Kamala Harris Refuses to Swear Off Her Corporate Donors

[tweet_dis2]Kamala Harris Refuses to Swear Off Her Corporate Donors[/tweet_dis2]

Likely 2020 presidential contender Kamala Harris was recently asked if she’d reject money from large multinational corporations. Her answer made it clear she has no interest whatsoever in doing that.


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  1. Eddy OG 5 months ago

    And this is shy I REFUSE to vote for Kamala RATASS Harris. #BerbieOrOrangutan2020 #NeverDemocrat

  2. Quiqley Bellweather 5 months ago

    She is not a natural born citizen why is she in any office!?

  3. It's Raining Men 5 months ago

    Why would she? She has a comfortable life. Corporations should be banned from donating in politics.

  4. Eric Klein 5 months ago

    hello hillary v2.0, typical response from a lawyer

  5. Alex Post 5 months ago

    tyt just posted a video saying she isn't. OF COURSE i believe hr

  6. Stunami 5 months ago

    TO be fair; we can't be against corporations because they are the lifeline of our economy. What we should be against is not having an objective representation for the people who do not own or operate big corporations. Small Corps need more representation. Big Corp, less. Why don't these Democrats look at Bernie's fundraising model? He proved that you can raise enough from small individial donations when you pledge policies that benefit the masses.

  7. tonia garcia 5 months ago


  8. boonestead 5 months ago

    Her ,Hillary ,Booker gillibrand,they all have to be dragged to the left kicking and screaming.dint they get into politics in the first place for change? To help people? It's always about them and thier careers

  9. Abigail Brickler 5 months ago

    If you take money from the oligarchs, you are BEHOLDEN to the oligarchs. Bye, Kamala!

  10. gee knee 5 months ago

    i would pay this dindu bitch to suck my dick.

  11. Kevin Moore 5 months ago

    She can’t back single payer healthcare. She’s not capable of swearing off her corporate cash. She’s a corporate-ist

  12. KInky 5 months ago

    I am open to bribe money. Keep it coming.

  13. Thomas Ehas 5 months ago

    And let us not forget how she was the only Democrat to whom now Secretary of the Treasury and former CEO and Chairman of One WestBank Steve Mnuchin contibuted to her Campaign. It was during the Foreclosure Crisis that then CA State Attorney General Kamala Harris let "The Forclosure King" Steve Mnuchin off the hook for thousands of illegal foreclosures despire her staff urging her to prosecute him. See what even a little money can do to her. Just another grandstanding hypocritical Democrat sucking it in. Haven't we had enough already.

  14. Jonathan C. 5 months ago

    I hate Harris. Just looking at her gives me the Willies. Her body language reeks of corruption. Sadly, I am sure Democrats will once again blackball he real deal like Sanders and select the elitist candidate. Which means 2020 will be a tragic repeat of 2016.

  15. MinotaurPan 5 months ago

    Kamala Harris is a Corporate Dem of the past whose future is looking less and less bright with the current zeitgeist – thank goodness and FINALLY. I will never forget her making the neighborhood rounds endorsing the C.D. mayoral choice, Gavin Newsom, over the progressive mayoral choice, Matt Gonzalez, in 2003, when S.F. was at a real cultural crossroads and hasn't returned since. She is still this person and will always be this person: wherever the Big Money is, she is.

    She deserves credit here and there – but be wary, at the very least.

  16. cybermasterdza Sedera 5 months ago

    KAMELION Harris will change colors as soon as she win a election in favor of the donors!

  17. BestAnimeFanservice 5 months ago

    i can already see it in 2020.
    Harris "Ignore my corruption; I have a vagina vote for me."
    Harris "Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia; Ignore WI, MI and PA"
    Harris "Bernie people vote for ME or you are traitors to ME!"
    Sound familiar…

  18. I'm a californian and I warn you; DO NOT VOTE FOR KAMALA HARRIS!

  19. arnold trogman 5 months ago

    no way she comes anywhere close to Hillary Clinton..huh?? …really? take a look at her foreign policy…. for example she's not taking a stand against Trump's latest dangerous Syrian misadventures based upon the unverified claims of chemical weapons used. or the story in England about the Spy being poisoned.. also unverified ..where is Kamala Harris's voice to oppose neocon Trump actions that affect the future of the entire planet t ..bringing the world to the edge of War based on unverified reports .. also Kamala Harris is in the lead in buying into the hysteria regarding Russia gate.. I live in California and I don't hear much from Kamala Harris to be happy about …. she is from the Hillary Clinton wing of the Democratic Party… whether folks are too squeamish to admit it or not..

