Iran Switches From Dollar To Euro – US Labels Bank Terrorist

[tweet_dis2]Iran Switches From Dollar To Euro – US Labels Bank Terrorist[/tweet_dis2]

Iran is switching over to Euro amidst difficulties with the dollar. The US labels the banks terrorists in response.

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Photo Credit: “Ahmad Jannati”, © 2011 Parmida Rahimi, Flickr | CC-BY
“50 euros”, © 2009 Raúl Hernández González, Flickr | CC-BY

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  1. The Jimmy Dore Show 4 months ago

    Next LIVE Show July 1 Portland Or.– July 15 Chicago Il.– July 27 Burbank Ca. Tickets Here:

  2. m al 4 months ago

    Euro is safer

  3. Lirrulewon 4 months ago

    Yep am subbing, you are making sense

  4. Pinche Pendejo 4 months ago

    the al-Saud family are jews

  5. Janga Froe 4 months ago

    no doubt that we will attack iran now that is the real reason we went into Iraq' saddam did the same thing.

  6. SteppenWolff100 4 months ago

    Saddam Hussein also wanted to. And then, not long after, 9/11 happened. Dig ?

  7. dacosta0656 4 months ago

    ayatollah all mad LMFAO

  8. nordafrica gud bless 4 months ago

    Gud bless you iran
    From tunisia

  9. first last 4 months ago

    Nice one Iran keep going strong you beautiful country dont be bullied by the United States of Israel and their bum chums britain.

  10. 295Phoenix 4 months ago

    Good. Trump and the establishment brought this upon themselves.

  11. GMG 4 months ago

    Not only Iran, China Russia, India….. Everybody wants off the dollar!

  12. Minnie Mouse 4 months ago

    Jimmy Dore, I am not laughing. If we as the United States, wiped out hundreds of thousands of people in an illegal war, I am devastated by those facts. Sad. Is it any wonder if we loose credibility by hurting the innocent? There is power in pursuing the lovely things in this world. Power in promoting the good things….uplifting others, healing wounds, being just, trading equitably of our surpluses with other nations.

  13. Jamie Holladay 4 months ago

    There tired of not being able to pay there terrorist groups. America abd the west have clamped down tracking money. Serial numbers given to Iran continue to be in issis pockets.

  14. -Unsubbed- Serf 4 months ago

    Need deficits spending not private banker debt long past new deal time for love of god preserve the union congress

  15. Justice1 Justice1 4 months ago

    Good for Iran next even us Europeans will do same

  16. DeathWozza 4 months ago

    When are you coming to the UK Jimmy?

  17. rh1507 4 months ago

    How on Earth can you call them U.S. Dollars? There just freaking pieces of paper made by private banking cartels. The United States has no real money. If a piece of paper that can be turned into a puff of smoke has any value then my name is Kermit the Gandhi.

  18. Kaler Putatma 4 months ago

    So, US military is sort of hired goon!

  19. hannes3d 4 months ago

    cia pushed the goverment , america payed many Mujahideen to push the afganistan goverment ( rambo 3 ) one person they chose to fight for the good thing in afgahnistan was osama bin laden …back to iran the shah is gone so you pay sadam husein to fight them iran irak war ..8 years …. but they are the eviel side ???

  20. broken heart hotel 4 months ago

    Noob, why you not just go Dmark on one side and Ali Karim rhohani on the orther side?

  21. Saeed K 4 months ago

    Wow Jimmy….please do one on Israel as well

  22. Yuri muckraker 4 months ago

    great report Jimmy! becareful for Middle East Monitor though, Qatari/Gulf funded and links to the Muslim Brotherhood, they want Western imperialism to succeed in Syria and censor journalists who counter it but apart from that, I think the anti-war movement needs to be ready to confront a possible war with Iran and needs to protest more what's happening in Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, North Korea, and tack the NGOS, Human rights groups, and Obama apologists to task on those conflicts. and its up to the EU led by Germany and France its member states to decide what's important their relation with the US and NATO hegemony or being on the right side of history and begin détente with Iran, no overthrowing Assad, no support to Israel, and no more war on democratic socialist reforms in Venezuela and Latin America and Africa and no more wars economic or other with Russia.

  23. Mohammed Tajuddin 4 months ago

    Dollar does not follow the gold standard they just print paper money and people value those paper bills equivalent to gold utter nonsense,,, someday dollar(paper) bubble is going to burst.

  24. Peter Bell 4 months ago

    Imagine there's no America,
    It's easy if you try.

  25. Arshan Mostafavi 4 months ago

    Jimmy's the only guy on Earth that can make me laugh and cry at the same time.

  26. panjualede 4 months ago

    Left Needs his own Alex Jones
    Alex Jones says Hilary and obama created Isis:

  27. Lee Francis 4 months ago

    Iran has never used the American Economy.

  28. USA THE GREAT 4 months ago

    Iran will NOT EXIST in 5 years. Praise God.

  29. US Citizens! Open your eyes!!

  30. Abaddon Despoiler 4 months ago

    hmmm finally americans with brains. i admit im really surprised. greetings from germany. subbed and liked.

  31. Abaddon Despoiler 4 months ago

    USA installed the Shah in Iran to get their oil
    USA gave Saddam Hussein weapons to fight Iran after they overthrown the Shah
    USA invaded Saddam Hussein after he attacked Kuwait which delivers Oil to USA
    USA gave the taliban weapons to fight the Soviets
    USA invaded Afghanistan to take down the taliban

    USA….bringing peace and democracy to you since 1939, resistance is futile.

    We have saying in europe "dont anger america or they will bring democracy to you" several dead million dead children approve.

  32. Den Lee Roy 4 months ago

    Remember these liberal grills, if Iran will ever want to attack America these liberal liars will be Iran's most loyal soldiers

  33. Douwe Bloot 4 months ago

    We should stop that the world trade is only in us dollar. US has to mutch power and behaves like a little spoiled kid. US manipulating the world. Greatings from a liberal dutchman.

  34. APS Chauhan 4 months ago

    Very good presentation on American hypocrasy and blood soaked hands of Mc Caine . Where will it ends?

  35. Piontro Pechetrini 4 months ago

    Hezbollah is the army of GOD

  36. William Boeder 4 months ago

    American government interfering in external country government elections.
    So what the hell were all the allegations about Russia bootlegging the American Presidential election?

  37. Piontro Pechetrini 4 months ago

    Yes, I like hat some people in the USA realized that Saudi Arabia is the worst human rights violators in the world.

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