon Kaercher 2 months ago

    Hey Kyle what part of new York I live in Niagara falls NY

  17. Jason Vernoff 2 months ago

    The democrats are not with us, they see us as a threat to their power

  18. Frantick 2 months ago

    Saying that for-profit insurance companies are death panels is a brilliant way to look at it. Either way you're going to have people dying, but Republicans ran with the "They want to kill your grandma" angle. The Republican leadership is so disconnected from the people that they're great at manipulating us. They don't go with something because it's true, but because they feel it will get the desired outcome and people are dumb or inattentive/apathetic enough to not look into it and instead let their party ream them over economic issues because the Republican leadership pretends to care about social issues.

  19. Bozo1360 2 months ago

    Especially into the Obama era.

  20. Namoth 2 months ago

    Make the plan your plan…
    no matter how big the kings pile of gold is…..
    people are legion…they forgoten it…remember it take back your country for the people and yourself..cease being the bread basket for the most loathed coperate corupted industrial warmachine … in the world…russia or china might be dictatorships..but they dont pretend to be otherwise.

  21. Critical Defense 2 months ago

    What brain dead morons keep voting for these stupid corporate demoncraps?

  22. burgedoug 2 months ago

    Y O U S H O U L D R U N K Y L E!

  23. B-rizz 2 months ago

    Feinstein's a dusty old republitard cunt. Go git em Alison !!!!!!

  24. Migg C 2 months ago

    Come live in California Kyle.
    It's keeeoooowwww here!

  25. neko Warrior 2 months ago

    Goddamn-it i'm tired of not getting your notifications and you not showing up in my feed even though i have been subscribed and watching for years… Fucking youtube… -=-

  26. buddinganarchist 2 months ago

    Kyle, what's with the stereotypes.

  27. ThePanderson69 2 months ago

    Go Alison!

  28. Ricky Spanish 2 months ago

    Press 1 for English

  29. juancho420 2 months ago

    Just got a massive political boner after watching that ad. Donated to her campaign and I don’t even live in CA

  30. Danielle C 2 months ago

    Well there is one solution, Kyle. YOU could run for office in your district. Then you could vote for a progressive.

  31. Doppe1ganger 2 months ago

    I'm worried about rigged elections. And I'm not talking about 13 Russian twitter trolls. I'm talking about actual election rigging like we've seen against Bernie Sanders. Voter suppression, 6 hour voting lines, voting machines linked to the internet, no transparency on how the votes get counted. Things that would make alarm bells go off in a normal democracy. There have been so many discrepancies between polls and actual votes, any discrepancy more then 5% should be completely suspect, and we've seen differences of 12%, 13%. We're fighting against an establishment that will do anything to retain it's power.

  32. prallund feucht 2 months ago


  33. ameighable 2 months ago

    FDR was wrong. Socialism is right. Anti-capitalism is "right". I hate Justice Dems & won't vote for one in my district. We need to shut down the Dems, not keep them on life support.

  34. Craig Moran 2 months ago

    You Americans have the most powerful tools at your disposal to really make America great again your constitution and your free speech use them to remove the cancer from your politics instead of just living up and taking it in the ass

  35. polka 2 months ago

    Please don't do as if nothing changed with obama. He was one of the best presidents. His policies put us on the right track. A decade later you would have all the things you want.

    See even rosevelt did bad things and us was in very good shape at that time. It is easy to govern if your country is by far the largest economy on the planet. Us had to pump money into other countries to stop the inflation. But these times are over. Other countries catched up (which is good by the way).

    Do you believe it is better to stay true to your values and to achieve nothing or is it better to achieve something good by doing something bad. See this is the dilemna every president faces. It is easy to call someone bad from your chair far away from the responsability of governing.

    Also medicare for all is not the only way! The second best healthcare is a privat system just as ACA (switzerland). Both systems work and have their merits.

  36. robert o'dell 2 months ago

    Why don't you run. KYLE FOR CONGRESS

  37. Entropy 2 months ago

    Kyle run in your district! They always say how if no one's up for the task then you've gotta do it yourself. You're solid progressive and you've already got a following. Who else but you?

  38. iMaDeMoN2012 2 months ago

    Straight out of Fountain Valley, wat's up!

  39. Lightning 227 2 months ago

    Obama was center left by American standards not centrist.

  40. jeffry fernandez 2 months ago

    I'll vote for her in your name.

  41. Meanwhile in the UK absolutely every aspect of healthcare, treatment, medications, doctors time is free :D:D:D:D:D:D

  42. Interdimensional Steve 2 months ago

    You and the Rational National are really upping your narrative game lately. You're regularly giving these deeper takes on simple pieces of news. Awesome vid, keep it up. This is the kind of video that can actually reach right wingers. This is what makes you different from partisan idiots like shapiro and crowder.

  43. badbizza1 2 months ago

    Can you do a video on Cynthia Nixon I live in NYC and never heard of her

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