Mainstream Media Was Cheering on Trump’s Bombing in Syria—WTF?

[tweet_dis2]Mainstream Media Was Cheering on Trump’s Bombing in Syria—WTF?[/tweet_dis2]

Donald Trump recently attacked Damascus with little to no pushback from the media; some pundits even encouraged him to be more militaristic, which is a direct escalation of tensions between the U.S. and Russia. In this segment we’ll discuss how the media essentially goaded him into his latest attack on a country that doesn’t pose a threat to us.


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  1. Kelly Thornburg 4 months ago

    Doesn't matter who the president is. I've lived through 11 presidents. They have all made war. The deep state really runs things. CIA and military industrial complex has long been in the business of overthrowing leaders of sovereign countries. That's why these people own the mainstream media. So they can peddle the false flags and bullshit narratives to get the majority of the people to support their wars as humanitarian interventions. I know people who constantly watch MSM and lap that stuff like it was golden truth. I'm sorry for them because it's rather pathetic.

  2. Jonathan C. 4 months ago

    Christian support of Trump is at an all time high. It's amazing how religion poisons everything, everywhere.

  3. Jonathan C. 4 months ago

    Dems trying very hard to lose in 2018. this is a conscious decision. Dems and Pubs one and the same. the public no longer has representation. Same thing going on in Israel, of all places.

  4. Xyz Same 4 months ago

    Beware of them SHOWING pictures of CHILDREN and suffering civilians – then they WANT WAR. 1) Incubator lie (babies) Iraq war in the 90s, 2) Yugoslavia (alleged genocide) THAT was a lie, too that was used to sell the war to a more than hesistant German population. AFTER the continued !! NATO bombing of Serbia (killing lots of cilvilians !!) the country spiralled out of control (there had been a civil war / conflict going on for some time). THEN the moderates were completely sidelined and the crazies took over (the US with the help of Saudi Arabia sending jihadists to support the Muslim minority – in the heart of Europe – did not help either. These Muslim were in peace times more conservative than other Europeans – but by no means fundamentalistic).

    3) Libya 2011 government troupes take viagra in order to have mass rapings, no proof for that either – after NATO had helped the jihadists to win. THEN the poor civilians and women got ISIS et al.
    4) Now Syria: the pictures of children are circulated every time they try to pull off an intervention.

    They are very complacent about children dying – on the contrary they do not want the suffering of the civilians shown. That is why they downplay the civilian victims of drone strikes. The citizens (that is not so psychopathic) might have empathy.
    The same reason why it is NOT allowed to show the caskets of dead US soldiers when they are returned to the U.S.- could upset the unwashed masses.

    So ever time they show civilians suffering under war – that's the clear indicator they have an agenda – and it for sure is not humanitarian concern.

  5. Xyz Same 4 months ago

    Cleverly set up by the deep state: the poor children, see how terribly the die. And they did it over and over and over again. And now people of good will do not even DARE to question (you heartless monster, do you WANT Assad to continue ….) – it is important to have the "elevator pitch" ready. (like should we bomb Yemen – . or Israel. Also White phosphorus. ….)

  6. Xyz Same 4 months ago

    The Israeli lobby is massive in the U.S. and strong in the UK !

  7. Xyz Same 4 months ago

    the U.S. WANTED ISIS to grow in SYRIA- to threaten Assad. John Kerry on record Sep. 2016: “The reason Russia came in is because ISIL was getting stronger, Daesh was threatening the possibility of going to Damascus and so forth. And that’s why Russia went in. Because they didn’t want a Daesh government and they supported Assad.

    “And we know that this was growing. We were watching. We saw that Daesh was growing in strength, and we thought Assad was threatened. We thought, however, we could probably manage, that Assad would then negotiate. Instead of negotiating, he got Putin to support him.”

    Remember how the U.S. / Nato supposedly fought against the terrorists. Did you ever wonder how they (a small army !!) were able to terrorize such a large area, never mind the resources needed for their actions in Western countries. (Of course that the West LET them sell the oil from occupied oil fields helped a lot with finances. The brother of Erdogan of Turkey was in the middle of that game).

    I strongly recommend to read the article in the NY Times (and note what they DID not report shortly before the elections) and then read the article on (edit the link, I used the (dot) – I did not want to be classified by youtube as spamming)


    The Times gives some context how the audio came about from this informal meeting with the representatitve of the Syrian "opposition".
    The audio is on youtube as well.

    The Times and CNN did not think it necessary to bother the voters with ALL the information in the audio – not shortly before the election.
    (CNN foolishly had the audio embedded for some time on their website – and it was taken from there and uploaded on youtube. On the CNN site it was removed though the article was kept).

  8. Xyz Same 4 months ago

    Ali Velshi hypocrite. The 500,000 dead people is the complete number – incl. the often foreign combattants and dead Syrian soldiers. As soon as 2005 "regime change" Western initiated regime chnage in Syria was openly !! talked about (pipeline anyone !!, plus of course the interests of Israel reg. Lebanon and Hezbollah). The "civil" war was FORCED onto the Syrian government – were they supposed to leave the country to the mercy of ISIS and the other often the FOREIGN Islamists and mercenaries ??

  9. Dung Bui 4 months ago

    A wise leader does not seek out war, but does his/her best to prepare for it. Sadly, Donald Trump and the rest of these warmongers are anything but wise. Just goes to show you how little common sense America has these days.

