FDA Releases Kratom Data, Undermines Their Own Crackdown

[tweet_dis2]FDA Releases Kratom Data, Undermines Their Own Crackdown[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. Drawing Space 5 months ago

    Wow…… nice

  2. Karla Sampson 5 months ago

    Thank u for that vidio.

  3. Cory S 5 months ago

    I use kratom for working out. Green is fantastic

  4. RPG 808 5 months ago

    There is a HUGE difference between an opioid and kratom, we all know that. The FDA can verify that kratom is basically a naturally harvested leaf that is an ALKALINE that attaches itself to opioid and many other receptor sites. Opioids, on the other hand are captured from natural sources and then CHEMICALLY MODIFIED to make them a candidate for overdose and death. These are facts. We know kratom is completely safe and so does the FDA but Big Pharma wants to eliminate any potential competition, so they grease the palms of the U.S. Government. Trump wants a crackdown on opioids due to the death toll yet the ONLY safe alternative is on the cutting block to being outlawed. Kratom needs to be left alone to fill the gap of the severe lack of opioid prescriptions being written for pain relief. Trump indicates that a safe alternative is being researched, fine. Until then, get the FDA off of the "ban kratom" nonsense so those of us who use it dont live in fear of it being outlawed and ruining our lives. Big Pharma is getting to big for it's own good.

  5. Ross Ennis 5 months ago

    Scott Got lies needs to fall out of a window

  6. Ross Ennis 5 months ago

    We are being treated like imbeciles.

  7. Ross Ennis 5 months ago

    zach brought up the most important point. Can states ignore the ban on kratom?The bummer is that FDA and DEA will keep seizing the supply till it dosnt exzist. FDA is seizing tons of kratom as we speak. That act alone is unlawfull and is mildly crushing supplies of kratom. This is war people!propaganda ,lies,death ,corruption,all for the sake of making money and controlling people's life's EVIL!Very untrustworthy men manipulating information to convince use that kratom kills people. Not today Fuck tards

  8. Jimmy Biggs 5 months ago

    The fda is full of shit! Why do they not crack down on floride in the city water?? They work for the mobster owned big pharma!!

  9. James Frank 5 months ago

    The government also likes to keep the courthouses and law enforcement agencies busy .

  10. James Frank 5 months ago

    The government likes population control NOT cures .

  11. Joshua Baxter 5 months ago

    Can we just go ahead and say that no matter the people from either main party, that they are gonna be corrupt? These people are all linked to big multinationals, and all they care about their money. All these bureaucratic organizations are filled with big corporate shills. Kratom is a wonderful herb, and yes it should be regulated and tested for safety.

  12. Becky Alexander 5 months ago

    But I drink 5 pots of coffee a day. It's been my addiction since early childhood. It's time to go brew another pot.

  13. Danielle Gager 5 months ago

    I use Percocet for a bad back. I'm not addicted But my body will have to adjust of course when I quit this year. I'm pissed at the government! They need to legalize cannabis also! It also has so many uses! I have fibromyalgia and my neighbour has Parkinson's! But it's so expensive to get to the 75$ card still! And sessions is still after both! I can come off so many meds if I'm able to use them. I am also bipolar manic depressive! Psych drugs are more dangerous by far so bad!

  14. Danielle Gager 5 months ago

    This country is going insane! I have even done my research on marijuana and its been used for almost 2k years!

  15. Danielle Gager 5 months ago

    Jeff sessions at work there in big part!
    Kratom is just tea!

  16. Kenny Coulter 5 months ago

    You could probably grow and hide it in the humid ass environments of Appalachian hollows……

  17. Larra A 5 months ago

    The FDA cannot stand the idea of them losing money. They do not really care about the well-being and health of people. Their drugs kill thousands and thousands of people a year what is it like the third leading cause of death or the second. They are such hypocrites greedy evil hypocrites

  18. Charlene Jordan 5 months ago

    Does anyone please know a good site for me to buy. Im learning about tead/WATCHED all sorts of vidios and even bought it once. I am going to start my own detox off subutex since 2009 started out on 4 8mg daily for about 6 yrs, then I cut my self down to 3 pills a day so far im down to 2 pills 16mg daily. So I once bought it because I ran short of my pills I detox last week without them and tha kratom did work it didn't last long I ordered 2 pouches od capsules ( all the stories I've read on the taste I didn't want to waste my money by getting sick. So I paid more because they were in capsules alot less kratom for me that way. Btw any ideas to drink other than hot tea. I ordered the maeng da yes it worked some better than having nothing anyway. I need good kartom is it the red vein for pain withdrawal, but I also need energy along with the kratom effects. Why do soo many sites have so many names makes for confusion >somebody please help im in desperate need

