Man Can Finally Afford Doctor Visit After Winning Lottery, Has Stage 4 Cancer

[tweet_dis2]Man Can Finally Afford Doctor Visit After Winning Lottery, Has Stage 4 Cancer[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. Guz Man 5 months ago

    What a shitty system you have

  2. Emidretrauqe 5 months ago

    It's also important to mention that one of the likeliest things the doctor will tell you for any given thing is to avoid stress. They tell this to you before sending you out to receive your massive bill.

  3. Darth Vader 5 months ago

    Just move out of the US. Move to scandinavia or something.

  4. McLurr 5 months ago

    >dies becouse of cancer
    >no access to BASIC healthcare

  5. blue 5 months ago


  6. Ferroneoboron 5 months ago


  7. ivan Montalco 5 months ago

    Fucking democrats could have passed a public option at the very least. Fuck them!!!

  8. John Johnson 5 months ago

    Welcome to America

  9. Ed Nogi 5 months ago

    I work full time at a fast food restaurant. I deserve a living wage! This is not debatable!

  10. Jeremy Chase 5 months ago

    Welcome to Murica, motherfuckers!

  11. ourhandsaretied 5 months ago

    … 'Murica…

  12. Dude…

    Jesus fucking christ.

  13. Stephanie 5 months ago

    Government funded preventative care could save lives. Michigan did a great job with it, we should all be more like Michigan.

  14. Sheena Alvarez 5 months ago

    Had the same situation with my father… worked his hands to the bone never had the money to go to a doctor unless it was life and death. Gets the "flu" finally goes in.. stage 4 mesothelioma and died 4 months later after doing $78k worth of chemo

  15. Lee B 5 months ago


  16. Innocent Bystander 5 months ago

    Clearly the US is not a civilized country.. No basic healthcare for it's people? What a bunch of bloody savages.

  17. Total Trash Mammal 5 months ago

    Stories like this need to be brought to light all the time until we finally have a single payer system. From now on, whenever anyone tries to argue against single payer healthcare to me, I will share Donald's story. And I will remind him that he is one of thousands of tragedies. Per year. And this is the only developed nation where we have this. Stories like his should make national headlines, but they're so commonplace that people easily forget it's a tragedy that occurs daily in this country.

  18. GJB Music 5 months ago

    Ever think about the fact that. If you decline treatments because you can't afford. The insurance can decline helping you with any further procedures because it "could have been prevented if you had accepted".

  19. VoiceOfTheEmperor 5 months ago

    The politicians are worse than a Jewish Caricature from the 1930s.

  20. Angelo V. 5 months ago

    I once watched an episode of Top Gear and James May said that nothing you get in America can compare to what you get in the “civilized” world, referring to Europe. I know he was referring to cars but it does apply to other categories like education, economic mobility and especially healthcare.

  21. sam som 5 months ago

    why dont u donate half of ur monthly earnings?

  22. KJ Ritua 5 months ago

    has it hit Trumptards yet? not everyone can't afford hospital bills nor insurance and this poor man proved it

  23. Deez Nuts Anya Chin 5 months ago

    According to skeptics of global warming and people who wonder why they are mr pink, everything is fine…

    Murica can only get better with more privatization and free markets!

  24. Select Frontier 5 months ago

    The US might be behind even third-world country. Here is Brazil we have universal health care. It's not very good, but for shit like cancer, transplants, emergencies and AIDS you get the help you need. I still pay private health care here (it's not expensive if you're single and you just need to pay it for yourself), but one I day I had an emergy situarion (my blood pressure dropped and I almost fainted) and I went to a public hospital, since it was just a few blocks away from were I was… I went it, got the treatment, went out and that was it. Didn't even had to deal with any paper work or pay a cent.

  25. aaronpolitical 5 months ago

    A forgotten man who was never remembered by the asshole right-wing. Hypocrites, all.

  26. The Big Picture 5 months ago

    Single payer in Canada and they world class cancer and heart surgery survival rates, no wait times if you need immediate treatment. Wait times for hip replacements and similar non life threatening surgeries.

  27. Blob Loblaw 5 months ago

    This whole concept of "I didn't go to see a doctor because I couldn't afford it" is so alien to me. I honestly struggle to wrap my mind around it. How are ppeoople in favor of this?

  28. BIGD_OTheVegan 5 months ago

    It's a fucking joke man… They spend millions on war and bullshit and let us die over being poor basically..

  29. Blackatchaproduction 5 months ago

    Sounds like something that would happen in a shit hole country

  30. thespiff44 5 months ago

    Man , what a country you guys live in. For the happy few, it's paradise.

  31. xXRockXLobsterXx 5 months ago

    This is exactly like a direct line from the song "Ironic" by Alanis Morissette.

  32. TheGnarlyDoug 5 months ago

    Sigh. Socialists keep calling Corporatism 'Capitalism'. It is not, there is almost no free market in health care. You're trying to fix the broken health care system with more of the same disease that has caused the mess in the first place.

  33. moochy the cat 5 months ago

    Don't worry. The citizens of Israel have free health care, free college, free housing, and large welfare checks courtesy of American taxpayers.

  34. Henry A. 5 months ago


  35. Amos Soma 5 months ago

    To say that health care or the lack of it in any way caused this man's death is just not true. Drama queen,Kyle, in his never ending way of being dishonest is trying to make a point by blaming health care or the lack of it but as usual, he's full of shit. I know 4 different people who were diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and all are dead. That diagnosis is a death sentence. All four of these people didn't have symptoms until the symptoms that sent them to their doctors which resulted in the stage 4 diagnosis. In other words, by the time they realized they had a problem, it was way too late to do anything except as one on my friends was told by his doctor, "Go home and get your affairs in order."

  36. Blake Foster 5 months ago

    Hmmm, between working for cash (not paying taxes), smoking, Obama care being available, and playing the lottery, I'm quite certain he had the money and opportunity to go to the doctor. THIS IS NOT A STORY.

  37. Desecration 5 months ago

    "It's like raaaaaain on your wedding day…"

  38. Lada Riva 5 months ago

    If you want free haealthcare why don't you vote for it?

  39. Lada Riva 5 months ago

    Well muricans don't want it.

  40. htcsergeimail 5 months ago

    How Americans did not have a revolution over the single payer healthcare system yet is almost surprising to me.

  41. Omar Elgendy 5 months ago

    Sad to hear that… People should protest this man

  42. John Smith 5 months ago

    But, but Kyle! If you are dying in front of them, they have to stabilize you!!! Isn't that enough!?!?

  43. Tarl X 5 months ago

    Jesus was Alanis Morissette writing his biography. I'm joking but this really isn't fucking funny.

  44. Jack 5 months ago

    This is only one singular victory. Not many people win lottery largesse to pay medical bills and creditors. If the man never won anything the media would of ignored him.

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