Is the Browning of America a Raceless America?

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  1. Hoops590 5 months ago

    thats what the immigration agendas are for to mix all the races
    and then the nwo rules over them
    i also think the stats on race in america are not a true reflection
    whats best for your tribe well thats what the racist whites are
    saying we need equality

  2. Imin Hiscare 5 months ago

    Imin Hiscare
    1 second ago
    Matthew 16:18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build My Church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
    {Who was Yehushua called Jesus talking to? The Hebrew People, His Chosen [Negros & Native Americans]…Notice how in The Bible everything is centered around True Israel? Well folks, nothing has changed, it's just been made to look like it has…We give God The Glory}

  3. J. Jones 5 months ago

    Black people DOS know what it means to deal with oppression and discrimination , so they are welcoming to others in similar situations , especially melanated people . It is ok to be welcoming but Blacks have to make sure the people they welcome will be true advocates for them and not just use them .

  4. Laird Garvin 5 months ago

    Yvette and Tone are brilliant to tell folks to listen to Byron Allen. Byron managed to out hustle Sharpton by legally monetizing the pain of our ancestors to sue AT&T. He then goes on to acquire some media "cigar butts" Bain and Co (Mitt Romney) discarded. In the process he marries a white woman, is called into question regarding low pay and there is virtually no evidence that he gives generously through a foundation to the causes of DOS. Yet somehow Byron is a hero…

  5. Cheryl Hudnell 5 months ago

    Sadly we have to many followers following the wrong people. The thing with Kanye is that he has millions of followers, who listen to his crap and after awhile will come to mimic him. All celebrities pushing this agenda of a colorless society are not for you. They have the pickett fence, and they married the white life. So now it is their job to sell you on the fact that you too can have this life if you do what i did. If you find yourself going to the sunken place, slap yourself and wake the hell up. lol

  6. T L 5 months ago

    Keep it coming Yvette!!!

  7. mac berry 5 months ago

    The drive to get black people to vote Republican. Being open minded is good on the surface but black people are out numbered and the black vote barely gets people elected

  8. O M 5 months ago

    The hell with the browning of America. We are DOS for life.

    James Baldwin was asked “How it felt to be both Black and Gay”, He said, he felt like he hit the jackpot. He said, if you don’t live the only life you have, it’s not like you’re gonna live somebody else’s life. “You Just won’t live a life at all”

  9. quicktripgas 5 months ago

    Can you please explain to me why our people still vote for democrats? Black politics aint going nowhere as long as we keep propping up that FAILED party.

  10. Elijah Browne 5 months ago

    What happened to that rap song from last week ?

  11. Gabi's Reading Room 5 months ago

    Do you have children Yvette?

  12. mrwonerful 5 months ago

    would you take the time to explain how these meetings affect our communities? they have posted a list of attendees that seem to be all rich and powerful

  13. MikeeB28 5 months ago

    Even when these musicians and actors tell us who they are – MANY Black people still support them. Some Black people are in a perpetual dream world. Everything is hope, dreams and inspiration. This is the legacy of the Black experience in America. This is the continued escapism Black people engage in to soothe their pain.

  14. Elvis Williams 5 months ago

    Many Blacks who achieve a certain modicum of income or wealth which they believe give them the ability to "be free" tend to black ball and be dismissive toward their won people. However, make no mistake about this: When whites achieve wealth, their main objective is to secure that wealth for the economic betterment of their own people. Rich Blacks, on the other hand, don't want to be tied down by their race while being tied down with one's race is all Whites (rich or poor) think about in this country. Even when Whites were on the bottom, they never stopped trying to progress the White race. They never got tired or gave up when things looked bleak. By any means necessary. And now they have it down to a science—an institution even. So sad that too many so call rich Blacks just want to fly away and "be free". Trying to slip out the back door by immersing themselves in white culture.

  15. nightstaber2010 5 months ago

    It’s like the spike lee movie bamboozeled everyone wants to be black take advantage of programs then you had the black producer he didn’t want to be black anymore. There are a lot of black people who don’t want to be black anymore. They want to be raceless. You got Asians and Hispanics in black face taking what’s ours

  16. Nathan G 5 months ago

    So wait a minute, Michelle Obama isn't mixed race, she shared Obama's politics and what did she do for Blacks? If you look at her history you will find she often screwed over Blacks to get ahead as well, yet her color and heritage is never equated to her actions. Interesting…

  17. Nathan G 5 months ago

    So….how is what these people are doing any different from what most other affluent, non mixed Blacks do? I'll wait….

  18. Monk downs 5 months ago

    He is right too. There are MANY IT schools created by Hindus, but only for THEM!!

  19. Monk downs 5 months ago

    The heritage protection act is real. I just looked it up.

  20. Anonymously Me 5 months ago

    Honey before you require “the black community” to be “for their tribe“ you’d have to first require that black men be for their black female counterpart, & this is where the bullshit comes in. Because the only people who should have to stand up for “the black community” are black people and that starts with black MEN and they are not standing up for black women! They’re standing up for they damn selves first and foremost and they’re also standing up for other races of women along with those ambiguous hybrids that you are referring to! NOT black women or their own offspring so you’re not gonna have any tribe standing for “the black community” because in the words of The Great Liberators, “the black community” is codeword for black men only & not women and children! And there is no way around that fact no matter how often you and your followers ignore it. Certainly if you are suggesting that there is any kind of loyalty for “the entire black community”, then you need to first be requiring that same loyalty of black men towards their black female counterpart! The hypocrisy is unbelievable!

  21. Monk downs 5 months ago

    Yvette is correct again. Drag his ass off the stage. And all the rest of the coons AND coonettes.

