FBI Spied On Trump With Former CIA Criminal

[tweet_dis2]FBI Spied On Trump With Former CIA Criminal[/tweet_dis2]

Glenn Greenwald helps unpack the Intelligence Agencies spying on the Trump campaign BEFORE RussiaGate.

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Photo Credit: “Donald Trump”, © 2016 Gage Skidmore, Flickr | CC-BY-SA

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  1. The Jimmy Dore Show 5 months ago

    Next LIVE Show July 1 Portland Or.– July 15 Chicago Il.– July 27 Burbank Ca. Tickets Here:http://bit.ly/2hFl95h

  2. Charley Hankins 5 months ago
  3. horacpinker 5 months ago

    As a Trump supporter i must admit that you trying fix the democratic party…but they are so messy right now. And their dividing tactics is pure sickening.

  4. bugsz1 5 months ago

    "Potentially illegal", so NOT illegal. Word soup idiots.

  5. John Doe 5 months ago

    Jimmy Dore is a courageous lion. Watch your back or they'll "Seth Rich" you.

  6. Lord Sango 5 months ago

    We are seeing domestic collusion and election meddling getting exposed everyday. They are using a foreign collusion narrative and probe in order to cover it all up. the Mueller probe is doing exactly that. Its abuse of power and corruption right before our eyes. main-stream news has absolutely no curiosity or research about it except for jimmy dore of course and fox news.

  7. Nicholas Baum 5 months ago

    Jimmy, I hate your politics and I hate upvoting your posts…. but here we are. I am upvoting you again.

  8. reginol invincent 5 months ago

    nice try mi6 ,you did better with lincoln surrat, mary hung ,john fled to britain ,then the vatican .he got a speacial mass a trodeum for his speacial op for brits rothcild hitjob on lincoln surrat worked for brit intel who supported civil war. how do you like that mi6 you are at it again.

  9. reginol invincent 5 months ago

    sessions mole gets the team together who are fbi spys,gets better gets to be attorny general he and rosienstien set trump up to fire comey so they can investigate to then impeach nice try rothchilds.

  10. Ryan Forprez 5 months ago

    Comey and Clapper aren't liars – they are MISinformants.

  11. TigerMeadows 5 months ago

    I'm not a friend of the FBI, they've done all kinds of things like torture folks but…is Jimmy pro-Trump now? For real?

  12. King Elvis 5 months ago

    FUCKING BUSH! I remember that and it was all swept under the rug. GWBush was also in on JFK – then Bushjr on 9-11. They are the goddamned root of all evil. It was Bush who visited the Iranians iirc. Remember Hinckley Jr, the would be assassin was Bush's neighbor on Kennebunkeport. Bush family started the gangsterism that has come to define us as a nation.

  13. Fred 5 months ago

    The reason they outed Halper is to protect the other spies whose names are still unknown. In my opinion Nellie Ohr and Halper and John Brennan were working together.

    Nellie Ohr should be questioned about her communications with others, including whether or not she used technology to keep the communications secure.

  14. … how dirty could trump be… with him endangering the system ie deep state… i am not sure that he is… could you explain to me how trump is dirty… not just another “russian collusian” type of narrative… i think if they had anything with the irs up his ass.,, electronic surveillance… a spy in his campaign… an informant is someone who is already there and decides to feed information to the feds in exchange for protection of sorts… a spy is planted… ie donny brasco…

  15. TheChronikfunk 5 months ago

    Can you tell the guy in the middle that the Eye of a needle is a mountainous pass and not an actual needle.

  16. Brian Wolle 5 months ago

    jimmy, dont be travelling around. they took out kennedy, our president -dont you know theyd go after a jag-off comedian without a second thought.

  17. RAP Perkins 5 months ago

    "1984" People who are aware, like us, are proles. Let's make sure the "deep state" at least labels us correctly.
    "1984" People like "us" are "proles". We are aware. Let's make sure the "deep-state" gets that right. Big difference between conspiracy theorists and "awarests".

  18. python 252632 5 months ago

    Man they need to make a South Park episode were the real villian's are the FBI. An the gang reconciles with Mr Garrison. They could say, Mr Garrison you aren't an asshole but you're pretty close to be one but for now you are dick that exposes corruption.

