Documentary Tracks Rise Of Uncorrupted Insurgent Left-Wing Candidates!

[tweet_dis2]Documentary Tracks Rise Of Uncorrupted Insurgent Left-Wing Candidates![/tweet_dis2]

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  1. Sullen Sam 2 months ago

    Today and in the foreseeable future there are no good democrats. And very few good Republicans. The political class as we know it today is full of crooks on both sides. Communists, racists, mostly racist against white people today. Also a perverted tendency to defend perversion and defend non-citizens over citizens. This is a plan and everybody knows it. And it's a diabolical plan and everybody knows that too. Anybody who is into politics today has got to be insane to support either one of these parties. They both should be destroyed and real Americans rise up that follow the Constitution and go back to the olden days that really worked. Minus Jim Crow laws and other stuff that only takes common sense to correct. The good old days really were the good old days minus a few things. As I said those could easily be corrected. The power should return to the states and the federal government should only look after a few things like defense and such. The Federal Reserve should be eliminated, as should the communist plank income tax. Immigrants that can't pass background checks need to be sent back to where they came from. Left wing nut jobs and right wing nut jobs need to be shut down. Today, these people are full of themselves and hatred for their fellow man. And the lunatics on the left far outnumber the crazies on the right. One other thing all lawyers and judges should not be able to become a politician at any level. And anybody that loves lawyers on the Democrat or Republican side are traitors today the United States of America. If you like the Democrats you're a traitor and if you like the Republicans your traitor. We need to get back to politicians serving a term or two then getting the hell out. Instead we got stupid Millennial morons out here praising these bureaucrats like they're wonderful people who have their jobs for 20 30 40 years collecting taxpayer money, fuck off you fucking weirdos. And most the time these Millennials have been institutionalized in their thinking by their leftist communist professors in school. Just like most of the northeastern media and the Left Coast out there in California both those areas should be nuked immediately. Dead radicals is always an improvement Wherever You Are.

  2. Sandra Snow-Balvert 2 months ago

    hello can you see me?

  3. Slave2PaperWithInkOn 2 months ago

    'Where To Invade Next' ~~ Michael Moore's last documentary [did any Lefty news shows EVER cover it ?]

  4. Loving Abuse 2 months ago

    2:14 "We work harder in these races just cause were women where not rich white dudes in suits." What makes it more difficult that your a women? is it illegal? or just play victim.

  5. Proud globalist 2 months ago

    Fuck black Lives Matter and fuck isolationism establishment for life.

  6. Donosaur 2 months ago

    You guys have no idea how exciting American Politics is right now. So much change is happening. As a Canadian, its nice to see. Truly inspiring, and I hope that this positive vibe can seep up here. The trumpism came up here, but the progressive vibe hasn't made it yet.

  7. V Bear 2 months ago

    These people and others like them are fighting for their lives and the lives of every American. They are blessed.

  8. Zukka 88 2 months ago

    Charles Koch just wrote an op-ed in today's Washington Post ( saying that there is too much corporate influence in politics. Do not let this fool you. This is another injection of "compassionate conservatism" to try and stop the growing progressive movement in the country. He also used this tactic in an op-ed he wrote 2 years ago called Where Bernie Sanders and I Agree. Even Obama said at a rally that same year that the Koch Brothers should be applauded for their efforts on a Bipartisan prison reform bill and guess what happened, it never passed. They see the writing on the wall and are smart, though I don't use that term loosely when describing them, to pull this trick with a lot of time before the midterms. A win for Conor Lamb tomorrow would tell them that we are not fooled that this is not a flash in the pan, but a socioeconomic reset. #LambforPA18 #flipcongress

  9. Nunnles 2 months ago

    Alex really rubs me the wrong way. She's a kid with no history who doesn't really deserve to be showcased with these other women. She would be running for government no matter what the movement du jour was. She worked for freaking Ted Kennedy immediately out of school. This is a career politician pretending to be a regular person pushed to activism by injustice. I'm not saying she is evil or I wouldn't support her, but she's completely different from the other women in the doc. And I definitely am more cynical about her for those legit reasons.

