Hillary Is Now A “Cuomo Bro”–Snubs Female Candidate For Male

[tweet_dis2]Hillary Is Now A “Cuomo Bro”–Snubs Female Candidate For Male[/tweet_dis2]

Hillary Clinton is supporting Andrew Cuomo over Cynthia Nixon. Didn’t Madeleine Albright have something to say about that a little while ago?

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Photo Credit: “Andrew Cuomo – Caricature”, © 2015 DonkeyHotey, Flickr | CC-BY
“Hillary Clinton – Caricature”, © 2017 DonkeyHotey, Flickr | CC-BY-SA

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  1. The Jimmy Dore Show 4 months ago

    Next LIVE Show July 1 Portland Or.– July 15 Chicago Il.– July 27 Burbank Ca. Tickets Here:http://bit.ly/2hFl95h

  2. Twirlip Of The Mists 4 months ago

    Obviously Nixon paid up more than Cuomo.

  3. poptoppup 4 months ago

    I agree with most everything you say but I disagree that Donald Trump is not popular you'll see at the next election. Thanks to the main stream media they're making him very strong

  4. Servo 4 months ago

    She’s not with her⁉️

  5. RocketmanRockyMatrix 4 months ago

    Howie Hawkins for NY Governor 2018!!

  6. RocketmanRockyMatrix 4 months ago

    Monkey-face Cuomo

  7. 0 0 4 months ago

    Oddly enough Berners spend inordinate amounts of time attacking Black people. While PLEADING for more understanding for poor racist Trumpers. The psychology behind that is … interesting

  8. Yuri muckraker 4 months ago

    For me there's a special place in hell for those cruise missile liberals and drone deaf progressives that Max Blumenthal calls the idlibs (idiot liberals), and special place in hell for those claiming to be feminists and wanting a feminist female leader and then cynically claiming Clinton was that when it was Dr. Jill Stein or Gloria La Riva but we're told we are going to hell for supporting a moderate feminist like Bernie or a pure revolutionary feminist like Dr. Stein or Gloria La Riva. Madeline Albright is Satan's spawn and a is goblin and Hilary is a cackling war criminal and white collar criminal.

  9. Henry Blanton 4 months ago

    This woman is still creeping in the background trying to stick her hands in elections for Big Banks and Co. She sold her soul to Wall Street as Senator of New York…so what else can she really do?

  10. Don Sullivan 4 months ago

    Hillary would have supported Cynthia but her husband told her to support a man.

  11. Mario Loreno 4 months ago

    I don't think this is very effective Jimmy…. (although it is very entertaining). We need to use Hillary as an asset and not criticize her but take advantage of her talking points. Her sponsoring of any candidate is a great plus to progressives. She is so disliked that her support is bound to take votes away from the corporate sellouts she is promoting.

  12. Bruce Swearingen 4 months ago

    " We don't need no education"

  13. Bruce Swearingen 4 months ago

    her name has been reported 3 times…
    she's back like Beetle JUICE..how do we get rid of her

  14. Johnny Skinwalker 4 months ago

    Nevermind male or female, Cuomo is another corporate shill

  15. frank rizzo 4 months ago

    Think of what this country would be like if that woman had won

  16. mart9898 4 months ago

    "Oh, she's going to heaven, after she brought slave trading back to Libya." THAT''S a fucken punch line. Amazing.

  17. Rick O'Brien 4 months ago

    I say Hilary you say FIRE! AKA Hell

  18. 719sazz ZZ 4 months ago

    who would want hillarys help/advice? better to drink poison then have anything to do with that pariah

  19. Shabbat Man 4 months ago

    Chelsea thinks she has a shot. LOL. JFK Jr’s flight training was paid for by Andrew Cuomo.

  20. Doug Casey 4 months ago

    From a old war criminal that has a reservation in hell awaiting her last breath, hopefully soon!

  21. Nunya Binness 4 months ago

    Yeah buddy, we're finally recognizing the failings of capitalism.
    Therefore lets follow in the footsteps of socialist Venezuela, so we won't have any toilet paper to wipe our asses, and we'll have to kill zoo animals for food. Great idea. I knew we should've listened to Bernie.

  22. Stunami 4 months ago

    It's comforting to know that, by her own standards, Hillary is going to hell.

  23. thatbamadude 4 months ago

    OH, if only we had Hillary as POTUS then this would of never have
    happened. Woe is me, and curses to Trump! You foiled us again!! Its all
    his fault.

  24. Get Real 4 months ago

    The men clapping after that remark are even more vomit inducing than the old gasbag who said it.

  25. A P H E X B O I Z 4 months ago

    I swear to god, if Cuomo runs for president in 2020, I will vote for Trump just to expedite the collapse of this shithole.

  26. A P H E X B O I Z 4 months ago

    I lost it at the title "Cuomo bro" HAHAHAHAHA

  27. SpetsnazUS 4 months ago

    Freakin Cuo Bros man…

  28. Mary Vogt 4 months ago

    "Corporate Booker" lulz

  29. RedCapitalist 4 months ago

    Why doesn't the fat woman show off her big titties?

  30. miguelpancho45 4 months ago

    She is now a Goldwater Old Lady.

  31. Kris S 4 months ago

    But what about women helping each other?

  32. bugsz1 4 months ago

    She's with him.

  33. Frank Blackcrow 4 months ago

    She has to go to heaven first to be refused entry and sent to hell where she belongs.
    they killed Gaddafi because he was going to impose the gold standard in Libya making it so that most of North Africa could trade in gold, he was also instigating their own telecommunications satellite as to have full control over their communications out side of the companies that let the U.S spy on everyone, he also went up aainst the U.N telling them they were being run by a mafia type cartel by 5 countries with that of the U.S as being a dictator to the U.N cartel that disqualifies the rest of everyone as to be included in votes to any thing asked of the U.N.. as like going to war with Syria over a gas cylinder.. that was blockaded by Russia and Chinese war ships at the time, still let to happen as from U.N dictate.

  34. Fa Q Buddy 4 months ago

    Jimmy how can you in good conscious think socialism would be a good thing

  35. Johnny Aingel 4 months ago

    Did anybody see the video where andrew cuomo works for the Zionist Agenda i wish i could remember what youtube channel it was on

  36. Baron Saturday 4 months ago

    Hillary's laugh is as phony as she is.

  37. Joseph Ballin 4 months ago


  38. 9Pace 4 months ago

    No notification for this video…

  39. Andrew Oliver 4 months ago


  40. Alosipher 4 months ago

    Its time to support the Green Party.

  41. Vinnie Vegas 4 months ago

    Andy Cuomo has been in the Clinton ecosystem for decades. Not surprising.

  42. Mark Boon 4 months ago

    Nixon should run that clip every day, until vote time.

  43. Felony Strutter 4 months ago

    I am Trans with strap on tits and  am more of a woman than those cunts..and I would never vote for her.

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