Jon Stewart Perfectly Describes the Right’s Fake Outrage Game

[tweet_dis2]Jon Stewart Perfectly Describes the Right’s Fake Outrage Game[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. Tremulantone 4 months ago

    Brook Baldwin is offensive. She should take her own advice.

  2. YepX 4 months ago

    How is saying cunt even compare to Rosannes racial remark? Spoiler: It doesn't! I hate the far right AND far left, why can't we all meet in the middle?

  3. Harriet 88 4 months ago

    Calling someone a cunt is not a big deal its word, get over it. Dont get why people start having tantrums about it, people who get pissed out things like that are so irrating trumps family helping commit genocide famine in yemen, dont care about genocide bloodbath in gaza living under blockade, poisnied water, isreal having a shoot to cripple policy, illegal butterfly bullets to cut peoples legs off ect which ivanka supports while her husband has finical investments in illegal settlements and people are pissed because she used a fuking word? If your pissed about that word but not by all the genoicde and human rights abuses they support then you are a CUNT.

  4. Eoin Tolster 4 months ago

    I wish CNN and MSNBC were destroyed.

  5. Setokaiva 4 months ago

    Samantha Bee's word choice doesn't make the issue a non-issue. Don't lose sight of the fact that she was talking about immigration policies. Which, right now, is something VERY worth getting outraged about. The "false equivalence" logical fallacy is one I've seen Trump use quite a lot, himself, especially with that disaster that was his Charlottesville response. No matter how you try and twist it, the issue just doesn't go away. Kids are still being ripped away from their parents at our own border. That's our "zero tolerance" immigration policy, now. Given those circumstances, I think it's perfectly reasonable to call out the administration for their blatant human rights violations, and to use whatever language they want. It's not good to get locked into a political correctness battle while people's lives are being actively ruined.

  6. This is bullshit,i don't give a fuck about political correctness,if i hurt somebody little feelings so be it.I hate political correctness regardless of what political party it comes from,because political correctness suppresses free thinking individuals and shuts down debate which is not healthy for free speech.

  7. Raymond Gordon 4 months ago

    Why do you think Trump never pays a price for all the outlandish shit he does? He never apologizes. I got news for all of you, I ain't apologizing to the left or right. And Valerie J does look just like the Planet of the Apes character.

  8. TheRantingRooster 4 months ago

    Gee, it's not ok to call a woman a cunt, but hey, let's bomb some bitches in the ME…..

  9. Rank Amateur 4 months ago

    Never fucking apologize! Unless you're being a racist, sexist, bigoted, piece of shit! A woman called another woman a cunt… Who gives a shit? Eat shit you racist fucks!

  10. vortexgen1 4 months ago

    Wow, the right leaning snowflakes are melting.

  11. James Redic 4 months ago

    I fuckin cant stand cnn. They're always playing both side.

  12. HookUp79 4 months ago

    The C-Word ……. really??
    It consists of the C-letter, the U-letter, the N-letter and the T-letter ….. and the US is obviously a motherfucking kindergarten!

  13. Zoey Paige 4 months ago

    Scott Baio said it about Hillary and was invited to speak at the RNC. Ted Nugent lobbed it at Hillary and was invited to the White House. Enough with “what if a conservative said that about…..” Calling someone a cunt is not the equivalent of racism which dehumanizes an entire group.

  14. renaldo52 4 months ago

    What the fuck are you talking about!!!! The so called liberals have locked up the fake outrage for the next millennia. Russia, Stormy Daniels, Melania Trump, etc. Mike, you are becoming a parody of yourself. You are starting to sound just like the elite, corporate Democrats  you purportedly rail at. I left the Democrat party on July 29, 2016…the day after they nominated a disingenuous, manipulative, grifter for president. I am a progressive ( I dream of a country like Norway), and now there's nothing that turns my stomach like watching faux liberals like Jon Stewart, Rachel Maddow, Thom Hartmann, Bill Maher, and now Mike  Figueredo. Fake outrage!…just play back this posting for a textbook example. Jesus, the hypocrisy is palpable.

  15. An Sung 4 months ago

    Who really care about a word a commedian, or whoever she is, said…

  16. D LG 4 months ago

    Sam Bee is a hypocrite. She would never tolerate ANYONE calling Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi a cunt. She would be outraged, period. This kind of hypocrisy must be called out, no matter who it is. Coming to the aide of Sam Bee in this case, makes the left lose credibility, irrespective of the feigned outrage on the right or false equivalence with Roseanne. Bee's comment, in the context of her own damn hypocrisy, should be condemned right along with the same nonsense on the right.

  17. barrett wells 4 months ago

    Check out MSM being more like Entertainment Tonight rather than covering issues that matter…sweeeeeet. I can see they really earn those paychecks by not rocking the boat.

  18. sprybug 4 months ago

    I don't hate Sam at all. If you watch her show, she actually does a lot of good investigative pieces on stuff you never hear about from anyone ever in mainstream media AND Independent media. Now I'm sure if you had the funds, independent media would do it, but her show does. She even did a great segment about our horrific involvement in Yemen a few weeks ago, and just last night covered the missing kids and Merkley's attempt to go into a facility where there were supposed to be kids, and was denied.

  19. un mog 4 months ago

    Never apologize for false equivalence.

  20. Aquarius61 4 months ago

    Oh! You mean like when Cons say "LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL ILLNESS"!
    That doesn't count? Do you know why When the Left say these things it doesn't count? Because you on the RIGHT Don't Believe in "POLITICAL CORRECTNESS"! So the Left know that the ONLY WAY to get through to the Right is by speaking in plain language and as direct as possible in the most None-Politically Correct"… You Can't Have it Both Ways!