  10. OmAr LiVeS 2 months ago

    I always say, kyle, that justice eventually wins. I always say blacks were slaves, women couldnt vote n now they can. History has a record of good prevailing.

  11. veel60 2 months ago

    Seems like decent candidates, already heard a lot of good about Swearengin

  12. hiddenliberty 2 months ago

    Kyle maybe you should try putting up tinted glass over your sign to fix your lighting

  13. Heavy Chevy 2 months ago

    Why does there always have to be an SJW angle to impede progress from actually decent political efforts

  14. John Smith 2 months ago

    I hope this ends up in theaters. Everyone in the country needs to see this.

  15. clayton wassil 2 months ago

    Im 17 and I plan on running for office (or at least getting involved with politics if can't go to law school) with this sort of uncorrupted agenda, but theres one thing that really separates my childhood from these candidates… I'm the son of a millionaire pfizer executive, live in a million dollar house in a gated community and roll up to school in a 2014 lexus. Nothing has opened my eyes to how the world works more than dealing with my dad. If you were to ask what he does for a living, he would say that he "makes vaccines more available to people in need" or some bullshit of that sort but when you have an insider's view of his life, you can see that his entire job is to keep refugees and developing nations from getting vaccines. on more than one occasion pfizer has bribed and/or threatened people who planned on writing articles exposing my dad to keep silent. Nearly everyone that shares my last name has worked in the pharma industry at one point or another. His entire side of the family gives off that narcissistic, self important, elitist vibe which you were talking about, and my grandparents used to live in a house that Ben fucking Roethlisberger considered buying when they moved out. I've seen the difference between my dad's robot-like parents who I see so little that they forget my name from time to time (trust me these people are too cold an calculating to have dementia) and my mom's parents who drove 10 hours every month to visit me wen I was younger, they were both teachers that live in a house which was built by their bare hands back in the 60's. Aside for the lexus, my father and his multi-millionaire elitist family have proven to be the greediest people I have ever had the misfortune of meeting, my dad has been nearly entirely absent from my life because he was constantly going on business trips and eating five star meals in Tuscany while I ate ramen noodles which I buy with my own money from working 25 hours a week at wendy's in buttfuck nowhere Pennsylvania. I can honestly write about how corrupt my dad is for days but I don't want to sound like more of a bitchy angst filled teen who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth than I already do.

  16. Blue .Barrymore 2 months ago

    the problem is not "white" people its people who are white.

  17. paul boone 2 months ago

    Everyone go contribute 5 bucks. It’s easy.

  18. Flynn Ryan 2 months ago

    I don't trust justice dems, they are obviously going to become more and more focused on identity politics, although I still think they are the best option

  19. Maria Schick 2 months ago

    The Regressive Left, political correctness, Identity politics, illegal aliens and the SJW will bring you Crazies down fast…..Sorry to bust your little world view bubble but life is about survival of the fittest … You either eat lunch or your on the menu get use to it.

  20. Libertarian Exodus 2 months ago

    Women's right to vote, desegregation and gay rights are libertarian issues. You have our support on wars, but the libertarian left is separated from us on Medicare for all, and it's a wash on campaign finance reform

  21. Vic Lowell 2 months ago


  22. TheWolfHowling 2 months ago

    If you pledge $25, you get a digital copy upon release. Pledged mine

  23. AvangionQ 2 months ago

    I just donated … hope I won't be the only one.

  24. Henry A. 2 months ago

    Paula Jean Swearengin needs all our support to defeat republican lite Joe Manchin.

  25. Mathew Pritchard 2 months ago

    "omg they better not turn into feminazi SJWs" dude…they're called JUSTICE democrats…they're literally fighting for justice in society like how is that not an SJW. people just can't see that because we don't fit the tumblr caricature that internet trolls have drawn and instead we're actually normal people.

