Kyle, Cenk & Ana Debate Trolling & Free Speech Online | Kyle On TYT

[tweet_dis2]Kyle, Cenk & Ana Debate Trolling & Free Speech Online | Kyle On TYT[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. Sage 2 months ago

    Trolling and stupidity are necessary to keep the peace lol Let the people enjoy themselves

  2. Kevin 2 months ago

    Kyle, you need to distance yourself from those shit bags.

  3. emz koe 2 months ago

    It's maddening listening to the Right and the Left accuse each other of doing the same shit. Tyt and Kyle misrepresent and portray things out of context all the time. Hell, Ana and Cenk are so good at it they do it in face to face interviews. The Right is just as bad. Everyone does it.

  4. Austin Moore 2 months ago

    I thought they were talking about TYT the first 21 seconds of the video.

  5. Mark Brantingham 2 months ago

    EVERYONE is trying to game social media to get their own message more traction. SO WHAT?

  6. 517damian 2 months ago

    Not watching this. Fuck Anna.

  7. Eric Bess 2 months ago

    Dude you just proved you'll do anything for a buck quit smoking kratom it's rotting your brain

  8. soaprincee 2 months ago

    Remind me why real identity on Internet is a bad idea? every now and then I had to click and prove that I’m not a robot but one can easily create fake accounts?

  9. Thane 2 months ago

    "We can't let the alt-right politicize our YouTube trending lists! We're supposed to make sure only carefully curated left wing propaganda makes it on there!"

  10. TR0N 2 months ago

    please stop hanging with ana and chunk

  11. There's nothing Ana Kasparian can say to be taken seriously once again. Every time she opens her mouth you can't help but smell the feminist sludge.
    I guess Kyle's gotta stand by his friends though.

  12. Blighted Ashes 2 months ago

    wut? can't read subtitles?

  13. Rich Gult 2 months ago

    Ben Shapiro will take out Kyle just he did to Cenk.

  14. Kaczu Karma 2 months ago

    I really don't understand when it comes to topics as progressives we can be nuanced as hell but when it comes to speech we can't. It makes no sense. How to do you parse propaganda from truth? Well it's kind of easy, one sentence is the truth and the other is not. Furthermore we don't seem to have a problem stamping out anti-semitism. If we can do it for one group we can do it for others. In addition, stop thinking people who create lies are following your logic model. If they want to say it then they will try to regardless.

  15. Jay Smoot 2 months ago

    Where the hell does this assumption come from that right wingers are spreading lies? BS. Right-wing content is no less true than left-wing.

  16. Jay Smoot 2 months ago

    TYT is so full of it. I wish I could have been involved in this discussion.

  17. Márk Mikolay 2 months ago

    Kyle is the best part of the entire network

  18. Noah G 2 months ago

    Kyle should have a sharper camera like TYT.

  19. Smackems 2 months ago

    Didn't this cunt literally say she was better than women that voted for Trump?

  20. Denis Weinberger 2 months ago

    This is such a BS … you know nothing about German political discours … the left is very authoritarian and uses Stasi tactics … every method of bringing them down must be supported

  21. Wretch Gunk 2 months ago

    Trump is so evil he supported the Clintons the evil fuck! That means a bunch of that evil stuff they did was at the behest of Trump himself! He was already running this country and is to blame for their policies! As Wikileaks showed, Hillary used her media contacts to help Trump, they work together! Truimp wanted to help his brand and launch a TV channel, now he has to actually be the president and is getting democrat help to pass isane shit! #CLINTONPUPPETMASTER

  22. Jennifer Grove 2 months ago

    This is unrelated but have you seen this "how to wear makeup in a godly way" tutorial? Haaaalp:

  23. HUS MAN 2 months ago

    TYT is embarrassing me, I'm going to sue them for defacing my nationality.

  24. Kyle, why are you still on TYT?

  25. The Real Legend 2 months ago

    The Hillary Pizza Gate conspiracy should've been pushed down by the algorithm

  26. I KNOW I'm cynical 2 months ago

    Jesus FUCKING christ, Kyle, I've been waiting for a week for the news, and all I get was TYT's shit in my feed.

    I need you to get back on track so I can tell how much you hurt yourself by drawing in TYT's trolls. THEN I can decide if I think it's worth it to resub.

  27. TheDubstepcowboy 2 months ago

    Disagree with you on pretty much everything but this is some very nice content.  I think your opinion on this is 100 percent right.

  28. JOSE FONSECA 2 months ago

    The level of the discussion borders the childish. In what planet do you people live?

  29. Skipper Clement 2 months ago

    The Armenian Genocide is a real thing that did actually happen. The organizers and proponents of it were a Turkish nationalistic group called 'The Young Turks'.

  30. Joan Iovino 2 months ago

    Tyt is cold war propaganda

  31. Joan Iovino 2 months ago

    Is this seriously worth fucking discussing. TYT of such trash anymore.

  32. Freaxx Diamondzz 2 months ago

    I like Secular Talk

    But Ana is justa tad bit too PC…
    She needs to understand that if you push these fringe nuts underground they just resurface more dangerously..

  33. Kyle, wuld you ever dtae a trans woman

  34. Anita Wang 2 months ago

    Ana is whore

  35. Earl Jackson 2 months ago


  36. Alabama Hot Pocket 2 months ago

    Ana drinks mexican semen

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