DNC Lawsuit Against WikiLeaks, Russia, & Trump Team is Hilariously Hypocritical

[tweet_dis2]DNC Lawsuit Against WikiLeaks, Russia, & Trump Team is Hilariously Hypocritical[/tweet_dis2]

The DNC filed a lawsuit against WikiLeaks, Russia, and the Trump campaign, alleging a grand conspiracy against them that cost them support (both politically and monetarily) and, ultimately, the 2016 election. Essentially, they claim they were victimized—and that the 2016 general election was rigged against them—because evidence about how they rigged the 2016 primary was released by WikiLeaks.


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  1. Abigail Brickler 5 months ago

    Anybody else think the following while Tom Perez was talking: “Motherfucker, you say ‘our democracy’ one more time, and so help me”?

  2. Abigail Brickler 5 months ago

    Notice how they aren’t suing the MSM for giving Trump millions of dollars in free coverage.

    Oh, wait that was the DNC’s Pied Piper strategy!

  3. TotEl 5 months ago

    How could you criticize this? Don't you know Russia might have ties to Russia?

  4. Jim Heiden 5 months ago

    Mister , Are You Absolutely SURE This Ain't THE TWILIGHT ZONE As The DemoCrook Party Sues Russia And That Feminist Celebrity , Susan Sarandon ?

  5. James Kane 5 months ago

    I'm not from America, but your politicians are a laughing stock!

  6. Erik Husoe 5 months ago


  7. Public Guy 5 months ago

    Listening to him is so nauseating. "They" hacked the DNC (vomiting) they just can't admit it was a leak and not hack. Accountability, that's so laughable, you mean like how in New York they purged 250k voters were held accountable and went to prison? Oh, right….

  8. Teremei 5 months ago

    I get fucking PISSED OFF when I see this hypocrite piece of shit say he fucking cares about democracy when he actively CHEATED Bernie and doing everything he can to fire all progressives and keep money way from progressives who are trying to seize power from all of his corrupt piece of shit friends.

  9. Andy Benevides 5 months ago

    DNC talking about OUR Democracy, what hypocrites…we don't have a real Democracy. You know where real Democracy starts…right in the workplace!

  10. Christian Barrett 5 months ago

    I love how a Clinton appointee is overseeing the case.

  11. JGJ2110 5 months ago




  12. Nal Deryoga 5 months ago

    "we have evidence" you have dementia…..

  13. Dyson Square 5 months ago

    Who knows? Despite its ridiculousness, their lawsuit may turn up events we didn't know before. Its results may add another ream on the stack of other evidence. Court proceedings are public so anything new will come out, rather than be hidden. I have my doubts but I'll be in the corner, sipping tea and watching with a hard side eye.

  14. HostileAndVOLatile 5 months ago

    Or they could give all that lawsuit money directly to people in need… directly helping people.

  15. Joshua Brown 5 months ago

    I'm worried about the 2018 elections too and how this is going to mean that u aren't connecting w ordinary people on issues that matter to them.

  16. Joshua Brown 5 months ago

    NO DNC! my opposition to u, any opposition to u whether it's from progressives or conservatives or libertarians, was/is issue-based

  17. Bad Cookies 5 months ago

    Damn that motherfucker straight to hell. I fucking HATE Tom Perez. They are as crooked as they come, and people still support them. I hate american politics. Stupid, selfish, stubborn assholes on both sides of the isle.

  18. Richard Asshole 5 months ago

    I agree with most of this. Certainly the DNC rigged the primary and thank you Julian! However, the Trump campaign colluded on some level with the Russians…THE EVIDENCE OF THAT IS AS REAL AS THE DNC BEING CAUGHT! I'm one of those crazy as fuck progressives who believes that the "nothing burger" is tasting better as the investigation continues. If you choose not to see the evidence in front of you than you're a fool. Again, the DNC is bullshit but there's too much evidence to look the other way. Fuck HC, I'm no fucking fan of that cunt. However, the Trump campaign wanted dirt on her and the meeting at Trump tower proves that. The fact that the orange baboon denies any knowledge of that meeting is Mueller's focus as well as money laundering, and a host of other goodies. I'm glad that the DNC was exposed and I believe the argument from my "humanist friend" here is that in an attempt to expose Trump, they exposed themselves with the help of Assange who helped the Trump campaign. That and the issue that the DNC are playing innocent even though they are guilty of fucking with our democracy as well.

  19. Nionivek 5 months ago

    Wait, they are going to make Whistle Blowing illegal!?! What the heck!?!

  20. Sebastian Snyder 5 months ago

    I've never in my life heard the word collusion till everyone started using it like fucking cocaine.

