George W. Bush On Trump: ‘Makes Me Look Pretty Good, Doesn’t It?’

[tweet_dis2]George W. Bush On Trump: ‘Makes Me Look Pretty Good, Doesn’t It?'[/tweet_dis2]

Former President George W. Bush often jokes that President Trump’s administration makes his own former White House team look “pretty good,” according to a Republican source.

The former Republican president regularly knocks the current administration, a source close to the Trump administration told National Journal, unable to understand why the White House often seems to be in chaos…

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  1. Rahabar Hossain 5 months ago

    I agree with him. It does, but it is a sad reality.

  2. People have short memories Kyle, the memory of a gold fish to be exact. The human mind is so weak and fallible

  3. Dennis Nelson 5 months ago

    This is why we have Trump. They still don't see it. Blind as bats.

  4. Ben Hawkes 5 months ago

    I despise bush but I’d easily pick him over trump any day

  5. Forrest Osborn 5 months ago

    If you could just find those wmd’s, that’d be great.

  6. Der Wünderbarbar 5 months ago

    The only way anyone can say Bush jnr looks good, is if you compare Bush jnr and Trump with two pieces of mouldy bread where Bush jnr is the slightly less mouldy piece of bread

  7. Chuck Finley 5 months ago

    I actually like Bush and I did vote for him. Now sometimes when he spoke it was almost like he come off sounding like a jerk. Now Trump, every time he spoke it came off as a bully.

  8. Lexort 420 5 months ago

    He is the Fucktard that started this damn war, allowed the goverment to spy on us and much more. Fuck Bush! And Fuck Trump!

  9. Zeb Fischer 5 months ago

    Republicans dont even like GWB. If Trump is worth anything its bringing out peoples true colors.

  10. Michael Fiedler 5 months ago

    I started to hate the US when GWB got elected in 2000. Couldn't believe that Americans re-elected him in 2004. However with Trump now in office Bush doesn't come to mind as a great or good president, but if you compare him with Trump, Bush really doesn't look that bad any more. What will people say about Trump in a few years time. Will there be a monster in the White House that makes Trump look like the sane guy?

  11. Hypersonic Megalodon 5 months ago

    I think the reason why a lot of people are starting to have a favorable view of Bush, despite the clusterfuck of bad decisions that the made, was that even at his most unbearable his administration still had a certain sense of "stability" that Trump's lacks. Though then again, that was mainly because Papa Chenney knew how to keep the Texas-boy in line

  12. 4 Fake 5 months ago

    News flash: Democrats are STUPID. When will you get it.

  13. Joseph1NJ 5 months ago

    I was just about to give more attention to your point of view when you went into your FUCK FUCK FUCK rant. Sorry dude, I don't much care for all of that gratuitous profanity. It serves no purpose. It doesn't emphasize a point, doesn't clarify the point, and doesn't reiterate the point. Oh well, there are zillions of other YouTube channels.

  14. Ralph Cramden 5 months ago

    Round of Applause (!) "Steel man argument". IF 95% of the mediocre BS that they criticize Trump for were thrown in the STFU pile , And the Only things you hear are 100% provable ignorant , lying threats to the Planet and everyone on it , There would Still be round the clock criticism – That Would Stick ! Bravo , Kyle.

  15. hudhastings1 5 months ago

    Obama was shit except on Iran bush was just bad on everthing

  16. Nieroshai 5 months ago

    Prediction: Bush is gonna go "Miss me yet?" after EVERY election until he dies.

  17. Lionel Suarez 5 months ago

    Trump is excellent – the country is back and you need to start giving him some credit because all the important measurables are up!

  18. TonyZXT 5 months ago

    Kyle's use of logic here reminds me why I like him so much. If only we had a dozen more similarly reasoned pundits like this on the left, our media would be so strong.

  19. James Coppola 5 months ago

    Wow gud seal impersonation

  20. Lee Brandt 5 months ago

    Kyle, George W Bush was only a portion of what crashed the economy. The main culprit was the deregulation of the financial system, which began in 1999 under Clinton. You know this; even TYT and Jimmy Dore say this. Otherwise, good points

  21. Brad Derks 5 months ago

    Its official…many Americans have the brains of Gold fishes…they have the memory of 5 seconds…Bush and Dick fucked up America… Republicans crippled Obama…and Trump the symptom to the disease of Americans giving up…

  22. The Uberman 5 months ago

    Bush literally doesn't give a fuck about anyone. How many people have had to die because of him? I feel sorry for all the people that fought in useless wars.

  23. sharper68 5 months ago

    I loathed Bush then and I still think he is a moron, crooked and an embarrassment. That being said he does look good compared to trump, that is only true because it is a very low bar.

  24. steelersguy74 5 months ago

    When did Maher say that?! Bush is the one who got him kicked off ABC for fuck’s sake!

