Fox Viewers Overwhelmingly Approve Med4All By 73%

[tweet_dis2]Fox Viewers Overwhelmingly Approve Med4All By 73%[/tweet_dis2]

Fox & Friends published a dishonest poll regarding Medicare For All. It backfired on them.

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  1. A.J. Dohmen 3 months ago

    Yeah. Come here to Quebec and see how medicare really works. Want to talk about being churned out of the doctor's office? Being kicked out of the hospital two minutes after your operation? We'd be happy if we were kicked out after an operation, instead of waiting years just to see a specialist who will put you on a list for an operation for which you will have to wait a year or more. We'd love not to have to wait until it's too late to get cancer treatment – but we don't have that option. You want treatment? You go across the border for treatment because it's not available here. Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it.

  2. ROOK 3 months ago

    As a traditionally conservative voter, I'm starting to realise that the paradigm of left and right is dying. It is quickly becoming the people versus the establishment.

  3. Luther Dean 3 months ago

    thanks for covering this jimmy

  4. James Mcgown 3 months ago

    why am i satisfied with my medicare — because i worked 44 years for the benefit – 6 am to 6 pm including saturdays — let the other assholes out there work all their lives then give it to them. there is no free lunch — really sick people in canada come to america for better healthcare. Can the government run anything right HELL NO – giving away free welfare money free food stamps free healthcare free section 8 housing where the hell is the motivation to do anything. Sounds like how the old soviet union used to work how did that work out bigboy

  5. Leon Powe 3 months ago

    Fox and Friends are older viewers who know the truth about Medicare, so they can't bullshit them about Medicare for All.

  6. Reboot 3 months ago

    $32 trillion over 10 years it would cost. And that's just for American citizens, that doesn't include the freeloading illegal aliens that you love so much that would work overtime to come hear and break more laws. How exactly would this be paid for? You going to double taxes on everyone and raise it on corporations (which still wouldn't cover it)? Watch how fast people and businesses leave and then all the tax revenue goes with them. This is such a stupid argument because I want mutant superpowers but just because I want it that doesn't mean it's realistic. Medicare for all is a unicorn and I would sooner get my mutant superpowers than that would be implemented effectively to the point where it would completely cripple our economy to the point of no return. Stop pushing pie in the sky dreams when there is absolutely no plan that could realistically work. This is false hope and makes you just as bad as the elites who you hate so very much when they lie to you all the time.

  7. un mog 3 months ago

    Health insurance companies paying the democrats a LOOOOOT of money to kill medicare for all.

  8. You couldn't even get half of the democrats to vote for Medicare for all, let alone any Republicans, it's a fantasy.

  9. Phoenix love 3 months ago

    Jimmy dore the republican cock sucker

  10. Billy Zelsnack 3 months ago

    The US will never have medicare for all because the elites need at least one place in the world to get elite class healthcare research.

  11. Safet Hamzagic 3 months ago

    You guys coming to des moines ia any time soon

  12. jj Norway 3 months ago

    If you complain about the healthcare industry, big pharma, and others controlling our politics with money how could you ever vote for Hillary Clinton and look yourself in the mirror? You people act like us Trump supporters are retarded, yet you brag about how you vote for the woman who was completely bought and paid for by all of the worst types of special interests in our country. Isn’t that worse than saying pussy on a bus?

  13. The PunkRock Hippie 3 months ago

    My mom has Medicare,she was in the hospital for almost a week and it cost her nothing out of pocket. Which is great since she's on a fixed income thru her social security

  14. Libby Arndt 3 months ago

    Jimmy stop connecting universal healthcare with Western democracies: go to the Wiki's list of 'countries with universal or free healthcare'. You will be shocked -it is 80% of the world, if not more.

  15. Libby Arndt 3 months ago

    If 73% of Fox viewers are in favor of universal healthcare and stopping endless war, then the 'left' and the 'right' should demand a third party and come together.

  16. Michael Hammond 3 months ago

    Did you ever read Uncle Remus? " Please dont throw me into the briar patch" Medicare for all would be a boom to Wall Street Then Big Pharma's would double the drugs produced and their stats would go through the roof

  17. James Williams Junior 3 months ago

    Of course!!!! As someone once said…

  18. Gordon Thomson 3 months ago

    I don't understand you bloody Americans .
    All this crazy debate about something that is so simple .
    In Australia we have single-payer healthcare .
    ALL citizens are fully covered for everything from a flu shot to a heart transplant . All citizens pay into an "Insurance" organisation . What we call Medicare .
    We pay a levy of 2% of our taxable income,for which we receive a Medibank card.
    We go to the doctor of our choice , present the card receive the treatment , and go home . The doctor then bills Medibank . All done . The doctors decide on the treatment ,not Insurance companies .
    All hospital treatment and accompanying drugs are free , except in the case of elective surgery .
    People , if they have the money , can take out private insurance which allows them to go into private hospitals for treatment , and Medicare pays the normal rate and the insurance companies pick up the excess charges .
    The Drug Companies must negotiate with the government about drug prices if they want to sell their drugs within the system , and if they can't agree , the government sources generic products .
    The market is too large for them to ignore .They usually come to an agreement because it is a whole of nation market and it's too big for the companies to ignore .
    Australia pays , as a % of GDP , less than half that the US does., and nobody is without full coverage ,
    The Government pays only the cost of administrating the system. which , by the way , cuts out the blood-sucking insurance companies , a major cost to the US healthcare system .
    In the almost 50years we have had it , there has never been a single case of bankruptcy .People who are sick do not have the added worry of how they are going to pay for it .
    In an emergency , ambulances are free also .
    Of course , we are not stupid enough to have anything like Citizens United which allows corporations to buy the decision-makers .