  19. Andrew 5 months ago

    Kyle, I think I have an interesting point of view on this topic that I would like to share with you and anyone else. To preface this I will say I am a conservative, I hate the FDA, I most certainly think marijuana should be legal, I know for a fact their are big people in Washington, Lobbyists and high ranking employees of various government organizations that do want to see marijuana stay illegal, and I also have the unfortunate life experience of going through opiate addiction. I think cratom can be dangerous and I think it should be made illegal. I knew a recovering heroin addict who had relapsed multiple times, and he said the last time he relapsed he started using cratom and eventually progressed onto stronger opiates. I think cratom is very dangerous for recovering addicts, and less dangerous for people who are not already addicted to opiates. The most dangerous thing about opiate like chemicals, is the high. Once a person becomes aware of the opiate like high of cratom or any other opiate, multiple things can happen depending on the person. I can see Keaton being a weak gateway into heavier opiates, like pain medication and maybe even heroin.

  20. Anomaly88man 5 months ago

    I take kratom for pain and work. Kratom is of the coffee family. The FDA is way past fucken retarded about kratom, they should just ban coffee instead.

  21. Anomaly88man 5 months ago

    Making kratom illegal is going to kill people that are addicted to opiates.

  22. Anomaly88man 5 months ago

    The leathal kratom dose has not ever been established. I have taken up to 6 grams of kratom, and drink beers on it, and I never even felt sick from that.

  23. Terry Peace 5 months ago

    I'm so happy to see this story. I know the good of Kratom, it can be misused. On the whole Kratom is good.

  24. Bruce Kraegenbrink 5 months ago

    Never heard of it, I would like to try it. Were do you get it?

  25. Louis Gedo 5 months ago

    The FDA is anything but a science based organization…..it is a pay-for-play arm of big government

  26. WTFU TV 5 months ago

    Its time for a Civilution

  27. Crazy Frog 5 months ago

    Oligarchy and Capitalism aren't compatible.

  28. Jennifer King 5 months ago

    every 7 minutes someone dies in a car crash but you dont see the fda trying to ban driving

  29. Pete Watts 5 months ago

    This is bad reporting Kyle, probably from ignorance.Even taking the Huff Post article as 100% accurate (which I accept it may well be) the FDA did not list all these deaths as "Kratom Overdoses". They called them "Kratom-Related" – which they were, assuming if the report that they had used Kratom was accurate, even if in combination with other drugs. That term by itself does not directly suggest a causation, but merely something of interest. In Epidemiology in order to measure the dangerousness of a drug it is necessary to record ALL adverse outcomes, including deaths, however they came about. Not only suicides but even apparently silly things like choking on a pretzel. Unlikely though it might be, a particular drug just might make it more likely you will choke on a pretzel, and if drug users have died from choking on pretzels, the only way to be sure it doesnt is to compare pretzel-choking of those who use the drug compared with those that don't. However the number of cases here is so low that it is unlikely imho that much useful information can be derived from them, not least because so many people who use one illicit drug also use others so it is hard to establish what causes what. However there is no excuse for misreporting what the FDA actually said, and also not (apparently) seeking advice on how to interpret epidemiology. Mocking these reports the way you have is not quite in the league of Trump's ignorant refutation of Global Warming based on a bout of cold weather, but it's of a similar nature.

  30. C Bears Life 5 months ago

    Fuuuuucking weird. The govt doesn’t want opiate addiction to go away, fake problems, fake solutions, failed war on drugs, failed government solutions, overpowered pharma in the United States.

  31. jerry watson 5 months ago

    Do you take capsules or powder? Is there a web site you would recommend.

  32. Pimpmunkx takes Kratom!

  33. Jusbert Meza 5 months ago

    I've never herd of Kratom before in my life. And so far it kinda sounds like weed. I'm still confused

  34. Cygnus X-321 5 months ago

    You can get that stuff at Cratom and Barrel.

  35. Patrick Schaefer 5 months ago

    Anyone know what kind/brand of Kratom Kyle uses? I've been interested in trying it but there seems to be a lot of sources of it with different effects.

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