Episode 602 | NFL Free Speech Hypocrites Like Ben Shapiro | @bwinbwin’s Ana…

[tweet_dis2]Episode 602 | NFL Free Speech Hypocrites Like Ben Shapiro | @bwinbwin’s Ana…[/tweet_dis2]

Source: https://www.spreaker.com/user/thebenjamindixonshow/episode-602-free-speech-hypocrites-like- Episode 602 | Ben Shapiro is a hypocrite on “free …

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  1. TheGuerillapatriot 4 months ago

    NFL kneeling is not free speech.

  2. Junie Moon 4 months ago

    Tammy Larenza? Who is Tammy Larenza?

  3. HakWilliams 4 months ago

    has Sam Harris weighed in on this?

  4. Mysty333 4 months ago

    Why does anyone think this is something new?! This is just another way to control and subvert women!

  5. Golden Warrior 4 months ago

    Sick of the free speech warriors claiming they are for free speech when they are truly not for it.

  6. laurems1 4 months ago

    the ""it's a private business, u have to do as they say,, give bodily fluids b/f getting hired,, can only say what the private business allows,, was started blatantly under Reagan/Bush – about 30 years now, n counting

  7. Wayne Maye 4 months ago

    Well, this is just another reason to boycott the NFL…… permanently at this point.

  8. Ghostrida100 100r 4 months ago

    Ben why do you keep saying this generation? Please! Point out that his audience is ALL white men.

  9. Morpheus Rising 4 months ago

    Shapiro doesn't know his facts. The NBA didn't change the rule until Chris Jackson (i forget how to spell his Muslim name) stopped standing and the rule change came about through collective bargaining which means player representatives also agreed to it. I am surprised the NFL didn't create the rule long ago though. For the record, Steve Nash is Canadian, why should be be expected to put his hand on his heart if he's respectful. His allegiances are to Canada, not the US

  10. 76rodderz 4 months ago

    Get this out there. The protesting players should put 1 leather glove on and put their fists up in the air loud and proud like the Moscow Olympics

  11. DangerousUrNot 4 months ago

    Is Ben Shapiro neutered? I can’t stand his voice. Thanks for the content Ben, I was waiting to hear your take on this.

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