  10. MDKAI 4 months ago

    ya know, i feel like often times, americans feel like they can do nothing to stop needless wars started by the US. Other than protesting and campaigning, I can't think of what I can do. I mean I would love to prevent another war, considering I live in California, the most likely targeted place if we were to be bombed…Thanks trump.

  11. vulduv 4 months ago

    0:08 loading circle shows up on the left screen(our left) that has a war criminal on it.

  12. Cyril O'Reilly 4 months ago

    United States of Fascist Israel. #NoMoreEndlessWar #FreePalestine

  13. InfernoDukem 4 months ago

    I hope I'll be sleeping when we get nuked.

  14. Robert Tony 4 months ago

    Why the strike. Actually led off by the UK because they did not want the war on terror to end, they are the only country who makes a profit out of it, selling more military equipment, than they spend themselves, a lot more, they kicked it off with the Skripal lie and of course to set up a trap for the Labour party. France just joined in for a distraction from the conflict he has with unions. Trump, the military wanted to test out Russian anti-air equipment, prior to conducting an attack on Russian forces in Syria.
    The result.
    The UK are much worse off and Labour won a lot of good press, also they are now likely to be blamed for it all, they control the White Helmets, they could well be blamed for everything and face some real damaging diplomatic repercussions.
    France, the distraction did not help, in fact made the conflict with the unions in all the Labour disputes much worse, they can really stick it to Macron for breaking the law.
    The US, well, they now know 2nd string Russian anti-air equipment is much better than they thought it was, so now no attack, problem the Russian government know this is true and Trust is now zero and that is with China as well.
    So overall it turned out really bad for the warmongers and now those who supported must also face the consequences, rather than admit fault, they will want to blame someone, so the blame game will start and probably stop with the UK Government.

  15. XIII 4 months ago

    beware of the lying jew

  16. Philip Gorn 4 months ago

    Alex Jones finally realized that he had been conned.

  17. Well the Evil guys always get more attention to mere good guys

  18. The Fox Noise shills are just setting up a reverse psychology con. They want war- they’re just trying to reach for credibility using this issue. It’s a con.

  19. Baryonyx89 4 months ago

    I don't support the bombing, especially one executed as carelessly as this, but to say that there is absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing from the regime is terribly misleading.

  20. Johannes van Doesburg 4 months ago

    Don't agree with Cenk too much, he's one of the worst proponents of Russiagate. His ''investor''
    probably allowed his tweet. He should have stayed with MSNBC.

  21. aaronpolitical 4 months ago

    Sam Seder explained the reasons to suspect it was Assad in a recent video, though I remain dubious. That said, he ALSO stated that doesn't mean we should be fucking bombing Syria even if he DID the gassing. And man, how fucking ironic of Ali Velshi, totally missing the FACT that he just argued with the Iraq war justifications while saying they didn't apply XD

  22. ellieysama 4 months ago

    I have a feeling Tucker Carlson is going to be fired like Ed Schultz and become like Ben Shappiro and go on his own.

  23. Ben Rogue 4 months ago

    Democrats: "We support bombing Syria, oh, but we don't want to start a war or anything! *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*"

  24. nicholas dean 4 months ago


  25. AL&MAGGIE 4 months ago

    do they think we are this fucking stupid same old game we have to stop these sick ass holes before it's to late

  26. TheJaguarthChannel 4 months ago

    Anyone with half a brain knows that the attack on Syria is long overdue, and there should be more strikes, and more effective ones.
    That tyrant Assad should hang for his crimes against humanity, and if we can stop or even minimize his ability to gas Syrians we should.

  27. JWil42 4 months ago

    with regards to how Saudi Arabia is doing similar things, they are doing so through legal weapons. They are not using chemical weapons like Syria is, so you can't compare the two. I do think that Saudi Arabia is doing something wrong, but are only killing people with conventional weapons. We have only attacked Syria directly when they use chemical weapons.
    Now, could this have been ISIS? Yes, it COULD have. However, this would bring up a few questions of its own: Where would they have gotten chemical weapons? Why wouldn't they wait until the US was out of Syria to use them? Why wouldn't they want to use them against Russians or the Syrian government (the US is only backing some moderate rebel groups in Syria, not all; and ISIS is using every chance to gain power)? Even then, why wouldn't ISIS want to take more of their attacks to the US directly (ie, onto US soil)?
    One more thing: this is not meant to debunk the theory that ISIS could have been behind this chemical attack, but only to show how that would be confusing (which could help them, but still).

  28. Amos Soma 4 months ago

    The support from the left, Schumer, for what Trump did in Syria shows just how isolated TYT is in their beliefs. Do you clowns have any support for your position?

  29. Zak Martin 4 months ago

    Here is one of the children who was supposedly injured in the alleged chemical attack.

  30. Lazy Gamer 4 months ago

    Majority of journalists have sunk so low. They are effectively a military branch. Now they are moving against the internet for total information control

  31. PHILL SHIVELY 4 months ago

    Are you Really Surprised

  32. Amazin69 4 months ago

    "Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it." —George Santayana, 1896.

  33. Doug Briglmen 4 months ago

    Makes me grateful to live in Scotland away from all this!

    The sooner the orange faced twat is out the White House the better!

  34. I’m out of this crap. We don’t want WW 3

  35. Putin Puppet 4 months ago

    Omfg that Alex Jones clip.

  36. james foster 4 months ago

    All those guys in DC and the news are pulling the wool over our eye and at least if people like you and ather people on utube are telling the truth at least we won't be told a lie to help them to do what they want to hopefully not start ww3 but we will see what happens

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