Libertarians Admit Medicare-For-All Saves TRILLION$!

[tweet_dis2]Libertarians Admit Medicare-For-All Saves TRILLION$![/tweet_dis2]

A study funded by the Koch brothers revealed that Medicare For All would save the Government money.

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Photo Credit: “Medicare for All Rally”, © 2017 Molly Adams, Flickr | CC-BY

This article was originally posted on The Jimmy Dore Show

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  1. Benjamin Horvath 2 months ago

    Jimmy, democratic socialism is about abolishing capitalism. It is about transferring ownership of the economy to workers! Read this essay by Megan Day, Jacobin editor and DSA member, about how democratic socialism is far more than having welfare programs:

  2. Black Trailer 2 months ago

    my teeth are so fucked up, I can't afford to go to the dentist. thank you US!

  3. Milos Maglich 2 months ago

    Jimmy they are not talking about democratic socialism, they're talking about social democracy. Democratic Socialists want to move away from capitalism whether through reform or Revolution. Social democracy is welfare capitalism, like the scandanavian model

  4. Ben Mal 2 months ago

    Nordic states have social programs more than actually being socialist. Venezuela is a fascist state not a socialist one … hell they have a rich elite … now that's socialism (sigh)

  5. lukaszepesi 2 months ago

    The reporters are not dim they're doing it cause they're in the establishment. This 32 trillion number has been spread in the press for years and nobody wants to give the context.

  6. Jennifer Holden 2 months ago

    You don't have paid holidays???? Are you kidding me????? I'm now retired but I was a psychiatric nurse and we got 7, yes 7 weeks paid holidays per year and I started nursing in 71, then there were the bank holidays, if you worked on a bank holiday you got extra money and a day off in lieu. When they say Jeremy Corbyn wants to take us back to the 70s that will do for me. JC4PM

  7. niginit 2 months ago

    More money has been spent keeping medicare for all from happening than what medicare for all would cost. lol

    Same with renewable energy and electric cars. We could all have flying cars by now. haha

  8. Jess Hatley 2 months ago

    If (L)s can make this realization, so can (R)s. In fact, they did, in droves, during the 2016 primaries. Bernie attracted many that admitted they would vote for him – based on his message (|-|>ER lack of message being the reason $he lost). #BernieWouldHaveWon

  9. Peace Dove 2 months ago

    GET RENDON OUT !!!!!

  10. Infantlight Gaming 2 months ago

    So there's this math care for all only apply to US citizens because it wouldn't work if it applies to everybody who just comes into the country illegally

  11. HappyLand 2 months ago

    My CPAP machine, (breathing aid for sleeping) broke down. And I can not sleep without it. So I called my local hospital to get a new one right away. Even though the nurse responsible for this equipment was busy with patients all day, I still got an appointment. I expected to get an old used machine. Instead, I got a brand new machine right from the package. Last model. I did not need to sign, show ID, or pay anything.
    So Americans. Do you get as good service like this with the private health service? Just wondering.

  12. Jay Kline 2 months ago

    I spend $900 a month for my wife's insurance and her deductible $5000. We've spent $11,800 since January. I had to end my 401k as a result of these continuing medical costs and I will not be able to start up my retirement again for at least 4 years. I'm 51. My investment advisor says I screwed. This country is a lie.

  13. JN Woodard 2 months ago

    Except that it doesn’t.

  14. Gregor Braugman 2 months ago

    Great topic as is usual for Jimmy Dore and friends.
    I noticed that they were having a hard time figuring out why "Capitalists" are against a measure – Med4All – that would save their companies money.
    I have a slightly different explanation. Because the people who are running our country are NOT capitalists. They see themselves as feudal lords. The Feudal Lords simply impose the language of Capitalism to describe the feudal structure that they derive their power from.
    If we define Capitalism as an economic system that rewards hard work & innovation, encourages small business by maintaining Anti-Trust laws (even Adam Smith and Alexander Hamilton understood that this level of regulation was necessary for Capitalism) and stimulates growth of the middle class, then I would argue that 21st cent. America does not qualify as a Capitalist economy.
    To summarize, the reason that the Capitalists don't want a policy that would benefit their Corporations is because they are NOT capitalists and Med4All would threaten their feudal-like control over our economy and our lives.