  21. Mouhamad Darwish 4 months ago

    I actually love Sam Bee. Cheers for her. I think she did everything right.

  22. StalinTheMan0fSteel 4 months ago

    Why hasn't Samantha Bee ever called out Chelsea Clinton for her complacency on her Father being a sexual predator/rapist!?…for the same reason Bill Maher and the rest of Hollywood haven't…because they'd be out of a job. Mike, are you going to make a video on Colbert's butt-kissing softball-suck-up interview of Buba Clinton the other night?

  23. sirsmack 4 months ago

    Brook Baldwin pushes for the bombing of women and children. Anyone who pushes for the bombing of women and children and the gunning down of peaceful protestors is just a rotten piece of shit. The fact that she takes a whole fucking minute to chastise Sam Bee but can't be bothered to take a second to discuss the death toll in Puerto Rico or the fact that human rights abuses routinely occur in ICE prisons is fucking astounding. This is neoliberal respectability politics at its worst. You can't be passionate and angry about someone being as cold as Ivanka Trump who decided to post that INTENTIONALLY at the worst time possible. It's not even close to Mother's Day, so yea, what Sam Bee said was right. It might even be factually correct. Baldwin is a gweilo, and an evil warmongering gweilo at that who has no soul. She can go fuck herself. And leftists need to grow a fucking spine. Jesus.

  24. brigham2250 4 months ago

    I don't understand all this right wing, left wing talk. To me, that's hockey. Now I'm a righty but I liked to play left wing because I felt I could get a better shot towards net. But that was years ago. I can't even walk up a staircase now without gasping for air. But let's talk pucks. I never thought our news media and government officials could be such a bunch of puckin' idiots. But the proof is in the ice pudding. So many of these players deserve to be thrown out of the game. This lady here from CNN should get a major penalty and game misconduct for broading, yes broading. Trump should be banned from the game for life and not even allowed into the area. He's offsides all the time, can't skate to save his life, and takes shots all day long but they all miss the net. He's reckless and doesn't care who he hurts with his stick. Pence is the team tough guy. He doesn't throw any punches, he just stares you down and burns JESUS into your forehead with his bare eyes. Now that's tough.

  25. Lying Dutchman 4 months ago

    Sorry Mike, CNN's Brooke was right: if a conservative had called a black woman or any woman a cunt, the left would have been all over him/her. It IS a double standard

  26. Cyril O'Reilly 4 months ago

    Cunt, pussy, dick, cock are words. This means NOTHING when the world is dying! The late great Lenny Bruce:

  27. Andres Figari 4 months ago

    CNN anchor has the out of touch been at the beach tan…

  28. Ryne Green 4 months ago

    Sam shouldn’t have apologize for what she said. The conservative are upset that a liberal said it. Had trump said the same thing about his daughter, his supporters would have that on a shirt and wear it all day.

  29. Shada 4 months ago

    Liberals would act like little bitches. Good thing I'm not a Liberal. Ivanka Trump can go hang herself from a telephone pole

  30. Pap Smear 4 months ago

    The funniest thing about that word, is the cultural differences that go along with it. White women are the only ones that lose their minds over it. Most black women couldn’t care less. And find it hilarious, that white women, with their poor me victimhood complex, are so overly offended by it.

    Samantha bee is a cunt, of the hillary corporate sell out variety.

  31. bluemew22 4 months ago

    Who cares if you're called a cunt? You're being a fucking cunt, and that's why the word is used.

  32. izamugginzweebopalaba 4 months ago

    white women calls woman of color a monkey, white woman calls white woman a cunt, TOTALLY the same. Samantha Bee makes herself feckless… even though for once, I liked what she did. I mean I really hate her pseudo feminism, but that remark wasn't half bad and took courage. I just wish she had the analytical ability to realize that Ivanka's picture wasn't ill-timed and tasteless, it was stagecraft. It doesn't send the message "I'm out of touch," it sends the message, "See we're separating filthy immigrant families in order to preserve The Holy (White) Family." It actually fits with the horrific history in the British colonies of taking indigenous children from their families en masse in order to give them to white families in order to breed their 'savagery' out of them. But I won't hammer Bee for missing that, everybody seems to have on this issue. But otherwise spot on Mr. Humanist Sir as conservatives absolutely see this as political sport, and the fact that liberals make it so easy for them shows their own moral bankruptcy, yet again.

  33. Cockatoo Magnet 4 months ago

    Samantha Bee has zero spine. She is a Neo Liberal hack.

  34. SoapOpera 4 months ago

    Well, I disagree on this one Mike. I’m certainly no conservative and I don’t think my outrage is fake, (it’s more just disgust with the way these celebrities insert themselves into politics. And Samantha Bee I outright admit is one that I despise.) For me the issue is the double standard that these people on the one hand will shame women for not supporting Hillary and accuse people of misogyny and then turn around and apply a word like this to another woman. And it isn’t just a woman calling out another woman, it is a woman verbally abusing another woman who also happens to be a politically diametric to her. She is giving the left permission to engage in behavior they would find disgraceful if it were coming from the right. But again, I admit I would be fine if ALL these “entertainers” lost their positions. If you’re going to support corporate establishment politicians and use your comedy to that end, then don’t complain when it comes around to bite you.

  35. Patricia MacLeod 4 months ago

    Orange warmongering Baboon, totally bought by Israel, deserves every slur.

  36. RobertDoosh 4 months ago

    Beth is the best.

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