  25. Leah Hunter 5 months ago

    My mother likes to remind me that her generation hated Nixon during his presidency just as much as people hate Trump now. We survived that time and will survive this. My only aside is that we need enough people working hard to ensure that we stop repeating history.

  26. Avi Bach 5 months ago

    This video begins at 6:21

  27. hancmd16 5 months ago

    Trump Derangement Syndrome in action.

  28. Leigh Foulkes 5 months ago

    People are too manipulated by symbols and categories. You have to be either one side or the other and you not allowed to think outside the box.

  29. Proud Liberal 5 months ago

    6:21 Kyle out of context

  30. Jim Morgan 5 months ago

    Bush is a genius next to Donny.

  31. Lavos2007 5 months ago

    i dont wanna start a "bush vs obama" thing and i dont think either of them were very good presidents, but one thing i want to ask people: Bush got crap for alot of stuff he did, some of it i think is deserved, other stuff not so much, for example drone strikes, when Bush did it, everyone flipped out at him, but when Obama did it nobody cared…so the question is: why is it ok for one president to do something but not another just because they happen to be on the other side of the aisle politically?

    i just really wanna know why Obama got either neutrality or praise for stuff people nailed Bush to the wall over

    i know its not the topic of the video but hey

  32. JM 5 months ago

    Kyle it is not a "byproduct" of Trump's election but the intended purpose. There is an Iraqi proverb: "Show a man death in the eyes and he wishes for cholera". I bet you people will be praising the Clintons in a matter of 2 years. In the 1980s people in Iraq were looking with nostalgia on the era were the Iraqi King and government were under the the foot of a British "Supreme Supervisor" (the 50s) so yes many Iraqis were optimistic for an American occupation. Now I hear often from Iraqis who still are in Iraq and public Iraqi media a "it was better in Saddams era. and even better when we were a British colony".

  33. Ole Hinn 5 months ago

    10/10 for the best seal impression ;D

  34. TheMystery Gamer 5 months ago

    In the UK, we want Blair to be taken to court and imprisoned for war crimes. It will set a precedent that leaders will be held accountable for their actions. Why is Bush let off the hook by Americans?

  35. hal900x 5 months ago

    It's sad how certain members of the progressive side easily laud Bush because of his veiled Trump criticisms. To me, starting an illegal war is the worst thing a president can ever do. It makes all identity politics pale in comparison. I visualize a pile of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children's corpses and it's very clear. That pile would consist of 3 times the total population of the city I live in. Mass murder. I have to believe Bush is a sociopath or missing a large chunk of his cognitive abilities, because those are the only two choices that make any sense to me.

  36. mhamadac 5 months ago

    George Bush is the source of all of our modern problems

    Iraq, Afghanistan, Shitty Economy, Mortgage Crisis, Tax Cuts to Millionaires, Oil & Gas corrupt politicians, spying on Americans, torture, drone strikes, unwarranted detention and spying, and the murder of thousands of civilians and our own children in service.

    Bush was the one who made us more hated, more poor, more unsafe, and brought us 7 Trillion in Debt from a Surplus he was given.

  37. Clutch Flutie 5 months ago

    People are fucking retarded, and we can thank people like Bill Maher and Stephan Colbert.

  38. Raptor302 5 months ago

    Bush is still worse because Trump hasn't gotten us into a war……..yet

  39. Hezbi Wahdat 5 months ago

    The shortest distance between two points is a laaaaaight, for me toooo yoooou!

  40. Brendan Beckett 5 months ago

    Trump makes Bush look good like a plate of dog shit makes burned Brussels sprouts look good. Which is to say, you can make this argument without "rehabilitating" GW Bush.

  41. Warrior Waitress 5 months ago

    This sudden epidemic of mass amnesia rehabilitating George W. Bush's image is goddamned maddening! Have people forgotten how thoroughly this man fucked us all? Have people so pathetically succumbed to their lizard brain in their hatred of Trump (no matter how effective he is at genuinely earning that hatred) that they think Bush is suddenly okey-fucking-dokey now? What in the actual fuck?!

    If someone put a gun to my head and forced me to choose between Bush 43 or Trump, it would be with great consternation and loathing that I would have to pick Trump. Because he hasn't crashed the economy (yet), he hasn't committed torture nor opened a torture facility in places like Cuba (yet [that we know of]), he hasn't lied us into an illegal war which is directly responsible for the rise of ISIS (yet), 3,000 Americans haven't been murdered on U.S. soil by terrorists under Trump's watch, and on and on…

    Oh fuck it, maybe this decision is too much like Sophie's Choice; they may as well ask me if I'd rather have cancer or the ebola virus. Maybe they should just put me out of my misery and pull the fucking trigger already, haha.

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