FBI Chief: CHINA Our Biggest Threat

[tweet_dis2]FBI Chief: CHINA Our Biggest Threat[/tweet_dis2]

In a recent Lester Holt interview, the FBI reveals they’re on to their newest scapegoat, China.

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Photo Credit: “Le palais de l’Harmonie suprême (Cité interdite, Beijing)”, © 2001 Jean-Pierre Dalbéra, Flickr | CC-BY

This article was originally posted on The Jimmy Dore Show

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  1. warezone123 2 months ago

    where do these satanic vultures come from from where do they spawn .. they are not normal thinking people propaganda is their game death is their solutions

  2. QPower 2 months ago

    wall street, private offshore banks, john mccain, hillary clinton, barack obama, cia, military industrial complex etc.. are the biggest threat to america.

  3. obviously the guy is a promotional mouth piece for Lockheed Martin etc…….. & yet amerika & oztralia & China are about to play some joint war games & decimate test grounds in Northern Australia… wtf?… war games with "enemies"…

  4. Robert Fisch 2 months ago

    What makes the FBI think I have any faith in anything they say ?

  5. Pipebomb 2 months ago

    $700,000,000,000+ defense bill and that's just the pentagon's portion… but of course we need 14 battle carriers to fight off China's 1. Also 61% of dems voted yes, if I did my math correct.

  6. John W 2 months ago

    Preparing the ground for a new Chinese Exclusion Act?

  7. Isabel Tome 2 months ago

    My family had to leave everything behind in Mozambique
    The farm . House etc
    Today our farm is own by Chinese.
    Looking back at the communist plot. PIDE had ties with Cuba. Cuba with China.

  8. Mike D 2 months ago

    Ravishing Ronald !

  9. Mike D 2 months ago

    We don’t have time to panic about China , there’s still a whole lot of Russia hysteria left in the tank!

  10. sailormanariel 2 months ago

    I haven't gotten over my fear of Japan owning us. And that was from the 1990s.

  11. Elliot Hansen 2 months ago

    I wish that everyone in this comment section would realize that Trump supporters love capitalism but hate corporatism. We hate the war machine and Neo-Cons just as much as you populist liberals.

  12. E Leidal 2 months ago

    The USofA spent nearly 2 billion dollars daily last year on its military.

  13. Omar P 2 months ago

    Why is Jimmy shaming guys who didn't graduate from college? I'm not defending those shitty excuses of journalists, but a degree isn't a adequate measure of intelligence.

  14. Patricia MacLeod 2 months ago

    Our biggest threat is our own military. Why in hell are we spending 25% of our budget on weapons of war? Now would it be because it suits big banks to keep up the money triangle of lending to the government so the Pentagon can buy more war materiel that we have to use pointlessly murdering Yemenis and other random people so the equipment needs to be replaced? How degenerate. And China is reaping profits from our own idiotic military business model.

  15. Prime 2 months ago

    I thought russia was the biggest threat?

  16. Pink Puffin 2 months ago

    their economy is doing better because we outsourced all our jobs there.

  17. 田水漱月 2 months ago

    lol,CHINA only threaten America,but America threaten all the countries of the earth.

  18. warprat 2 months ago

    Thumbs down from me Jimmy. I work in the tech sector… China steals lots of intellectual property. Not just private companies here and there, but full on state sponsored espionage. Yep, just like the FBI guy said. Should the FBI be investigating Wall St.? You bet, but China should not be forgotten.

  19. Michael Gavin Johnston 2 months ago

    Do you ever watch "China Uncensored" (

    ? It is a great YouTube Channel precisely about Communist China. You should watch it. They are very sympatico with your views. However, they would certainly disagree with what you are saying here. The Chinese Communist Party is a threat, they certainly aren't a friend. Here are some links to China Uncensored:

  20. Harvey Schaapman 2 months ago

    Are you THREE BIRDBRAINS so stupid you don't know the difference between a "Financial Espionage" threat against US Companies (which is what he's talking about here), and your misrepresentation claiming he said we need to do something about China committing sabotage. He never used the word sabotage, YOU did.

    The three of you are so stupid and uninformed at times and have completely missed his point about what China is doing to ALL US companies. "THE THREAT" he's talking about is how China doesn't create any of their own technology, ..they JUST STEAL IT from us (US company technology, from genetic corn, to wind turbines). They take that stolen technology and reproduce it, as though they own the rights to this newly stolen technology. The Chinese are masters at stealing tech from around the world. They are professional thieves, ..WAKE-UP you dimwits, that the threat he's talking about.

