Joe Manchin Keeps Pushing Tired Bipartisanship Nonsense

[tweet_dis2]Joe Manchin Keeps Pushing Tired Bipartisanship Nonsense[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. Politically Incorrect 4 months ago

    Joe isn't stupid you obviously you didn't pay attention to the 2016 election. Trump didn't lose a single County in West Virginia. If you think West Virginia is AKA Progressive you're out of your freaking mind it's a conservative state.

  2. michael brandimarte 4 months ago

    If Paula Jean is so popular and going to win easily according to secular talk and tyt , how come next to know one I talk to here in WV doesn’t know who she is and no ads

  3. Flash 4 months ago

    I actually had a friend on Facebook who thinks Joe Manchin is one of the few good Democrats because he applauded and tried to stand up during Trump's State of the Union Address as "standing up for your country." What a joke, how about if you applied all that logic to the Republicans who refused to stand up for Obama during all his State of the Union addresses as "not standing up for your country?" I have course corrected my friend and told him who Joe was and how he's getting primaried this year.

  4. BlackBeWhite2k7 4 months ago

    The best part of Centrist Dems. They can be primaried

  5. Constructive Critique 4 months ago

    I could probably count the immigrants on one hand, and still not use all 5 fingers, in the county I live in, here in WV.

  6. kurd55 4 months ago

    Go spread your shit somewhere else, Manchin. Fucking freak!

  7. DaveLH 4 months ago

    "We Democrats are a Big Tent!" = "We Democrats don't stand for effing anything."

  8. FUCK GOOGLE 4 months ago

    "It's a small price to pay" Joe Manchin
    Probably heard his donors say that.

  9. Daniel Mcleod 4 months ago

    Germany came together to do left wing things. so did Russia. that's why we DONT do left wing things.

  10. O. Locke 4 months ago

    I dunno about this "83%" of Americans that want "dreamers" protected. I want them deported, their families too. I also support net neutrality. Shutting down the government for illegals is NOT a good policy strategy.

  11. Dawna Bell 4 months ago

    I hope Paula whips his ass in the primaries! Joe sounds like a republican when he says DemocRAT

  12. Griff Mustard 4 months ago

    Is it just me, or does Joe Manchin look a lot like Joe Thiesman?……….I'm just sayin' !!!!

  13. bhsWD96 4 months ago

    The Democrats are confused about the nature of compromise. Compromise is a strategy to gain some ground toward your objectives. Both sides get some of what they want, but neither walks away happy. This is a strategy that both asserts strength as well as garnering support from people who are nominally not your allies.

    The Democrats have forgotten not only the purpose of this strategy of governance, but that it is only a strategy. One of many. Instead, they have adopted capital-C Compromise as a value. A value that they have to adhere to regardless of the potential associated gains or losses. As long as they hold onto their "core values" (more corporatist thinking) then they have supposedly won a moral, rather than an actual, victory. This is why they'll continue to lose.

  14. Beachdudeca 4 months ago

    I agree Kyle Compromise needs to end by the Right

  15. Beachdudeca 4 months ago

    I agree the time for the Right to compromise is over , lets just shut down the Gov for the next 3 years . If a shutdown goes on a few months then we can just terminate the bulk of the staff working around DC !

  16. aaronpolitical 4 months ago

    The number of times he said "I don't understand" alone should disqualify him.

  17. Steve Thomas 4 months ago

    Good God, GET RID OF THIS HYPOCRIT!!!  HE EVEN SAYS OUR STATE AND OUR PEOPLE SUCKS!!!  And Kyle, I can't run for the hills…I'M IN THE HILLS ALREADY!!!  We need to get Paula Jean name recognition INSIDE the state!  God in heaven, Don Blankenship is running on the Republican side for the same seat!  She gonna need help guys…WE NEED HELP HERE!!!

  18. jacksprat418 4 months ago

    I despise Manchin. It would make little difference if a Republican took his seat…

  19. Arthur Che 4 months ago

    Whenever they come together to “compromise” it’s ALL for the right. They never even throw us a fucking bone! How is that compromise?!

  20. teezy miisi 4 months ago

    despite crying and howling from the youtube echo chambers, joe will most likely win the primary and the general

  21. spice3000 4 months ago

    “That’s two New Yorkers speaking I don’t understand that language”……. they’re speaking fucking English. I can’t wait for this asshole to be voted out.

  22. Public Guy 4 months ago

    God damn I can't stand to listen to his fake ass sellout speak. Its so cringey and disingenuous when you know anything about him. Who cares about Schumer, he's a fuckin cuck too. Schumer folded faster than a wet paper bag.

  23. Get Real 4 months ago


  24. ynp7 4 months ago

    If Joe Manchin doesn't lose this election, I don't think I'll have any faith left in this American experiment.

  25. the Palantir 4 months ago

    Stop attacking Joe Manchin Kyle. He's a good liberal. He's tolerant, open-minded, and willing to compromise with the other side which is something we need more of these days. He's the epitome of what a true progressive should be.

  26. BattleRap Critik 4 months ago

    Lol wut

  27. Most Americans support Dreamers and DACA, but a majority (54%) of Americans also believe DACA is not worth it if it would trigger a government shut down.

  28. Patrick Barrett 4 months ago

    Joe is right…the voters want us to work together. At least one Democrat gets it…

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