FBI Never Inspected DNC Server – Seriously!

[tweet_dis2]FBI Never Inspected DNC Server – Seriously![/tweet_dis2]

Despite recent claims by the media, and despite the fact Trump is parroting the same claims, the DNC servers were never inspected by the FBI and Crowdstrike’s involvement is still suspect.

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Photo Credit: “server room”, © 2010 reynermedia, Flickr | CC-BY

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  1. mrcurtin1 2 months ago

    Do you guys genuinely not know what a Server image is? Seriously – google 'Server Image'. Just to clarify. A server image is a snapshot of everything on a server at a particular time…everything. And if they handed over multiple server images at different times it is FAR FAR more valuable information than giving access to the server in its current state – which would have been changed or altered. It is spelled out pretty clearly in the paragraph you highlighted in the video – it just seems you didn't understand it.

  2. Mark Gray 2 months ago

    The NSA has the information, don't worry people.

  3. Emu 2 months ago

    What about the argument posited in the washpost arguing that the fbi don’t need to see the servers? (My dad is still being brainwashed.)

  4. Raydrick Davis 2 months ago

    Did Jimmy drop the mic at the end of the video or what? Brilliant vid and excellent finish

  5. thejobloshow 2 months ago

    What a load of bullshit. A server is just a hard driver.

  6. audi presley 2 months ago

    File under: "Duh!"

  7. mr1fed 2 months ago

    Seriously?? It's Seth Rich. Journalism is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Rich Cook 2 months ago

    This is not a bullshit paragraph. As a computing professional, it makes sense to me. Removing the machine from its network and handing it to the FBI does not actually give as much info as a hard drive + memory snapshot of a plugged in machine, although I'm not clear that memory snapshots were also provided. It seems like at least Steph doesn't understand what an "image" is. It's a bit by bit copy of the hard drive. Instagram does not apply. It's not a picture. It's a total copy.
    I do agree that the FBI could have made that image just as easily and I'm not sure why this "independent" company is involved at all, that's suspicious.

  9. Ricardo Carranza 2 months ago


  10. becky Sawyer 2 months ago

    Crooked fbi

  11. John Biss 2 months ago

    Nevermind,he still thinking Trump is the problem

  12. John Biss 2 months ago

    Want news Jimmy, get on 8 chan

  13. John Biss 2 months ago

    Can't believe Jimmy is finally getting it

  14. Michael Duffy 2 months ago

    Why not the image AND the server?

  15. John Rogers 2 months ago

    Jimmy is literally the only liberal i like.

  16. tom burton 2 months ago

    Grandma believed this paragraph Jimmy. Of course she's 102 and is still trying to figure out a rotary phone.

  17. Alex Shkirenko 2 months ago

    Jimmy, when they talk about "sharing images" they aren't talking about photos. An "image" is another name for a clone or copy of a computer or server. (If you want, feel free to email me and I will explain it to you in more detail.)

  18. Neto Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Did this guy branch off??? Or created his own channel (parted ways)???

  19. Neto Rodriguez 2 months ago

    And this same FBI want the American people to believe them when they say Russia “colluded” or “hacked” or “interfered “ with the election. Such bullshit.

  20. Cameron Williams 2 months ago

    Yeah, because they took an image of the server, cloning all of it's data, you imbecilic fake progressive. There's no need to physically inspect the hardware.

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