It Ain’t My Fault

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Hillary Clinton’s new book, What Happened, reveals just how incapable she is of introspection and realizing her own culpability for losing the 2016 presidential election.


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  1. Mike Thompson 4 months ago

    Kind of like the deal Hillary and Bernie made you give me your endorsement in 2 weeks I'll get you a house in the Hampton's yea he didn't get a house there 2 weeks 2 month or 2 years before the endorsement and his wife is under fbi investigation for money embezzlement not only do the Sanders not want to pay there fare share they want everyone else's what did Bernie know and when did he know it we need a special council to look into it

  2. Nancy Mesek 4 months ago

    You guys rock. On. Point. 100%
    You're the first Progressive show to lay it out like this.

  3. Nuthin as it seems 4 months ago

    The most qualified candidate for POTUS meaning a Wall Street shill. A public facade with a Corporate Agenda!

  4. Mr. Wright 4 months ago

    She should bring in shaggy too.

    Did you take wall street money? It wasn't me!

  5. FeshonAL Flip 4 months ago

    That was funny as hell!

  6. Catawba Sky 4 months ago

    Guys look into dilyana files. Bulgaria arsenal. There is investigations going on with the deep state ratlines. They were caught smuggling white phosphorus and other weapons. So she is trying so hard to change public opinion, which is why the FOIYA request said not enough public interest.

  7. Mi Do 4 months ago

    Hillary Clinton: "Did I do that?"

  8. mike hawk 4 months ago

    Not only was $hillar¥ made sec of state, but somehow her high ranking staffer from 08(DWS) just happened to be head of the DNC 8 years later when obama couldnt run anymore. She negotiated for a second chance to be president when she dropped out in 08, sanders negotiated for better policy positions within the democratic party when he dropped out in 16. Thats why ppl hate her and love bernie in a nutshell.

  9. Satwa Dude 4 months ago

    Barak Obama blasted Hillary heavy-duty in the primaries in 2008.

  10. SoapOpera 4 months ago

    In other words: Hillary can't compete.

  11. Greg Donoghue 4 months ago

    Who even cares what she says at this point?

  12. Tomaso Young 4 months ago

    hey billary that cunt has yet to blame the weather… #fuqHRC #fuqDNC

  13. Kath Casey 4 months ago

    Hillary, hillary, hillary… first it was because she was a woman, then it was Russia helped Trump cheat, today it's Bernie (Enough with the emails) Sanders… I don't know a word for beyond pathetic…

  14. KillerBebe 4 months ago

    Hillary still blames Obama for running in 2008

  15. BOB TV 4 months ago

    She and Mystikal should be cell mate .. Great show guys….You cannot believe the 14%some indepedents and Republicans was gonna fall in line. They was like I don't vote for Dems.Girl bye

  16. Donna Gaffney 4 months ago

    she's lying, guys!  she knows it makes no sense but it IS propaganda!!  She is gas lighting us all….or trying anyway!   not buying it..

  17. Rosannasfriend 4 months ago

    I got nothing left to say about her.

  18. Robert Russell 4 months ago

    Just when you can't think she can't get more ridiculous! The entire DNC is scared to death of Hillary, so they'll just continue their death rattle louder and louder until they're completely obsolete. I would shit if just one democrat stood up and told the Clintons to fuck off.

  19. L0gan0ne 4 months ago

    LOL! Dying' over here! Haven't heard that song in forever; shit is hilarious guys keep it up

  20. lumpilulu 4 months ago

    Am I the only one imagining Hillary trying to peekaboo from behind Bernie, but he's one step ahead of her! =P

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