Med4All Savings Denounced By Dumbest Economic Writer Ever

[tweet_dis2]Med4All Savings Denounced By Dumbest Economic Writer Ever[/tweet_dis2]

A Market Watch reporter displays painfully ignorant musings on Medicare For All.

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Photo Credit: “Occupy_10_26_DSC_0012”, © 2011 Michael Fleshman, Flickr | CC-BY-SA

This article was originally posted on The Jimmy Dore Show

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  1. Phillip Evans 2 months ago

    So the penguin only has a "right wing". LOL.

  2. ab3defC8ijkmnmopqrxt 2 months ago

    A jew that doesn't know how money works ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. El Jake 2 months ago

    They said 1 wing for 2 trillion, 2 for 3 trillion and he said I’m not losing a trillion.

  4. Ray Chau 2 months ago

    these fuckers know better… but they get paid to talk stupid

  5. Barry Nutz 2 months ago

    The penguin is giving the Nazi salute!

  6. jebirobin1 2 months ago

    Hahhah i couldnt stop laughing

  7. David Smith 2 months ago

    When the world wakes up to Modern Monetary Theory or functional finance, it will find it's been taken for a ride. Any nation that creates it's own currency can spend whatever it needs for domestic purposes. It's a simple matter to avoid inflation, no matter how much the govt spends. Learn MMT — the truthful explanation of how money taxes and the deficit works and turn your view on it's ear.

  8. the empyrean 2 months ago

    Market watch comes on Public Radio.

  9. Red Poppy 2 months ago

    We don't want your healthcare. More govt control.

  10. LULU H 2 months ago

    Hillarious. Economic foot. Clutching my stomachhhh hurts from laughing

  11. Ken Jerome 2 months ago

    And that's all we need to know about marketwatch.

  12. Daniel Bradford 2 months ago

    That $200 billion a year is exactly why we'll never have Medicare For All. That $200 billion is pure profit right into the pockets of the Big Donors who control BOTH political parties. You think those powerful people are going to just walk away form $200 billion a year? Never happen.

  13. eric moss 2 months ago

    Jesus, save us from the people making comments below. One claims that we'd be insuring everyone twice — the $49T for private insurance, AND $32T for government insurance. Claims everyone else is an idiot.

  14. KosherTech 2 months ago

    Fucking epic!!!

  15. Seadalgo 2 months ago

    I was going to subscribe to MarketWatch but I can't afford their 2 Trillion dollar fee

  16. Person Oisels 2 months ago

    I think he meant "my buddies in insurance lose 32 trillion just for a government saving of 2 trillion? No thanks".

  17. Luke Sciaccotta 2 months ago

    What’s also ironic about this is that it wouldn’t save us $2 trillion over 10 years. It would actually save $17 trillion over 10 years. But what do I know?

  18. LordAugastus 2 months ago

    Americans dont understand that the GOVERNMENT shoudl work FOR THEM not against them. In US atm through the media the GOV is pitted against the people. So they pay their taxes and wonder why people want dirty commie socialism. When you know, YOUR TAXES woudl you rather they go to help you have an educated healthy, happy society or to go bomb some villages across africa asia and middle east…?

  19. Politicore 2 months ago

    The Koch brothers are the only billionaire mega donors Bernie will mention by name.

  20. Glenn Cross 2 months ago

    If we save 2 trillion, that'll clear student debts and provide 'free education' and the leftovers can be given either back to the taxpayers or provide extra funding for durable energy.

    Well what about that..
    Seems like a terrific plan for the US, which is why the Dems and Rep will oppose it.

  21. adam kovelesky 2 months ago

    What do you expect from a Zionist?

  22. The Centrist 2 months ago

    That's pretty fuckin' dumb.

  23. Workers owning means of production is what is actually called Communism.
    Americans are clueless when it comes to understanding what is Socialism, Communism & Capitalism, because they are brainwashed by the Capitalist system.
    Socialism is set of Political ideas, while Communism and Capitalism (and State Capitalism) are types of Economic Systems, which define who owns and controls means of production.
    Also Markets are not part of Economic Systems, they are part of Economic activity, which includes both production of goods and services, and trade, and Capitalism does not mean or produce free markets, this is another myth created by the capitalists, it in fact creates monopolies and deep state… which is what you have in that fucked up America. And there are no different types of Socialism, there are only different levels of its application.

  24. Philip Angelo 2 months ago

    But Jimmy, our fearless leader, Ronnie Reagan said if we do such things we will no longer be free. Oh gosh!!!!

  25. Watta World 2 months ago

    This is going to screw up Dr Evil <Amazon> 's plans to fund health insurance and make more hundreds of billions. Sorry, Dr. Evil. Better luck next time.

  26. RD Patterson 2 months ago

    Toooo funny! Good job Jimmy and Co.

  27. Aaron Bennett 2 months ago

    You are absolutely correct, Jimmy. Companies moved to Canada and we were told it had to do with lower corporate taxes. The Canadian corporate tax rate was lower (WAS), but they had fewer deductions so the over all rate was similar. ONE of the reasons some corporations found the move worth their while was the fact that the health care costs of employees was not their problem.

  28. Jones 2 months ago

    You guys are hilarious! Love it!

  29. Remlat Zargonix 2 months ago

    I think the penguin is doing a Nazi salute?

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