  21. LackofAttack 2 months ago

    The red scare continues.

  22. nickvj030 2 months ago


  23. 梁浩 2 months ago

    China just wants to get a better standard of living, that's all. The average income of the Chinese is only 1/5 of that of the Americans. I do not understand what is wrong with striving for a better standard of living.

  24. yungdotbe 2 months ago

    The US' greatest enemy is itself.

  25. maasicas 2 months ago

    College just makes you more stupid and a better slave to the system.

  26. James O'Brien 2 months ago

    Let's be real China is doing everything we should be doing it's just politicians don't care.

  27. U U 2 months ago

    "China wants to be the sole economic power", damn, project much? China believes in multipolarity, actually. That's why it works with, not against, regional powers like Russia, Iran, Nigeria, Brazil, India, South Africa, and even America

  28. Stunami 2 months ago

    Our psychotic government is trying to start a WORLD WAR. We are the new Fascist State trying to remain dominant by inventing new ways to make more wars. World beware.

  29. Alexander Maher 2 months ago

    It’s definitely true about China but they have way too many invested interests in China that they will not do anything about it. China honestly just wants to be one step ahead of us. As an imperialist nation we are a threat not just as a competitor and as the heir to the throne they are preparing for that. Honestly this guys doing his job. It’s his job to be scared of these guys. Our actions aren’t doing us justice whatsoever. To beat China we must do our selves the favor of nursing our country back to health. What I don’t understand is how people can say they want to protect this country while neglecting it and even selling it out to its competitors for a quick buck.

  30. J. R. 2 months ago

    U.S. corporations and greedy investors are very much to blame. However, China does steal $BILLIONS in U.S. intellectual property – which also includes military technology. They manipulate their currency. They are the world's biggest counterfeiters – the world's biggest producer of fake goods. China has an official policy of exploiting trading partners for its advantage. MANY of their products are SUBSTANDARD, dangerous and toxic – products that contain lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, etc. I won't buy a dish made in China. In addition, they've had issues with food safety. Contaminated food products have ended up in U.S supermarkets. They often report "fake" economic data. They may not be our biggest threat, but they are cheating, manipulating,
    FREEDOM OPPRESSING, lying Communists.

  31. Jean-Luc La Rue 2 months ago

    I’m pretty sure Rachel Maddow graduated, she has something like 7 degrees if I recall correctly.

  32. Matthew Jamison 2 months ago

    The US is the worlds biggest threat

  33. william willie 2 months ago

    China is threating us, they just quit buying our garbage lol

  34. Old Time Hockey 2 months ago

    Left wing morons , neocons, Rhinos,Never Trumpers and libtards for 2 years having been wasting everyones time screaming about Russia while China literally takes over everything.

  35. Stoner Something 2 months ago

    No shit Sherlock

  36. Secular Progressive 2 months ago

    Just wait for CNN to transition from Russia warmongering to China

  37. Yul Hubbart 2 months ago

    China may be a threat: but the alphabet deep state agencies are the very biggest threat to America – and unfortunately I include our wonderful untouchables at the fbi.

  38. The Twisted13 2 months ago

    What happened to the old talking point of "communism has never worked anywhere"?

  39. Jimmy Incredible 2 months ago

    Somehow US foreign politics seems unable to accept that a country of 300mil people can not endlessly play a worldwide dominant role when there are others with 1200mil and 1300mil and at least one of them starts to angle itself in the same direction.
    If it could be accepted that the rest of the world will play a secondary role to asia in the long run, everyone could start to figure out what niches best to occupy… but the more the US (and to a certain extend EU) are in denial, the harder the crash landing into the realities of this and the next century are going to be – treating China like an enemy, trying to force the bigger player in a position he doesn't want to be in instead of aranging and finding agreements has the potential to make it infinately worse…

  40. Andrew McCorkell 2 months ago

    China, Russia Canada, Mexico, North Korea, Iran, Qatar, Japan, the EU, Venezuela, etc ………. Come on guys make up your mind which one is the biggest threat.

  41. Christopher Chung 2 months ago

    These concerns over China isn't anything new. This has been openly talked about in seriousness since before Obama was even in office and that's probably being modest. The Chinese have been targeting American buisnesses, intellectual properties, and technologies for a long time now.

