Ed Schultz Confirms MSNBC Suppressed Coverage of Bernie Sanders’ 2016 Campaign

[tweet_dis2]Ed Schultz Confirms MSNBC Suppressed Coverage of Bernie Sanders’ 2016 Campaign[/tweet_dis2]

Former MSNBC host Ed Schultz recently spoke out about the network and confirmed what we knew all along: they tried to suppress information about Bernie Sanders’ campaign in 2016. Schultz also states that the president of MSNBC, Phil Griffin, “often” tried to dictate what hosts talked about. It’s a bombshell revelation that should—once and for all—discredit MSNBC as the supposed “liberal” news network.

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  1. justachannel 5 months ago

    Oh, well, Ed Schulz ended up going to work for a media outfit with a really good reputation: Russia Today. Pushing propaganda for Putin is a high journalistic calling.

  2. Terry Cihat 5 months ago

    I have something to say to you Ed !. We all knew the election was rigged when Bernie creamed Hillary in California and they made him give it up. In case you have not heard, the guy that writes your paycheck interfered in our elections. I have never heard you mention that.! It is true you were forced out at MSNBC much to many of our dismay.. Ed We wanted you to run for President. Then you sold out for a bigger airplane and maybe another fishing lodge. You had your own radio show you produced from home. A pretty cushy arrangement. But you went  for the money and you tow the company line and now you are one of them ,not one of us !

  3. JWil42 5 months ago

    The DNC is so evil. I hope that they fall apart. I do think they will lose a lot of money this summer when one sector of their donors—unions—will lose their ability to force public sector workers to pay up.

  4. Airbender 4 5 months ago

    You are absolutely right. Freedom of the press is one of the most important rights in this country. These people being "owned" by the corporations is one of the biggest problems in this country. It has to change, that's the deep government.(is that the right term?) I can't remember. I'm tired.

  5. AzureShadow42 5 months ago

    Schultz stopped working for MSNBC in 2015, this shit is 100% fake.

    He's also a Russian propagandist nowadays.

  6. Nancy Z 5 months ago

    Not to interrupt this Russian bot/alt right circlejerk you guys have here. But Schultz is lying. Not only did MSNBC cover Bernie's campaign launch on the day in question, it actually aired the interview Schultz taped on the next day.

    Also Schultz was fired in 2015, so how could he have been instructed to not cover Bernie in 2016?

    Schultz claimed he received a call from the MSNBC head on the day of Sanders’ campaign launch and was told they were not going to cover the event."It got rather contentious," Schultz said, adding he was then forced to cover something “totally meaningless."
    A review of MSNBC’s programming for that evening shows he covered fatal flooding in Texas and Oklahoma and the death of Freddy Gray, an unarmed African-American Baltimore man shot and killed by police, the Washington Free Beacon noted.

    When Sanders’ speech went live at around 5:30 p.m., “The Ed Show” covered it. MSNBC only cut away from Schultz at 6:00 p.m., when Al Sharpton’s since-canceled evening program was scheduled to begin. Sharpton went on to cover Sanders’ campaign launch.

  7. CircleTheSkies 5 months ago

    Ummm… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ed_Schultz#Broadcasting_career

    Ed Schultz wasn't working at MSNBC in 2016; he left them in summer of 2015 and started his next job at RT America in January of 2016.

    I feel like there are inaccuracies in this claim. Now, Sanders announced his campaign at the end of April in 2015, so it's possible that he was talking about something that occurred in May-July 2015… but I'd rather like to see some confirmation.

  8. Sideways N 5 months ago

    We're not voting for our presidents. Our George Orwellian future is already here.

  9. audrey zee 5 months ago

    I remember one of the things Sanders said he'd like to do would be to have a liberal counterpart to Fox News, and I thought, Well what about MSDNC?

    Bernie was right .. again.

  10. WCUK Radio 5 months ago

    Bernie or Bust 2020

  11. KJ Ritua 5 months ago

    this word needs to spread and expose not only MSNBC but to all mainstream medias. let's start with Fox

  12. 1969Makaveli 5 months ago

    If Bernie doesn`t run for President then Trump will win re-election.

  13. madarab37 5 months ago
  14. Crypto Music 5 months ago

    Any one involved in cryptocurrency sees a whole side of MSNBC than do others and it is all this obsurd. Great show

  15. northofyou33 5 months ago

    Shame on Al Franken.

  16. Ruth P 5 months ago

    and Donna Brazil's informing the Clinton campaign about questions she wasn't supposed to know about and then later coming out and telling that the DNC sabotaged the primary

  17. Pezzero 5 months ago

    MSNBC is controlled by Corporate America .

  18. Julia Lerner 5 months ago

    The bell icon is not working for me specifically on this video. On others it is working.

  19. Cenk Uygur, Ed Schultz, Phil Donahue, Melissa Harris-Perry, Alex Wagner, …

  20. Alex Ware 5 months ago

    This kind of stuff was exposed all throughout the WikiLeaks, Media collusion with the DNC

  21. I see I have been shadowbanned. Since I've never commented here, I hazard the guess that you are reacting to The Young Turks blacklist as I have been shadowbanned there for politely but forcefully expressing Leftist opinions there as I have always done elsewhere, even before I was the guy carrying the "Dick Nixon before He Dicks You" sign a long time ago. It this is the case, I'd only say be careful which company you keep and try not to blindly censor opinions–sort of like what Ed is saying here happened to him. I'd gladly give you the address you have sneakily banned if this were not so public a place. Good luck to you.

  22. Philip Angelo 5 months ago

    The establishment has a stranglehold on our society. Their propaganda is phenomenal. The Establishment had a real conundrum back in the sixties, as there was a rebellion against them and materialism, which was a basis of establishment beliefs. They finally realized if you can't beat them, join them. They co opted the rebellion by embracing its visuals. Advertising would stress an anti materialistic image as they pushed their materialism. They created Brands which stressed that by embracing the Brand, one was embracing anti materialism and stodgy establishment beliefs.. MSMBC is a perfect example. They push an image of thoughtful skepticism with their Hip hosts. They pretend to pursue the Truth when in reality they are nothing but propagandist pushing the establishment narrative. It's really effective, because as we see the bottom eighty per cent of our population being destroyed by the establishment, many of those same people are sucked into the propaganda, when all they have to do is take a hard look at their situation and the situation of their friends, relatives and communities. It's shocking the bottom eighty per cent haven't grabbed their pitch forks.

  23. maasicas 5 months ago

    Ahh.. when Cenk used to be an outsider and pretty much an actual progressive. Those days are gone.

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