  26. I-Love-CO Mountains 2 months ago

    Someone donated $300 to the Doc. and that's pretty fucking cool. Mad respect to whoever did that. I only have $3.87 in my account and am between jobs, or I'd contribute my last penny.

  27. MrPhilsterable 2 months ago

    Man… I really misread that title at first.

  28. Neal 2 months ago

    Why is Bush listening to Perez, that dude isn’t great.

  29. dood poop 2 months ago

    Ocasio is an Infidel… wait for it.

  30. Archeon Wanlorn 2 months ago

    Documentaries are nice after the fact. But right now i would donate to the candidates and let the other stuff come later

  31. - Slinger - 2 months ago

    I feel like they should be careful to not make this too much about them being women as to not alienate men. I wish there'd been a man in that group just to show that these people are fighting to make things better for men and women (though their policies already clearly reflect that). I'm just afraid that some people might see four women and write it all off as something just for women.

  32. Melpheos1er 2 months ago

    Let's try to see if republicans do the same thing and take over the corrupt, religious nutjob GOP

  33. John NoNameGibbon 2 months ago

    Both the left and the right are becoming less corporate as people hang around online more than ever.

  34. Rafael Pena 2 months ago

    It's beautiful to see all those women runnin'..It's justified..a true, honest fight against sexism, misogyny..& abuse of male patriarchy

  35. Brad Bourgeois 2 months ago

    I got chills! …and yes, they're multiplying.

  36. Carp Etlick 2 months ago

    Las Vegas

  37. ZarlanTheGreen 2 months ago

    "Now we have equal protection under the law"

    No you don't. You don't have anywhere NEAR equal protection under the law. You have it, on paper, but…

  38. Kailyssia Pym 2 months ago

    will you please keep us updated on this documentary?

  39. gooker 2 months ago

    i hate this tbh. it makes me wanna be fascist

  40. Matt Purvis 2 months ago

    This is fantastic! Getting the word out about our movement is HUGE! If the corporate media are not gonna talk about us (and they're not) then hopefully documentaries and social media will be a way to get a conversation started, and convince the American people we need money out of politics.

  41. Earl Jackson 2 months ago

    All left wingers are corrupt

  42. Gamesick2077 2 months ago

    Getting tired of the NRA ads

  43. jamie yello 2 months ago

    The closer something gets to perfection, the more it hurts when reality hits me. To counter an all-male political spectrum, they refuse to run a man.

    You lead by setting an example. The example they've set is hypocrisy.

    It makes me wonder if I'm sitting in the warmer waters of an ocean full of stupid. I know eventually they'll just turn into twisted versions of Conservatives, they're just preferable right now.

    That's the problem with people. You can't. Fix. Stupid.

  44. senko ukura 2 months ago

    Just out of curiosity, when anyone else thinks of Ted Cruz they hear Kyle's impersonation of him

    Kyle:" I'm Ted Cruz Meeeeeh"

  45. Kazeshini 2 months ago

    I dont wanna see stuff oozing out of ted cruz god damn i think im gonna be sick…. *Pukes

  46. Barry Nichols 2 months ago

    It needs to be on mainstream media. But I'm sure they won't allow it

  47. judith ferraris 2 months ago

    Kyle get rid of the Amazon link. It is an abomination

  48. Shock-Tech 2 months ago

    Is there a way for a Canadian to help Justice dems spread their message? I’d very much like to see our neighbor to the South become a better place

  49. Morge Zorge 2 months ago

    the left is going to turn the US into Venezuella

  50. gmalezdumb 2 months ago

    Kyle your anti gun irrational left ideas makes this 2 time Obama supporter, who supported Bernie back in 08 before it was cool and voted for him in 2016, want to vote Rebublican or Libertarian. I just cant take the "REEEEE" anymore.

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