  20. arnold trogman 5 months ago

    she's part of the problem and a step backwards to the crapfest that the Clinton Obama era represented for the Democratic Party and for the country and the World At Large.. time to actually move forward..#Bernie2020 #RunTulsiRun

  21. Zero Divisor 5 months ago

    It's gonna be fun to watch her get her ass handed to her in the 2020 primaries.

  22. Putin Puppet 5 months ago

    Hillary Jr.

  23. John S 5 months ago

    We're fucked either way, there is only one party in the U.S and that is party of corporations. Whom ever is willing to kiss the ass-cheeks of these company's, is not a qualified candid for any office. We need people who will challenge them and put them in check. 2020 is going to be a rough ride for anyone running. I have a feeling it's going to come down to having to chose from a candid backed by a big company. It will just be a matter of which company you agree with.

  24. Avalon Four 5 months ago

    4:35 – Mike: "The donors were very excited for whor– for her."

    Perfect. Absolutely nailed it.

  25. the op kingdom 5 months ago

    Democracy For America just emailed me about "progressives" like Harris and Warren. I was like "Nah, bro. You got it wrong." No thanks corporate Dems.

  26. tremer 2009 5 months ago

    Thanks The Humanist.☺

  27. Vex Slan 5 months ago

    Big money, fake politics.

  28. Patrick McCarron 5 months ago

    Even Corey Booker of all people stopped taking corporate PAC money, so it seems she is even more corporatist than big pharma Booker… The funny thing is, she would probably say the exact same things we are saying when it comes to republicans taking money from the NRA…but she's a Democrat and it's not the NRA, so somehow that makes it okay….

  29. Ken Tinman 5 months ago

    Ok I've made my assessment. The result sorry Harris not tjis time!

  30. Darrin Bell 5 months ago

    Damn. First Mnuchin, then the vague platitudes she (or someone posting for her) tweets every day… and now this. She's not giving us any reason to believe she'd actually go ahead and fight for Medicare for All if she were elected, and she's damn sure not giving us any reason to believe she'd fight to get corporate money out of politics.

  31. Robert Fernandez 5 months ago

    Please don't stop, great work.

  32. nancy strickland 5 months ago

    Hillary Jr. no thank you!

  33. Go Kamala Harris for 2020.I would love to see the democratic corporate establishment get crushed again in the presidential election.The corporate establishment cheerleader shills and the stupid Hillary shills need to die off already.By the way i am not a Trump supporter or a Bernie fan.I don't trust any of them.Trump wants crony capitalism,big police surveillance state,big military and fascism.Bernie want's a big daddy government,authoritarianism,high taxes,communism and socialism.I don't want any of that bullshit,no thank you.

  34. M N 5 months ago

    4:31 Freudian slip

  35. Kerry-Gail 5 months ago

    I thought she said she wouldn't take money about a year ago, around the time she went to the Hamptons. Didn't she announce it without letting her donors know … does anyone else remember that?

  36. wartoosny _ 5 months ago

    Kamala in Finnish means horrible so the name fits her perfectly…. Horrible Harris

  37. Christopher Neal 5 months ago

    And this is why I don't fuck with Kamala Harris. I'm done with all of these fuckers.

  38. Wayne Yanda 5 months ago

    She didn't have the moral wherewithal to prosecute Steven Mnuchin when she had the chance, so should she run in 2020, her candidacy will, with any luck, be brief.

  39. TheUnatuber 5 months ago

    Oooooooooooooh, she's not ideologically pure. Just like Hillary wasn't ideologically pure. You fucking BernieBros should just go ahead and vote for Trump's reelection in '20, you pampered little fools!

  40. Danny Dan 5 months ago

    On your bike, Kamala….

  41. Bad Cookies 5 months ago

    9 people don't like how you are exposing their candidate. keep it up, mike!

  42. Leticia Cortez 5 months ago

    Harris will never get my support nor vote. She's a despicable neoliberal corporate democrat.

  43. Homer Simpson 5 months ago

    I heard Ajit Pai got arrested by fraud or something?

  44. Mirna M. Mejias 5 months ago

    100% agree with what you said

  45. TheTeamster Local282NY 5 months ago

    Kamala Harris has nice tits.

  46. Bozo1360 5 months ago

    As I have said before I will vote against Kamala in both the primary and the general. I mean even if she is a VP on the ticket.

  47. Richard Owen 5 months ago

    Don't vote for anyone who doesn't willingly disclose any and all contributions. Period!!!!

  48. Salvadore Andretti 5 months ago

    If a Caucasian woman taking hundreds of millions can't get into office against trump this hag has zero chance.

  49. copycoonie 5 months ago

    I'm not voting for her under any circumstances …she is Black and has a Vagina . Bernie 2020.

  50. aon10003 5 months ago

    And now we are supposed to act surpriced.

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