  19. eddie rushing 5 months ago

    And people wonder why trump has support. THIS is the proof of the deep state at work! Jimmy keep up the good work and never back down from the message of speaking truth to power. My support even slight for Trump is strengthen by the lies of the establishment and all their bullshit and hypocrisy.

  20. John Deckenbach 5 months ago


  21. Fry 5 months ago

    The FBI and the CIA….using your tax dollars to spy on you!

  22. Fry 5 months ago

    Why Jimmy why? You know why. Follow the money…

  23. Mic Olsen 5 months ago

    16:50 ….ah, which war? Aren't there 8 or 9 of these going on currently?

    Thumb is UP….
    Like my grandpappy like to say….I've gotta big tree and a lot of rope. Humm.

  24. Uncle Sam 5 months ago

    I love Jimmy Dore. Our politics don’t often agree but Jimmy speaks truth big time about the establishment mob and how can anyone not find that heroic. Go Jimmy Go.

  25. Pat Hacker 5 months ago

    Got away with it in 1980 why wouldn't you do it again in 2016? No one went to jail did they? Corrupt elections aren't a national risk, but exposing people rigging the elections are? Hard to wrap my mind around that. I have a question: Did they have anyone inside the Clinton camp or wasit purely partisan? And still after one billion spent and spies in the opposition lame Hillary still lost.

  26. Top Ranked 5 months ago

    This was already debunked by Rubio and other republican senator who had access to the information.
    Jimmy, you are Trump's stooge.
    Keep talking shit about Sean Spicer, Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, while Trump and his family get million dollar deals and loans from China and quatar

  27. Top Ranked 5 months ago

    Jimmy Dore is the definition of what's wrong with capitalism.
    When you barely criticise Trump and attack Democrats left and right, even though Democrats have no.power, just so that your right wing audience can have some.dopamine released and they can continue making money for you so you don't have to get a real job.
    Jimmy, you are the swamp

  28. Eagle ASE 5 months ago

    These are all Rubio and Jeb Bush people

  29. John Doe 5 months ago

    Jimmy Dore Rulz! Down with corporate media. To CNN and MSNBC, and the others, tell the facts in an unbias fashion, or go fuck yourselves.

  30. big Cahuna 5 months ago

    "conspiracy theorist" is a term made up by the CIA to discredit and ridicule whistle blowers and witnesses. Isn't the CIA headquarters actually in Switzerland, by the banks ? Wasn't Allen Dulles Swiss ? Many original CIA men were ex-Nazis from "operation paperclip".

  31. Jr buddy 5 months ago

    Trump has a young woman who does his tweets for him but edits it. That's why people have noticed a change in is comments since last year.

  32. Yuri muckraker 5 months ago

    Great stuff! The Intercept however needs to stop jumping the shark on Syria and shaming people debunking the propaganda surrounding that war and needs to stop smearing Julian Assange and pushing Russia conspiracy theories. for that they'll need to ditch their Ebay sponsor and do with less constant stories but it'll be worth it for them to keep their integrity.

  33. Trent Blade 5 months ago

    Jimmy Dore is my favourite Lefty.

  34. TheEvolver311 5 months ago

    So Jimmy Dore Trump 2020

  35. delano hill 5 months ago

    Jimmy you have went full trump.

  36. Jett Heinrich 5 months ago

    respect jimmy in all honesty dont agree with a lot of what you say but you see and admit the truth to the people which is so rare today man nothing but respect

  37. Stephen Cody 5 months ago

    Just so you realize: everyone here agreeing with Alex…I mean Jimbo,getting hard to tell them apart, is about as intelligent as an Alex Jones fan.You're all fucking paranoiacs who want someone to confirm their fears.You're no better than the right-wingers currently destroying what little Democracy we have.If you think everyone in the intelligence field is plotting to overthrow our government you're insaneI happen to have friends in the CIA and NSA and they're intelligent,patriotic,and doing their best to protect us.Even ungrateful cunts like you morons.Just switch CIA with Muslim and you sound just like right-wingers.

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