  15. Infantlight Gaming 2 months ago

    What happens if doctors don't accept this Medicare for all because they pay to load the doctors for them to be able to run their practice?

  16. Alejandro Cabrera 2 months ago

    When people say, but Venezuela, they don't know what they are talking about. the kind of socialism I want is the one where the proletariat have control of the state, industry, land, and banks.

  17. ian callard 2 months ago

    Nothing is free, the taxpayers will bare the cost

  18. purebm2201 2 months ago

    Jimmy, I love you, but the northen European countries are not socialist. Or not democratic solicialist. What they have is "social democracy" which operates in capitalist system. Of course their system is influenced by socialism, but they are not socialist.

  19. Joe Norby 2 months ago

    To expand on Jimmy's point about car manufacturers- AMERICAN car companies have moved their production and assembly facilities over the border into Canada to avoid the cost of paying American workers' benefits and make their products more cheaply.

  20. Damian609 2 months ago

    I want medicare at birth not near death.
    Nevermind… I want CHUD 100% coverage w/dental … go big or go home. XD

  21. Stephen With a V 2 months ago

    Administrative efficiencies lol

  22. Celeste Holmes 2 months ago

    Capitalists don't want people to have MedicareForAll because it means people working shitty jobs, won't be forced to stay at those shitty jobs because they have healthcare. It means Capitalists would either have to improve the working conditions/wages to retain people, or go out of business because people won't have to work at their shitty corporations just to have healthcare.

  23. EllChorizo 2 months ago

    I totally agree on the short-term mind of management today. No manager really cares about the company anymore, it's just personal survival at the most basic level. And then they talk about productivity. Yeah, right.

  24. Zetra7 2 months ago

    Will the real socialist countries please stand up….

  25. matsfreedom 2 months ago

    As we all know, when government runs a program it is on budget and provides exceptional service. When "We the People" run programs for ourselves, they become costly and ineffective. We all know this, right?

  26. Johann Stahl 2 months ago

    Social Democracy is a democracy with a robust social safety program but does not get rid of personal property. Democratic Socialism is voting property rights away, Important distinction.

  27. jones1351 2 months ago

    We 'strain at a flea' (The Dreaded WELFARE STATE), yet 'swallow the whole camel' (TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS FOR BOMBS AND WALL STREET), And then call ourselves the 'city on a hill' the democratic 'light of the world.'
    We've allowed the oligarchs to turn us into something sick and pathetic.

  28. neonyx22 2 months ago

    So long as the Democrats obstruct the toughening of illegal immigration laws, we don't deserve national health care. How can you have medicare for all while letting unwanted illegal immigration to flood into the country. This isn't about being a fascist. If the world outside your house lost food and shelter and only you had it, would you let them all into your house to dwell with your family without asking them to pay or give something in exchange? How about just telling them to WAIT IN LINE!! We don't deserve national health care.

  29. Rebecca Johnson 2 months ago

    Just IMAGINE, if healthy individuals like me, that my benefits would be used towards the sickly at year end! I am certain that we have a lot more HEALTHY Americans than sickly ones! Therefore, all our UNUSED BENEFITS should be given and/or used on sickly Americans!!!! tO ME, it's JUST THIS SIMPLE, and the very reason why the Healthcare Industry goes against LOGIC every time because they want to keep healthcare PROFITABLE FOR THEMSELVES!

  30. Croft 2 months ago

    Yeah, everyone seems to be using the wrong term for what Sanders & Co want, it's not democratic socialism – it's social democracy. The order the words come in is quite important, since by the proper definition a democratic socialist wants actual full on socialism achived through democratic means (thus democratic socialist), as in "the workers control the means of production", and there are no leaders, no hierarchies. The good stuff. But that's not what Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez & co want, they want social democracy, which is basically more tax payer funded activities and the government more tightly regulating corporations so they can no longet corncob every non-wealthy citizen. Nothing radical at all, just common sense – everyone pays into the joint kitty, and things get done with that money, like Medicare for all.

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