Joe Biden’s 2020 Strategy Is Confusing

[tweet_dis2]Joe Biden’s 2020 Strategy Is Confusing[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. Nightshadow998 5 months ago

    As a guy from Washington, whats a Venture Capitalist.

  2. Max Chavez 5 months ago

    Bernie is a year older than Biden. If Biden runs, there's no excuse for Bernie not to run and win.

  3. Holly Perkins 5 months ago

    you've got the slogan ready – "shit is f*cked up & we have to fix it" Biden 2020

  4. The Humanity 5 months ago

    This is the first time I've ever heard Biden say he's for free college. I very much doubt he actually meant it though. If he was President, he might even talk about it a little bit, but will he push for it? Fuck no, doubt it.

  5. Joshua Flask 5 months ago

    Your wrong Kyle congress has an approval rating of 12% anyways yeah we need politicians or someone who attack establishment republicans and democrats

  6. Ellizabeth Whitman 5 months ago

    Well I don't understand the whole thing against optimism. I see that things are messed up now but, I am optimistic for the future. Because I see change coming. I see my generation, the millenials, demanding change and having not just the information but also the tools to make their voice heard.

  7. Doug N 5 months ago

    Trump is doing a great job despite the swamp and media doing everything in their power to sabotage him. Just watch the state of the union. The dems couldn't even applaud when he was speaking positive of America. The next time we have a president on the left should everyone that doesn't agree with his views and policies treat him the same and scream NOT MY PRESENT? They started with the insults and disrespect on Nov 9th. Wake up people you are acting like sheep! Trump will win again in 2020

  8. Shawn Moultrie 5 months ago

    They love you until you run.

  9. cyberbob19 5 months ago

    We understand what Biden said……..
    Why is it difficult for you?
    Could it be your garbled brain?

  10. David Ringlein 5 months ago

    Uncle Joe is a BRAINLESS, GUTLESS TURD. No one would expect anything but messy confusion from this guy.

  11. Enoch Domino 5 months ago

    Joe “White Genocide” Biden

  12. stephend 5 months ago

    "The only reason you can't do something is because someone is doing something to you" He just fucking described the whole democratic liberal platform. That is exactly what their identity politics preach to everyone who is not a white cis male. fuck off already you hypocrite piece of shit pedophile.

  13. Yes. 5 months ago

    Biden voted for the Irak war. Something we hate Hillary for

  14. PatrickOMulligan 5 months ago

    Joe Biden would have won.

  15. Hiden Iny 5 months ago

    He is saying by being stupid and aggressive we actually lose power.

  16. Meatwood Flac 5 months ago

    Yes Joe phony populism is bad. Great fucking observation.

  17. F Boug 5 months ago

    Hahaha, the most productive, the best universities? Are you insane? In Universities and per capita scinetists you are way behind any modern country, and people of the USA are not productive, they just work long hours and get paid low…

  18. bob513993 5 months ago

    Did Biden say abdicating or advocating? I heard advocating.

  19. Fred Flinstone 5 months ago

    This guy is weird. He touches kids. CHECK the videos about it here on youtube.

  20. Joseph Garbles

  21. アン 5 months ago

    If it comes down to Trump v. Biden, (I rooted for 3rd part in the previous election), I will vote Biden. I think it's important though that we nominate someone who genuinely cares about working class people and isn't a toy to goldman sachs though.

  22. Secular Centrist 5 months ago

    The Democrats will most definitely lose if they nominate a hard-lefter like Bernie Sanders. Think George McGovern.

  23. Wilson Eckert 5 months ago

    "Garbled. Barbled. Garbled, garbled. Hehe. Anyways, he's just all over the place."

  24. Daniel Rine 5 months ago

    Quoting the C.F.R. Joe Biden is I'm shocked not.

  25. Crypto Johnny 5 months ago

    BERNIE SANDERS 2020 Biden is a 3 time loser, No one voted for him before, nothing has changed !