  21. Nionivek 5 months ago

    "There is no accountability for what the Russians did", Interference in elections is very typical of most countries and the reason it is often overlooked is because it ultimately does very little. In fact even THIS election the Russian hacking did very little to actually get Trump elected… The only reason people even pay mind to this idea is because people are under the idea that Trump couldn't have POSSIBLY have won UNLESS there was underhanded dealings. If this was Obama, Bush, Clinton, Hillary or anyone else it wouldn't have made the news.

  22. russbren bowles 5 months ago

    Off topic : We here in WV are still waiting to see ANY evidence of Any changes made here in WV to help w the Opiate epidemic …I've been "testing" the Hospitals & Legal systems …& I cannot find that anything has changed .
    So I'll start this as a call for Kelly Anne Conway to Resign immediately !
    There still are No beds for treatment beyond 5-7 days for detox. Hwvr there is an uptick in prosecution of addicts which I consider failure to govern & DA/prosecutorial discretion ; No Dr's charged, No New facilities accepting medicaid or medicare either …all 6 state hospitals Have No beds save they state if addicts can Pay 300 day in CASH
    Can you give us A update on what Kelly Anne Conway has done to help ….I support Bernies proposed Legislation to Criminalize Misleading & harmful Advertising etc to stop this at the source …Big Pharma !

  23. Game Drunks 5 months ago

    I can't believe I'm donating to Wikileaks today. Keith Ellison was the better choice.

  24. Vercusgames 5 months ago

    2016 election, "This is a Super Saiyan."
    2018 election, "This is an ascended Saiyan, or you can it a Super Saiyan 2."
    2020 election, "And this is to go beyond! RRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

  25. Ralph P. 5 months ago

    The DNC should be closed down for Un-American activities.

  26. Crystal Sanders 5 months ago

    Any opposing parties should be able to be granted a change of venue. It's not fair to argue this in front of a Judge appointed by Clintons.

  27. Crystal Sanders 5 months ago

    I have a copy of the complete lawsuit filing. It's 66 pages. It's easy to find with search engines. Anyone who needs to know how to get it lmk.

  28. Kipp Cummings 5 months ago

    The email thing never made sense to me. If they didn't have things to hide, then the emails getting leaked shouldn't have caused any problems. Stop doing shady shit and this wouldn't have ever been an issue.

  29. judith ferraris 5 months ago

    There's no accountability for what the DNC did so far. Federal forensic teams have determined that the emails could not have been hacked and were downloaded which is a leek. Poor Seth Rich is a hero who died for his country.

  30. judith ferraris 5 months ago

    The DNC is broke. They give any money they have to HRC. This lawsuit is an attempt at fundraising.

  31. Joe Smerksky 5 months ago

    Thank you Mr Figuerdo I appreciate every thing you do in bringing honesty and truth to the front line.

  32. David Anttila 5 months ago

    Someone tell the lawyer who will represent wiki leaks that it's Time to counter lawsuit the DNC for voter fraud.

  33. joey robinson 5 months ago

    Who they bullshitting!?

  34. truthcrusades 5 months ago

    The Democratic Party now is nothing more than an annoying right wing-Neocon party that keeps reminding us that we must go to war with 7 thousand plus nuclear-armed Russia because they lost the election. I have never seen a more psychotic parody of a political party in my life. They make Bush look sane.

  35. The Democratic establishment is taking a page from Machiavelli's "The Prince"; accuse your opponent of that which you yourself do.

  36. Dave La Violette 5 months ago

    The Democrats truly believe that they will just be voted into office in 2018 and 2020. They don't believe in a progressive policy because they side with the republicons.

  37. Gioan Thai 5 months ago

    Dnc is sooo corrupt and why would anyone follow them…..lol…..ohhh yeah democrats follow them

  38. Mr. Raleigh D. 5 months ago

    Take a shot every time Perez says democracy.

  39. celvester allison 5 months ago

    If they really cared about making sure elections were fair, they'd: number one, be calling for a hand counted paper ballot system, and number two, not rig the fucking election to begin with.

  40. celvester allison 5 months ago

    The ONLY collusion that's been PROVEN has been the collusion between DNC and Hillary Clinton to rig the primaries. They're the ones that haven't been held accountable. They're the ones that threaten our democracy.

  41. audrey zee 5 months ago

    Remember how Hillary and the Clintonistas said Trump and his supporters wouldn't accept the results of the election? What was that, 18 months ago?

  42. Hayley Longster 5 months ago

    ……Or, Hillary didn't campaign in the Rust Belt.

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