Journalist Already Declares Joe Biden as the Front Runner in 2020

[tweet_dis2]Journalist Already Declares Joe Biden as the Front Runner in 2020[/tweet_dis2]

One journalist published a piece in Politico declaring Joe Biden the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential frontrunner. While the author goes on to state why thats a bad thing, at a time when Americans rarely read past headlines, this author is inadvertently propping up Biden’s candidacy—even if he’s simultaneously pointing out Biden’s flaws. Why? Because if Joe Biden is viewed as the front runner, Democratic Party loyalists will attempt to shield him from criticism in the same way they did Hillary Clinton in 2016, saying critiques of him will only weaken our chances against Trump. In this segment, Mike explains why he’s conflicted with this article overall.


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  1. Epic Wolfz 5 months ago

    Fuck bernie because hes too far left, Want to defund military that would make world more dangerous. Want's a carbon tax would kill jobs, Look at what australia had 5 years ago, Look at Alberta and Ontario in canada, Kills so many jobs. Go biden.

  2. Joshua Brown 5 months ago

    I've heard people call biden a progressive democrat… i don't understand it: 40 seconds into this video!

  3. NeverBiden 5 months ago

    I wonder how his team will handle the videos and his behavior with women and children. I don't think they can convince most level-headed people that he's "just affectionate" and "really loves children". Who kisses a little boy on the mouth, or puts his hand on a little girls chest? I think he's going to have a problem with this politically. Some things can't be unseen.

  4. Steve Bannon 5 months ago

    “Progressives” need a testosterone shot. They come across as either really effeminate men or butch women.

  5. TruthLives HolyWalker 5 months ago

    Joe Biden is an out of control pedophile child/women rapist! He had brain surgery to try to stop his 24/7 urges to molest/rape children and women. Enough is enough, this devil infested blob of flesh, must be arrested for his foul behavior around children & women!!!

  6. KInky 5 months ago

    Biden is not going to run.

  7. SLYDOG 5 months ago


  8. Patrick Mike 5 months ago

    Aaannnd GOP starts compiling all the footage of Biden touching women awkwardly

    Biden has way too much shit wrong going in

  9. MidScream1 5 months ago

    You best be gettin' behind the DNC establishment pick Humanist Report if you know what's good for ya…

  10. Sterling Price 5 months ago

    ANY corporate establishment democrat that ends up being given a manufactured nomination (Like was manufactured for HRC), …WILL LOSE to Trump. Democrats WILL NEVER EVER win the White House EVER AGAIN as long as they continue to RIG THEIR PRIMARIES. END of story.

  11. 20170712 112444 5 months ago

    Well, its settled then. Donald Trump will win a second term thanks to the Democrats and their mouthpieces.

  12. Covert White Rabbit 5 months ago

    As a former resident of the great state, and historically accurate FIRST state of Delaware, I have one thing to say:

    Fuck Joe Biden. It's time for you baby boomers to get your liver-spotted claws off the levers of power and exit government, possibly the planet, stage left. You've done enough damage to us & the earth, and it's time to step aside.

  13. Larry Poorman 5 months ago

    Joe Biden may through dirty tricks (like in 2016) win the primary but he can never win the election. It would just be a repeat of 2016.

  14. Optimus JudyHopps 5 months ago

    Maybe I should vote Berine sanders 2020.

  15. Optimus JudyHopps 5 months ago

    I think Biden is better than Hillary. I will vote for biden or berine in 2020.

  16. anthony guinn 5 months ago

    Don't forget he's also responsible for rewriting the bankruptcy laws EXCLUDING student loans

  17. Pete Calvert 5 months ago

    Stop trying to make Joe Biden happen!

  18. Matthew Wilson 5 months ago

    Bernie 2020 the bern awakens

  19. aaronpolitical 5 months ago

    LMAO if any establishment Dem is the Front Runner, it's Kamala Harris. This journalist is just an idiot.

  20. nancy strickland 5 months ago


  21. Eddie Love 5 months ago

    The people want Bernie! #Bernie2020

  22. A. E. Bedz 5 months ago

    Biden is a joke.

  23. Ferroneoboron 5 months ago

    5:17 Man, I love those instant sound drops.

  24. Mark Gigiel 5 months ago

    The powers that be will do everything they can to prevent a real progressive. There is no fixing this system without a revolution and I don't see that happening.

  25. arnold trogman 5 months ago

    ewwwwwww… the last thing this country needs is that walking Gaff in the Oval Office… We believe you Anita.!

  26. Sage Advice 5 months ago

    Republicans should all rejoice if Biden is the Democrat's choice for 2020. Who wants a pervert as POTUS?

  27. Azhrarn 5 months ago

    Thought it would be Kamala?!

  28. Billy-Joel Pawstrong 5 months ago

    Hey Mike, haven’t watched any of your videos in about 2 months. Been taking a break from politics for my mental health. Idk how in the holy fuck you maintain your sanity in the modern US political era. Anyway, just wanted to say that this is th first time I’ve seen your studio and it looks great! Very professional-ish. Love ya dawg keep doin what you do

  29. PM 3736 5 months ago

    Are they pushing biden over bernie STILL? what the fuck

  30. monte68x 5 months ago

    I thought it would be Gillibrand or Harris. I was really hoping for a Hillary Clinton comeback in 2020. Since nobody is interested in starting a left-wing, non-corporate third party, I hope the Republicans stay in power. They have a better chance at wrecking the toxic neoliberal Capitalist system thereby ending plutocratic tyranny. I might even actually vote for Trump in 2020.

  31. TheByzantineBeserker 5 months ago

    I won't even be using the term "front runner" till 2019

  32. Martell Tha Cool 5 months ago

    I don't like no politicians as they're all liar's

  33. e val79 5 months ago

    I will vote for Trump against any corporate democrat.

  34. Myron Day 5 months ago

    This all set up for nwo agenda leaving people no better option. Politics are puppets they are being control with shadow gobs. This country been hungry for blood since it started it will ended with blood. People look at all the evil vs good you will see them clearly. Use y'all heads not hearts during any elections. This is why wolves always fed because sheep's keep repeating themselves for not using their heads.

  35. Rivaldo Dael 5 months ago

    What is problematic is that you guys don't get it into your thick scull that power is with the money. You are screwed.

  36. CAX117 5 months ago

    I used to like Joe Biden, but then he proved himself to be an out of touch corporate Democrat decrying real problems millennials face. I'll vote Green again if he's the nominee.

  37. Edward Blair 5 months ago

    He shows all the signs of being a child groomer for his evil purpose..

  38. John Hillman 5 months ago

    Mike, Is Joy Reid backing Grandpa Joe?

  39. dumontgo 5 months ago

    i doubt biden will run. i'm guessing theres some spooky skeletons in his closet.

  40. William Warren 5 months ago

    creepy uncle joe…..Trump 2020!

  41. mrhyde2484 5 months ago

    I think it's pretty much been decided already that uncle Joe will be the nominee. The DNC figures he will win back the rust belt and the corporate democrats can continue to ignore the progressives., Imho, I think Biden will be the next president. What difference does it make anyway ? he'll be another puppet and we'll have more war for profit with a nice kind gentle face on it.

  42. You're missing the point, Mike. Biden is the frontrunner as far as the Dem establishment is concerned. As you note, the voters may not be happy with this, but since when does the establishment care about such triflings?

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