  26. Barry Shitpeas 5 months ago

    Democrats 2018 Shit is fucked up and we need to fix it – A Democrat party who could actually win

  27. Lance Smith 5 months ago

    Biden lost ANY credibility after what he did to Anita Hill. I'm sure enough people know about that and I'm sure it will come up during a campaign if he has one anyway.

  28. WTFU TV 5 months ago

    Joe looks and sounds presidential, too bad he is such a liar. But what can you expect from the man that wrote the Patriot Act!

  29. max 5 months ago

    biden molested children on camera like 20 times he's NEVER going to win lmaoooo

  30. Cathy Elings-Sysel 5 months ago

    Don't like him. Never did. Don't know how he got to be VP anyway.

  31. Wolfgang Kenshin 5 months ago

    past tense: garbled; past participle: garbled
    reproduce (a message, sound, or transmission) in a confused and distorted way.
    "the connection was awful and kept garbling his voice"
    synonyms: mix up, muddle, jumble, confuse, obscure, distort, scramble

  32. Jayson 5 months ago

    Aren't there places in America where the teachers pretty much have to pay to teach? How is education getting better

  33. Musty Custard 5 months ago

    In fairness, he said phony populism, indicating that he wanted to separate real populism from Trump.

  34. aja342 5 months ago

    The only thing more idiotic than Biden 2020 is Bernie 2020.

  35. aja342 5 months ago

    The fix is in, CNN already announced Biden is the 2020 Democrat nominee. They all but declared him president.

  36. Samantha30090 5 months ago

    How naive can you possibly be? It should be beyond clear, at this point, that Biden knows, but he does not care, about the plight of the average American people. That should be clear. If you were playing a game of Chess, you would be losing miserably. Time to seek, and put forth, a strategy for removing a corrupt government..

  37. Astral Frost 5 months ago

    Kyle, we don't know that Bernie will beat Trump. I've made a case for him to a number of people but I'm not certain of the outcome. You rarely see a president lose re-election. And they've got a thick playbook on Bernie, thanks in part to HIllary's opposition researchers.

    I think he would win, but there are no guarantees. That's why people need to get the fuck out and vote if he's the nominee. If you're in a swing state, make sure you and everyone you know who is sympathetic to Sanders votes. Dear lord, if Bernie lost, I would lose hope. But his first opponent is looking to be Biden. I would take that race very seriously.

  38. Zach Bills 5 months ago

    He's not talking about wars. Take a basic international relations class.

  39. Zach Bills 5 months ago

    At least Biden, among others, would have almost certainly beaten Trump in 2016.

  40. Astral Frost 5 months ago

    I have a question for folks,

    If Biden becomes the consensus candidate on the establishment side against Bernie, and if they do little tricks but don't outright steal the thing, who do you think will win? In a semi-fair battle, who do you anticipate will prevail? Biden is the one I worry about most. He's popular.

  41. My god….

    He's sooooooo boring.

    If Joe wants to be accurate it is those nations which rely almost exclusively on militaristic dominance as well as ABDICATING power and capital to an elite few that fall and fail far sooner.

    History has taught us that ACTUAL Democracy keeps a society thriving as it is the COMMUNITY that thrives in benefit to itself as a whole.

    But, his shit is neoliberalism 101. It's just militaristic capitalism with a blue face.

    Funny how he and other Democrats called it fairy dust when Bernie was saying the SAME shit about Universal Education and Healthcare. Amazing.

  42. 0okamino 5 months ago

    Confusing? No, it's quite simple.
    Step 1: ??????
    Step 2: ??????
    Step 3: ??????
    Step 4: Lose.

  43. A M 5 months ago

    is anybody going to talk about how biden is a pedophile

  44. rocky theman 5 months ago

    please God let #creepyunclejoe run in 2020

  45. Ejb954 5 months ago

    Joe would be great to run against Trump just like Bernie .Two has beens get real the Dems better get their act together if they expect to have any chance to win the Presidency Quit with the same regurgitated POS fair haired Boys we are tired of them

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