  19. Bob Riemersma 3 months ago

    The hazard is that we get it, but all of the administration will be privatized into the hands of the Health Care industry, socializing the costs and  privatizing high profits.  And in the meantime they'll also continue to own the vast majority of hospitals, clinics, etc.

    This is not as simple as rubes (or disinformation agents?) like Dore would have you believe.  As a wise man said: "Hold onto your butts."

  20. Scarcy Fury 3 months ago

    The 2020 elections will be interesting. The progressive wave will be for strong no one will be able to stop it. Even right wingers will support progressive ideas.

  21. dwightfry99 3 months ago

    It was funny seeing the 'keep your hands off my medicare' signs during Obama's presidency, but it sucked that nobody (except for me apparently) saw that as a sign that rural right-wingers do have socialist tendencies and that the dems had no interest in gaining their support because they oppose such programs as much as the establishment right does.

  22. Ali Mohamed 3 months ago

    NHS is 70 years old

  23. Sondra 3 months ago

    Hey Jimmy! This is a great TED Talk on "Fake News"!

  24. Chad Butler 3 months ago

    Med for all doesn't conflict with the free market. It is an in-elastic good, which acts out-side normal market predictors due to high demand, resulting in extreme costs/ high rates. Med for all will free up the pent up cash to move more freely in the market. A mixed economy is best.

  25. adam kovelesky 3 months ago

    Fox and friends viewers should watch rt online and find out what it's like when other countries hate the U.S.

  26. Alan Parker 3 months ago

    I Voted In This Poll And I Never Watch Frauds & Fools

  27. Will R.C. 3 months ago

    The old numbers were 60% of all Bankruptcy cases were Medical in nature.

  28. a,dingo,ate me'baby 3 months ago

    the average age of fox viewers r 65+ years old. They already have medicare and love it. My argument 4 medicare for all is if it is good enough for grandma and grandpa it's good enough for the rest of us.

  29. Dirty Billy 3 months ago

    Sorry i don't understand why Saunders is not the main Democratic leader?
    Wouldnt that take them forward after being cheated by Clinton
    The politics in Australia is just as corrupt and confusing where im from….
    Money talks everywhere now
    Gordon Gecko would be proud
    It seems if the US stpped putting billions into the war machine then youd have medicare and still be able to buy everyone in the country a house….and youd still have a monster military
    What about the missing trillions?
    Could have had it 5 times over…
    It seems to be there
    How do you misplace or lose trillions of dollars?…..
    That cracks me up

  30. Jose Andrade 3 months ago

    The clock is ticking…

  31. Andrew Ocean 3 months ago

    like, so what?

  32. Jin 3 months ago

    Hehe. Yeah, cuz old people are notorious Twitter fiends. C'mon guys. This is not meaningful.

  33. Veranicus 3 months ago

    Seems, like a lot of people starting to argue and work for social democracy in america. Like:
    The Koch brothers
    Sean Hannity
    Fox news

    Mmmmhhh, perhaps someone put a really ugly face on establishment polotics, and now true americans of both spectrums are starting to care about the issues instead of listening to propaganda from the left or right.

  34. Jeremiah Johnson 3 months ago

    The people have gone more conservative. Tired of Marxist bullshit and fascist wars .

  35. Jeremiah Johnson 3 months ago

    Here is the problem with BOTH SIDES OF THE DEBATE, nobody ever talks about the shit we eat , water we drink, pharmaceuticals we take, or the unfit food and bad vaccines. Have the govt do something on that and we will all be able to afford healthcare because we won't be so Fukn sick.

  36. Richard Mays 3 months ago

    Truth is better than fiction!

  37. Ian Hinson 3 months ago

    Universal health insurance is only part of the answer. In Australia we also have state owned and run hospitals that are federally funded and free to the public. This reduces the burden on Medicare which (in Aus) assists those who go to a private hospital or a local doctor.

  38. TL K23 3 months ago

    Medicare for all now! Why should my healthcare have to pay for some rich insurance CEO's salary who makes 35 million? If suckers want to pay insurance CEO's salaries, let them. I dont!

  39. OY VEY SHUT IT DOWN 3 months ago

    We Trump supporters are populists who support a lot of progressive ideas. If you people would drop your open borders insanity, we would agree on most issues.

  40. Otaku Evolution 3 months ago

    I fully support Medicare for All, but I wouldn't hang my hat on an online poll, on Twitter, that can be easily stampeded. We know no actual Fox News viewers voted in that, because most of them are 60+ year olds who "don't use the computers".

  41. cathyx 3 months ago

    I love Graham Elwood.

  42. Dallas Taylor 3 months ago


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