Donald Trump Pardons Far-Right Convicted Criminal Dinesh D’Souza

[tweet_dis2]Donald Trump Pardons Far-Right Convicted Criminal Dinesh D’Souza[/tweet_dis2]

Thanks for tuning into The Benjamin Dixon Show! Today, Donald Trump pardoned Dinesh D’Souza who was convicted of election finance fraud. Trump is using …

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  1. Mario David 4 months ago

    This channel is BS. Haha!! Too many lies

  2. bigraviolees 4 months ago

    You can spot a propagandist  fool when they try &tell you the GOP today is made up of kindly anti racist  men who are connected to Lincoln & the emancipation. Find a  5 year old to tell U a name isn't eternal & republicans today are the Klan that dems were of Lincolns time. Dinesh is delusional and nowhere near as intelligent as an average 5 year old

  3. Revy 4 months ago

    D'Souza is merely a propagandist. Trump pardoned him so he can have another propagandist on his side. So much for law & order.

  4. René Moncayo 4 months ago

    Can’t wait for the time when anti muslim fascists from India come to Chile to preach to us about the virtues of Augusto Pinochet.

  5. Sam Vimes 4 months ago

    Yeah it's not like he was accused of Russian collusion which isn't a crime… But he was selectively targeted. He was politically targeted.

  6. Sam Vimes 4 months ago

    Dinesh D'Souza is a great person and I hope he runs for office!!!!

  7. laurems1 4 months ago

    Curtailing free speech b/c you don't like what is said, is saying that it is OK to curtail speech,,, not a precedent that should be set.

  8. Michael Boyd 4 months ago

    A lot these supporters of trump is bringing up Hillary in the comment section! They really don’t understand that Ben and a lot of his audience can’t stand Hillary!!

  9. Island Ninja 4 months ago

    People keep bringing up Hillary and Democrat corruption. Progressives hate Hillary and the democratic establishment. That’s why they keep losing. Because their base doesn’t vote for them. They want Hillary and the other corrupt Democrats in jail just as much as D’Souza, Trump and all the corrupt Republicans, which at the higher levels of government is basically all of them.

  10. Chris Pyves 4 months ago

    Dinesh just exposes the lies that politicians feed to their voters. He researches the historical facts rather than inventing a fairy story. Sometimes the truth is shocking.

  11. Hiola Lapeer 4 months ago

    Your credibility is very low if all you can do is make broad sweeping generalizations about D'Souza. Nearly 2 years later the assertions made in his movie "Hillary's America" have yet to be refuted or proven incorrect on a point by point basis just lazily dismissed as "untrue". He takes these same assertions to Colleges across the country and despite the many liberal students, parents, and staff knowing he is coming to speak not a one has prepared any point by point reasons as to what, if any, of his claims are not true. So Ben, put your money where you mouth is and refute the facts he puts forth in "Hillarys America" one by one. Can you do it? Or are you just a bloviating shill for the racist left?

  12. Chris Dunn 4 months ago

    Good on you Benjamin….. hypocritical petty hoodlums who will fuck the constitution to make a fast buck for their crook families…. tax cuts for the rich. When will liberals finally understand THERE IS NO RULE OF LAW FOR THESE ASSHOLES WHEN THEY'RE IN POWER OR WHEN THEY'RE NOT. and well done Sam Bee for telling it like it is. Funny how we snigger when Jim Jefferies says it, but a woman……!!!!!

  13. Carmine Parente 4 months ago


  14. HOBO RAIDERS 4 months ago

    This is an interesting story. I'm in favor of though campaign finance laws and what he did was wrong, but why does Dinesh get punished for it while corporations and global investing firms get away with this same shit?

  15. HOBO RAIDERS 4 months ago

    DINESH D'SOUZA! What the fuck? This story caught me off guard.

  16. Bryce Blackwell 4 months ago

    Smh my god

  17. TM3000 4 months ago

    Dinesh D'Souza is a Christian and he loves America. Targeted unfairly because he spoke out against Obama. Hillary had tens of millions put into her slush fund by Wall Street, Russia, and Saudi Arabia, but Dinesh gets a year in jail for $20,000?

    "Justice is come! " – Paladin

  18. Mr. Black Culture 4 months ago

    Devils in Brown and White uniforms.

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