  22. Monk downs 5 months ago

    Great analysis!! Glad Y is on this.

  23. Monk downs 5 months ago

    Right on Yvette on this Browning bullshit. The only crayon that black folk should draw pictures with is the black one.

  24. Monk downs 5 months ago

    Barack Obama was jive man. He played y'all! We OGs KNEW he was not gonna do anything for black folk. Why? Because when he was campaigning HE NEVER WENT TO the HOOD!!

  25. Dareall Reazen 5 months ago

    Dose the lack of black representation in the “Hard-Sciences” impact our ability to establish relationships in certain finical sectors…. the culture of anti-intellectualism needs to be addressed, we should figure out solutions instead of emotionally responding to others who capitalized from our failures ,by simply maintaining a slightly civilized culture while attaining and properly allocating resources (for its men and women)…more data needs to be analyzed other than ours… for example the study hours of children on average by race, infrastructure and outlets need to be established in the BC

  26. Delynn Turner 5 months ago

    People this conversation is real. The Atlantic magazine this month published an article titled “The birth of the new Aristocracy. It speaks about privilege of whites in America and generational wealth and blacks compared to every other culture including Hispanics according to a Harvard research data Blacks are 1.9 % of wealth in this country. The bottom. Actually saying blacks have no wealth and as long as they are single parents and poor their is no room for them. Please read this article. It will open your eyes. And Yvette is trying to open up your eyes Black people.

  27. Acharm3 5 months ago

    Girl!!! Truth!!!

  28. thehome man 5 months ago

    This country is on the decline and the greedy are picking off the last remains of the country and they are leaving.
    The country could be saved if they took less.
    Like yvette and Irami say a successful community is everyone making a middle class living, not 1 rich person in a sea of poverty.

  29. Vincent Williams 5 months ago

    I will not be supporting Kanye West new album

  30. E Mail 5 months ago

    This is just dumb at this point. It's all so obvious. Yvette is a race hustler, getting black folks all worked up emotionally to make money off of them.

    The establishment has basically imported hispanics to take the place of blacks in every aspect — as a voting block, working low wage jobs, as the new victims of 'oppression' etc. It's mind boggling how black people don't see this.

    Mass hispanic immigration is what will kill the black race off in America.

    At this point, black people have basically been replaced by hispanics. It's bizarre black people don't see this.

    Yvette just sits there and makes money hustling all of you fools. Have fun arguing for La Raza and for schools to become bi-lingual. Black folks are done. Better get used to saying Viva La Raza.

    Don't mean to be harsh, but sometimes you just have to hit people over the head with reality.

  31. As Bucetas 5 months ago

    North America is turning into Brazil – sexual liberalism will be used to mix all the races into a single race with a color higharchy that is impossible to fight against because black people will no longer identify as black. Even if almost all the black people eventually become mixed, they will still be at the bottom. This is how is it all over Latin America.

  32. Mark Alkebulan 5 months ago

    Many of these Black Politicians are White Corporate Owned Controlled Negroes wh are slsves of the White Liberal Establishment

  33. Mark Alkebulan 5 months ago

    The Japanese community got Reparations after Japan became an Economic Superpower whom America depended on to Finance it's Deficitlin in other words the Japanese American operated from a Position of Power when Japan became an Economic Superpower

  34. hernandayolearyallda 5 months ago

    Brazil had a lot of race mixing, it does not lead to less racism but more. Blacks get murdered in Brazil more than any other nation on the planet by white cops, and all they did was expand the racism to "browns" who racist against black.

  35. The so called browning of the U.S.A. serves the purpose of undermining the socioeconomic and political well-being of Native Black American DOS, as well as usurping the political power, and rights of legitimate citizens, in general, by those who knowingly allow the immigration laws to be circumvented, for their advantage.

    Native Black American DOS need to understand it's a state of emergency, for the entire community! The handwriting is on the wall! If the issues that matter to the community aren't brought constantly to the attention, of local, state, and federal politicians, then we can't expect those issues to be addressed. Comment section

    We recently returned from a missions trip to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. I didn't know whether to feel bad or get angry seeing the conditions people are forced to live in knowing all three countries are not considered third-world-nations! I did feel angry many times when I was asked by people with whom we interacted, what they should say in order to have the best chance at asylum in the USA. In El Salvador, criminals (who are also educated writers) are selling horrible tales of woe and danger as scripts people were using as their back stories to claim persecution and the need for asylum. All the adults and the children who are literate enough memorize the script to avoid being tripped up by ICE interviewers. 

    No surprise, but groups masquerade as an entire family from newborns to elderly people who buy entire packets in Guatemala with the script, contacts in the USA who will lie and vouch for the customers as fictitious family members. Most sickening was a thick 3-ring binder, shrink-wrapped with complete instructions for each U.S. state and how and where to go for government benefits, especially elderly people who will never be able to contribute to American society anyway. One vendor showed me he had written 12 different stories to reduce the likelihood of duplicate stories at a port of entry. He was very proud to say it costs him about about 39 "Quetzal" to create a new packet after he has written the story and he sells them for 2,600 Quetzal (about $200 American dollars). He laughed as he pointed out Christmas cards from hundreds of people who thanked him for his ability to get them across the border. All I could think was, "Wow. They really are smarter than us."

  36. onan delorbe 5 months ago

    He is one ugly son of a bit(!

  37. I Rise 5 months ago

    Yvette your speaking the truth.

  38. Miss Winnie 5 months ago

    I did not get the notification.

  39. Amanda Turner 5 months ago

    Omfg the caller saying "you know what I'm saying?" a billion times was KILLING me. I love Yvette's show but we need a pre-screener for these damn calls.

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