    I don't think the Chinese would ever be interested into a armed conflict with the U.S. though — they know that would be a complete disaster for all involved, themselves more than anyone else. While I don't think we could make much progress on their mainland in such a war It would be a absolute disaster for them and they'd make us bleed for every drop even though neither country could ever win without using nukes (and even then, nobody wins). Such a war would make the Vietnam War look like a firecracker in comparison. They would fight the U.S. with economics if anything and that has been in the mindset of the Chinese government for quite some time. The playbook China goes by is to conceal their capabilities and bide their time to build themselves up to a point where they can deal with any threats that may come later. They would likely not respond with military force unless you were threatening them first (try pushing them out of the South China sea for example), otherwise it's in China's best interests to stay out of armed conflicts that are not necessary to their goals. What is China's goal though?

    Above all else China wants their borders secure and they want their neighbors to be stable and on good terms with them. We live in a connected world though and they are fully aware that economics transcends borders which is why they have invested so much interest into the South China Sea. If anyone wanted to threaten China, particularly their economy, the South China Sea is the quickest path to that. The South China Sea is destined to be Chinas ace in the hole. They know this, and they know that we know (which is why it's in the news so much).

    The biggest concern I have is that China has been preparing for a trade war with us for as long as I've been alive. They anticipated this from the U.S. and are prepared for it. Many of our own buisness are set up in China and our economies are practically joined at the hip so this isn't a situation in where your measures will only hurt Chinese companies, many of our own companies are in China! China is also one of the biggest countries our agriculture industry exports to so any tariffs placed on agricultural goods is likely going to hurt us in a very bad way (a lot of farmers are getting hurt bad already, many of which are mid-west republicans).

    If I were China I would dig in and make use of any prepared measures I had up my sleeve for this sort of situation and I'd hit the U.S. hard with tariffs that would make a lot of Trump voters and republicans beg for mercy (hoping that Trump would feel the pressure and cave, I know he's a narcisstic coward who talks more than he produces. His ego comes before his people. He lives in his own world and can't be reasoned with unless you make appeals to his vanity, and that's still very hit and miss). Since he's slapping tariffs on just about everyone I'd send negotiators and diplomats by the boatload to Canada, Mexico, Russia, India and the EU, and pull all available cards and resources that I have to incentivise them to loosen ties and comittments to the U.S. Do buisness with me instead and I'll ease your burdens in exchange and you can actually count on me instead of the increasingly erratic U.S. I'd highlight the U.S' hostile policys and encourage the world to take a break from their alliances with them. Capitalism, and especially globalism, needs one thing above all else: stability, because when things become unpredictable you start hemmoraging money and investments start to downsize and I believe China understands this as well.

    I'm American by the way… I figure someone may wonder. I'm a halfie (dad from Taiwan). I do pay very close attention to politics both nationally and internationally though. I study it as a hobby I guess you could say alongside history and military history/ strategy. From what I know this is my two cents on the current situation were faced with. Trump isn't exactly a welcoming variable for the Chinese, but I'm fairly certain that they have taken particular notice of the U.S. being in a very vulnerable position right now on the international stage and we are setting ourselves up in a very bad position economically and if I were them I would be moving all my peices into position right now and turn a small misfortune into a giant blessing by striking a crippling blow to both U.S. alliances with the rest of the world and to her economy. The sooner we acknowledge this and prevent it, the better, but I guess that is easier said than done, afterall… maybe this peptalk will help some people?

  42. Public Guy 2 months ago

    The reason China's economy is stronger is because they actually produce shit instead of buying it from everywhere else, and also, they exploit their workers even worse than we do. I know our minimum wage is awful, but in Chine they make like 2-3 $/hr, but the factories provide prison like housing for their employees.

  43. 737tech 2 months ago

    Its BIG money to have a fake enemy…..

  44. Will R.C. 2 months ago

    China has a 50 year plan.
    USA has a 5 year plan.
    Who do you think is going to win???
    China is thrilled that we are involved in so many countries, because our forces are spread too thin.
    No commander has won a war with more than 2 fronts. Are in 120 countries,14000 ate in Korea alone. There are 4-5000 Aus Troops in Syria as we support terrorists-aka White Helmets, AlNusra, Army of Islam, AlQueda, etc… When we pull out of these countries the US will not be remembered as those who acted with integrity. Just like what happened before in Iraq and Afganistan. We, regrettably, will be the ones who ran.
    Do some research, we are fair weather friends around the globe.
    But I digress, without the full force of our military against China- so long as Nukes are not uses- qe cannot defeat them. They have about 1 million soldiers. We have 500k. We have great weapons. Theirs are getting better.
    We have little to no manufacturing.
    China is the manufacturer for the world, at this time.
    In WW2. We were the manufacturer of almost everything used in the USA. Time to bring it all home

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